We all have came across frustrating and poor customer service from dealers and especially the bike service centers. We save money for months and years and we are so passionate about our bikes but the guys in the service centers treat our babies like junk. We would feel like slapping him on the face but he can hurt our bike so we don’t do it. And we do not raise a voice later because we are just too busy with our lives.


Recently I bought a Honda Activa at a showroom in Bangalore. It was due for the first month’s service and I visited their service center which was 1km away from their showroom. The entire service center was not maintained well and they were parking the bikes on the road with a temporary room extended from their main building.

The service guy told me that it would be better if I get the bike teflon coated (Rs.400). I said no. He insisted. I said no again. He told me that the bike would be ‘protected’ for another 1 year and I do not need to do it again in the next service. I was getting late for office and I had no patience so I said go ahead with it. On my way back to the office I did kick myself for having agreed to it. I remembered that:

“Learn to say No and don’t take No for an answer.”

I should have said NO. But I didn’t. Things would have been well and good if they did a good service and gave the bike back in a good condition. When I came back in the evening, I got the invoice. I was shocked to see that the bill for teflon coating for Rs.400 was not in the main retail invoice in which they had billed for Rs.250 for oil. What they should have done was 1. Include the teflon coating bill in the main invoice which had the TIN number and service tax number and charged for a total of Rs.650. But I got 2 bills.

The bill for the teflon coating was from some other local provider which had no TIN number, no service tax number and NO SIGNATURE! They just stapled it with the main invoice and charged me for a total of Rs.650. They probably spent Rs.50 or Rs.100 on a cheap teflon coat and charged me for Rs.400.

I was tired after a whole day at the office and I just wanted to go back home. I did not utter a word. Then the second shock came when I looked at my bike. There were smudges all over and the speedometer dial’s glass top was all foggy and unclear. I still didn’t utter a word.

I was thinking while riding back home. I realized that this is not the mistake of the service center. Or their greed. There are good services centers, yes, but not being good is not the crime. In this situation who is to blame? They provide a poor customer service and charge unethically because THEY CAN!


And guess what, even I didn’t raise a voice, at least in that moment.

As long as we allow people to provide poor products or services, they will. Especially the ones in monopolistic advantage.

I took a picture of the bill and sent it to Honda customer care via their website. Today I got a call from the regional manager of Honda that they are looking into the matter and will take appropriate action against them.

Now I have raised a voice. BTW, raising a voice is not the same as raising the voice, so don’t go shouting at the showroom or service center πŸ™‚


They next time when they produce a cheap, tampered invalid bill, they will think twice. If enough customers complain, Honda will revoke their dealership and license after enough warnings.

And this is how to deal with poor customer service. People will feed you SH** as long as you don’t scream. If anyone is not providing a good service as a business, they are doing it because we let them to be. We are the ones to blame.

The next time you encounter poor customer service, not only in bike service centers but anywhere in the market, raise a voice. Spend a few minutes on DOING SOMETHING about it. We will all be grateful for you. And we will do the same for you!

Deepak Raj

For a better world, with better services. Amen.

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  1. Good job. I’ve talked to Yamaha Orion motors in Bangalore regarding their bad service at times. But next time I would complain to the regional head office. Or on the web site. If they have have any that is. But only thing is that it feels like its falling on deaf ears. And any hopes for an action seems like a remote option.

    But nevertheless I was glad to hear what you had done. Also as you mentioned its very important to “raise one’s voice” but that does not translate to shouting.

  2. If Honda is planning to come up with a bike every quarter then they better give a look to service too because that’s called after sales service.Maruti people give a call after 1 month to ask howz your car running.It may be a courtesy call or it may be more.It does give the impression that they do care !These thing amazes us because nobody else do it.Similarly i have also heard complaint about shoddy service of Honda.This complacency will do them no good.Yes let’s all raise voice-just like my father said-don’t worry about whether they will do anything or not-do your duty & then see whether they are doing theirs or not.Many times i have seen you only need to ask coz mgmt is many times unaware till you bring it to their noticce.As to Honda do reward good performing dealers but also do a secret survey of customer service being meted out bcoz dealers are after all businessman & its your brand they are tarnishing !!!

    • Hii,

      As you have mentioned the Maruti service centre called after every month , yes it happen with BAJAJ service also ….
      It is a good practice for keeping a better realtion with your customer.Because this customer will recommended your shop to others .

  3. Another grey area is oil change during service. If we check in open market, plenty of reputed brands are there. But in company authorized service centers, they don’t allow to change oil bought from outside (though the specification is same) and insists for oil available with them at a premium price!!!

