News of the Week: Delhi Govt to Give Free Treatment to Accident Victims; No Price Cap!

Delhi Government’s Free Treatment Accident Policy is aimed at saving lives of accident victims in the first hours of mishap…

This is probably the best news you will hear all this week! Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government has issued a proposal to bear the cost of treatment of all accident victims in the country capital.

Delhi Government’s Free Treatment Accident Policy – Quick Details

Here are a few quick pointers for you to know…

  • Anyone who meets with an accident in Delhi will be provided free treatment.
  • It does NOT have any bar on the domicile (ie the state/country of his permanent residence) of the person.
  • It includes three kind of accidents – road accidents, fire as well as acid attacks!
  • The best clause is that there is no upper limit to this ordinance. Which means that no matter how much your bill turns out to be – it will be borne by the Delhi government.
  • Moreover, it includes private hospitals. So, it does not matter where the treatment is undertaken; you are covered!

According to Delhi government, approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people meet with or are affected by accidents in Delhi every year which results in deaths of as many as 1600 people. A lot of them succumb because people/relatives try to take the victims to a government hospital even when private hospitals may be nearby.

Delhi Government's Free Treatment Accident Policy
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It is a policy aimed at saving lives and the government rightfully believes that if immediate medical care is given in the ‘golden hours’ many lives could be saved. An official announcement by the government will soon be made, once it is approved by Delhi Lt Governor.

We, wholeheartedly, support such people-oriented policies by the ruling governments, ones which are clearly aimed at affecting lives of common man in a positive way – something which is a rare scenario in today’s politics. We hope such a policy is made uniform across the country!

Also, we suggest and request all of you reading this – Please do NOT misuse this policy!