  4. pls send the honda customer service no to complaint against service centre in kanchipuram,tamilnadu pls send the telephone no mail address

  5. I too had the similar experience of Teflon Coating (charged Rs. 500) when I bought a Honda Activa from Bu Bhandari, Pune. In fact it is not Teflon Coating, but some polishing job done in 15 minutes just before delivery. I observed the full procedure which was a sham and reported the complaint to Honda Activa through their website but as on day have not received a reply from their side and their local Pune office refuses to listen to this complaint.

    Looks like Honda is hand in glove with the dealer to make money and cheat customers.

  6. One thing i found that the Showroom manager/ officials are not aware of the bad situations at the workshop. When i told the managers about the poor service of my bike, they made immediate response and i was satisfied. They told me that it is the lazy approach of the technicians , that is causing additional load on the service timings.

  7. i face the same at my first service of bike (hero hunk) about same teflon coated i thought by this bike look nice but later i got a new dent on it it su*k . when i complaint to higher authority they just say its an accident and later when some part in bike is damage and still have warranty they wont replace just said that it was out of stock and just tune so it work for 10-15 days and that problem i have to face again and again, later they point out on me by saying that i miss one service so i was not eligible of that item , then i complaint to higher authority and even email my complaint to main office but they all are deaf . Then i gone to local bike service center they do good work in front of our eyes and cheap and solve every signal problem πŸ™‚
    note: bhanu automobiles erragadda or kukatpally they treat our bikes like sh*t and never do any proper work on it and never ever give ur bike in this fu*king showroom , all worker in this both showroom like As*holes ( hyderabad hero bhanu automobiles )

  8. Sir,
    Thanks for ur sujetions
    I also have one problem & need ur help to solve it.

    I live in PATHANKOT ( PB) and I buied PULSAR 150 DTSI MIDNIGHT BLACK colour 2 year back in Nov 2011
    it is good bike for me and i love it very much and i do averything which i can do for it , after all its my first bike…
    I done first two servises from dealar and the and they take 1200rs for taflon coating and oil , i agreed with tham and i paid cash and i think for taflon coating they do clear coat like which is done on our car but they do one spray on bike and wipe it with cloth and process is done….
    I ask worker what u spray on bike than he reply ‘saab se pucho’ and i go and ask than he reply teflon ,we do this type of teflon only…. I said okey
    and than ask for oil which type of oil u put in my bike than he said which company give us ,i ask it have any name than he reply certified oil which is of ur bike type….
    Than i ask qusn abt oil from worker than he show me one machine which is fill with oil and said we take it from this machine
    than i do some anquiry and found that they put servo in bike which they take from large drums….i am shoked
    than i deside next time servise my bike from some shop but i feel some insequre ,
    Because my bike heat more than reqired and give bad sound…so i feel bad than i deside to do servise own of my bike

    than my big bro advise me to use CASTROL POWER ONE 15w-40
    its very good oil it make me to feel good than i go on youtube and search video on it and after watching tham i do it and know my bike feels good and m alsm it give me average on highway 51 km/ltr and in city 44 km/ltr

    sir i want ask qusn abt battry how distiled water is good for health of it and give me details

    ur truly

  9. Deepak Raj,

    Great article, outstanding message. FIGHT for the Truth.

    Same goes for leadership if we don’t raise our voice:
    If we don’t; we get what we deserve. The world seems to be laughing at the INABILITY of modern Indians to elect leaders who are the best choice of all and will fulfill our aspirations.

    “If enough customers complain, Honda will revoke their dealership and license after enough warnings”.

    “If enough people complain and remove those leaders of modern India who do not promote the aspirations of all Indians, we the people will revoke their power”

    Satyameva Jayate.

  10. I own a karizma r and bullet electra 350twinspark first a really bad experirnce with sai motors bangalore as usual i took my karizma for service they offered teflon coating for 800rs it was package that bike will be teflon coated for 3 times first time bike was teflon coated and iwas satisfied but when i visited for second service they told that they will be nod doing teflon coating free of cost whwn i showed that bill they told that it was private guy who offered that package not hero hondo guys think a private guy inside hero honda service station i was like gop to hell you idiots from that day i never visited sai motors again for them bike is non living piece of crap but for some of us its like dads or moms first gift

  11. Recently i took bullet electra 350cc twin spark it almost costs nearly 150000 in bangalore whenever i took bike for a service they treat it like junk they charge about 75rs for washing but bike will be full of their hand prints oil stains etc once i shouted on re guys for their immatured acts in front of their maangaer and i reffused to take my bike though it was serviced and demanded them to show some dicipline in their work from that day whenever i visit re service station they take extra care while servicing mybike i learnt from experience from my previous encounters with herohonda guys from that day instead of avoiding a bad service station i made sure of getting good service from them by opening my mouth demanding my rights without hesitation so guys demand your right dont avoid them make them pay for their wrong deeds i love my bike if any one hurts it then i to willmake sure that they will suffer for their action

  12. I have a friend who has a small bike servicing center in Hyd,
    Recently he shared a weird info with me,Here it is,

    There is a Very big Honda showroom near to my friends servicing center,
    He said Honda showroom will send daily 5 to 10 bikes to him for the servicing depending upon the rush.

    Im completely amazed,how these F****ng showrooms are looting their customers,i couldnt do anything about it,but looks like as a responsible citizen and a fello biker,i would raise the complaint with HONDA,after collecting enought proper evidence to backup my comlaint.

  13. Recently I bought a Yamaha crux from bikerz yamaha, chrompet, chennai. The bike is rock solid, amazingly fast, with constant mileage of 63. But the service is horrible. I had to plead the service guy to take my bike for 1st service. There was no water wash, there were two scratches at the end of service and I paid 350rs even for free service. But I didnt mind this. For the 2nd service (disaster) I was waiting from morning 7.30 till 9, I got the reply ‘you have not booked so take your bike back’. So I had to return. Next day I again went there and asked ‘where is booking done’ every one was pointing fingers to each other. No reply from them. After wandering for 15 mins without use, I went home with anger and till now I didnt go there. See what kind of discrimination they are doing. The main reason for this is the inactive consumer court. Finally I appreciate you Deepak for raising this important issue in BA.

  14. Hi Guys.. Pls help me..
    I gave my apache RTR 160 for its 5th free service last month. It had a small dent on the tank which was due to a coconut which fell from tree on my bike (act of God) πŸ™ πŸ™
    The service personel told me it will take 3-4 days for removing the dent and repainting.
    I paid a reasonable amount and the work was done well. No probs till then.
    After going home, i find that the battery is dead. When i call them back, they ask me to get a new one.. I am like WTF.. my bike is just one year old and how come battery goes dead in one year.. I called them and complained (of tamper with my battery or replaced my battery with someone else’s) , for this the showroom personal replied asking me the battery unique id no… Again WTF !! I didn’t know that every battery has a unique ID no.. Now they say, its none of their fault, they ask me to get a new one.. What can i do for this.??
    Before i gave my bike for servicing my battery was working very well..

  15. Hi Deepak,

    What should be the mileage of Hero Honda Glamour without FI, for a single driving ? And importantly driver weight is 90kg with normal riding within 35-50.

    Usually it is 41-48 kmpl.

  16. Well done Deepak. I have a Yamaha SZR which I had bought in April 2012 and after the first free service, the bike had a problem of ignition going off in the middle of everywhere. I called the customer care who does not care and told them. They told me to bring the bike so they could resolve the issue. I took some time from office and rode there. I specifically and sternly told them that I won’t pay a penny because this problem should have been resolved at the time of service (JM Motors – Yamaha Dealer and Service Center in Noida). Till date the problem persists. I addition to this, when I took the bike for a third service in the morning and came back from work to fetch it in the evening, horrifyingly, my bike was untouched. The worse part is that I came to know this after I was billed. I complained to the manager who said ‘to kya hua, abhi kardete hain’. I was shocked and over and above, he was adamant that the bike was serviced and it simply had to be washed. They washed the bike and handed it over to me with the starting problem still intact. There was a bonus addition to my problems, my kick refusing to go back home after use. The kick simply slips out in the ‘to kick’ mode while riding and I have to consistently push it back in. I showed this problem to them as well but they , Sir kick badalna padega and that is not in warranty so they said Rs 500 ka kick aata hai. I have not been sitting on this. I took this issued to the Consumer Forum and they did call me and said they are going to raise this with Yamaha Motors. I have been consistently nagging them to let Yamaha motors know that they make the best bikes but have the worse service centers on earth. I have been getting my bike serviced from outside even though it is in the free service period because you maybe paying Rs 400 for the engine oil without knowing that the bike is only being washed and oiled externally and by the way it rides with its problems intact, I won’t be surprised to know that they are not even changing the engine oil on the sly and charging us for it. All my free services are going waste as I am paying for service outside but at least I know that my bike is being serviced and not just lying in some corner waiting to be only washed. My complaint is still languishing with the Core Consumer Forum without any action taken on it.

    • Almost all bike company service centers do not change oil, but they bill customer for oil change. Most probably, oil is changed only every alternate service.

      In my suzuki gs150r bike, i have noticed they always fill less quantity of oil. After service, the oil level always is at minium level.

      My 2012 model new gs150r had hard gears since day 1, but service center refused to acknowlege problem during first 3 regular services. After pursuing matter with suzuki head office via mail, and after 5 regular services and 3 repairs, they finally changed clutch bearing and solved hard gears problem.

      Why new bike should have such problem ? They do not check bike for problems before delivery to customer.

      In my brother-in-law’s new Fz purchased in Nov 2012, they left idling very high. They did not even check such minor things during delivery. This resulted in some engine parts getting damaged and they had to be changed during first service. Imagine, new bike engine opened during first service. Then, why buy new bike?

      Teflon coating is another big scam done by all companies. They use cheap local polish and say it is teflon coating.

      Compulsory services to retain warranty is just another way to get more money from customer. That is why they have so many services, almost every 30 days.

      Please publish the procedure to file case in consumer court. It will help many people.

  17. Dear all,

    I too had the problem with Marikar Honda, Trivandrum. I bought a Honda Unicorn on October 2011 and before it reaches 500km it produced a terrible sound at the rear as it chain sprocket is loose and I reported it during the first service and they said its due to chain loose and its tightened and I received the vehicle after service and the sound repeated again in 2-3 kms and I reported them they said they require vehicle for a day and I left the vehicle there and they returned the vehicle telling that some nuts and screws were missing and they had made it cleared and when I had a test ride and found the complaint is still there. I had asked for the service manager and the funny matter is that the service manager will never be available there and the said that the problem is with mono shock and there is no oil leakage and they had to get approval from HMSI and they took the photo of the vehicle in many angle and asked me to contact them after a week. I had tried to contact them after a week they were not giving me a proper answer at last I mailed to HMSI stating the problem and after 1 month for regular mailing they told me that they will replace the monoshock. And the problem was solved. Later I had given my vehicle for paid service I received the vehicle with some dent and scratches on the vehicle. I had reported that to the manager and service manager and there is no response for the same and they had charged me for water wash instead of wiping with cloth and spraying with diesel (which is not recommended by HONDA) when I put the matter to the manager there he said to bring the vehicle in some other day. when ever I call for a service they will be giving a inconvenient time and a date after 20-30 days. that will expire the service date/ kms. Very bad service from HONDA and MARIKAR HONDA TRIVANDRUM

    • I dont know why all company service centers clean bike with diesel and then do waterwash. The diesel will spoil the paint. Every time they wipe with diesel, a thin layer of paint is removed.

  18. hi. i had complained regarding poor service at yamaha service centre,satellite ahmedabad to head office of YAMAHA INDIA MOTORS LTD , via call and e-mail but there was no result of it. i had to resolve my issues at my level. Evem customer care executive blamed me for being over-demanding.

  19. Everytime after service i check for the split-pin in the wheels. if it is removed i ask them to put it. They remove it when they have to take out the wheel but they don’t put back.

  20. I own Suzuki Gs 150R, Blore . My bike has completed 12 services these are few thing which i learnt.
    1) Not to give the bike on Saturdays or Public Holiday
    2) To have a good contact with one of the mechanic and insist the bike to be handed by him while writing job card itself.
    3) Never ask them to change oil, or to lubricate the chain, do teflon coating as these are the few elementary things as a biker you must know. these can create enormous changes to bike ie smoothness to satisfy you, Regarding Teflon coating buy a wax polish and apply it monthly it costs only 400 to 500 which can be used for 2 years.
    As far as suzuki service is concerned i am really satisfied, even though limited in number they maintained quality mechanics and supervisors.

  21. in my bike during very first servicing the honda mechanic replaceed the new spark with old half used and this is very often used trick which owners do not realize.

  22. hi.. deepak,

    grt job. i my self has encountered such thgs while using my yamaha fz. n without shouting & loadging complaint the work has done up to the mark. next time if a get some thf like that will do the same & report directly to the manufactures.

  23. I recently bought a tvs apache rtr 180 abs (new model). I am right now in the showroom for my first servicing. I am really sqtisfied with the customer service here at kapoor tvs belapur,navi mumbai. I really appreciate the service from workers here they realy do a great job even the manager mr.shivkumar is concerned about bikes and their owners. I am thankful to tvs , i really love my abs version, feel so good, just missing someone on the back seat…lol….thank you tvs

  24. Last year, when I purchased TVS Wego in Jwalaji (Dist. Kangra), Himachal Pradesh, I also had faced lot of problems from the showroom owner. He gave the invoice / bill and other documents two months after delivering the bike and due to this, I had to pay a penalty of Rs. 500/- for registration. Even in the bills / invoices as well as Insurance documents, he had entered wrong Engine number, which I came to know only when I went for registration. When I asked him to correct the documents, he took more than a week, but never corrected insurance document. He himself was the insurance agent. I had to lodge online complaint regarding fraudulant behaviour of the agent. Then, within a day, I got call from Chandigarh and my policy document was changed. Then, I could register the vehicle. After that, I have never gone to that fellow for any service and getting the service done by another TVS service center, which is little far away.

    As long as you tolerate injustice, you will get only injustice. Raise voice. Give complaint. Things will be automatically resolved.


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