How About an Electric Dirt Bike Lookalike? Cyborg Bringing One…

Cyborg Bob-e will be the company’s second electric motorcycle in India. It is designed to look like a dirtbike…

Ignitron Motocorp, a homegrown startup, had announced last month that they are stepping into Electric motorbike segment with as many as three new electric motorcycles under the ‘Cyborg’ branding. 

Ignitron Motocorp is an indigenous start-up launched by Mr. Raghav Kalra and aims to specialize in manufacturing electric motorbikes in India. The company says that Cyborg will offer electric motorcycles in the Cruiser segment, Commuter segment and in the Sports segment.

Following up on their promise, Ignitron have added their next electric bike to their Cyborg line-up – Bob-e.

cyborg bob-e
Bob-e — Second model introduced under the Cyborg name

Cybor Bob-e Highlights:

  • The company says it created the Bob-e with an aim to elevate their customers’ lifestyle and conserve the environment simultaneously.
  • It will be available in two colours – Black and Red.
  • Bob-e will come with a 2.88 kWh Lithium-ion battery.
  • The company claims it can achieve a top speed of 85 km/h and will have a range of 110 km on a single charge.
  • The dirtbike lookalike will come with a portable, weather proof and touch-safe battery. 
  • It will come with a 15 amp Fast Home Charger.
  • Bob-e will get three riding modes – Eco, Normal and Sport.
  • The chassis will be equipped with telescopic forks  at the front and a fully-adjustable mono shock at the rear.
  • It will feature Geo locate/Geo fencing, battery status, USB charging, Bluetooth, Keyless ignition (Remote control) and Digital cluster.
  • Additionally, it will sport reverse mode and cruise control. 

The first model under the Cyborg name – Yoda – was announced last month. It sports a Cruiser look with a claimed range of 150 km and top-speed of 90 km/h. It will come with 3.24 Kwh Li-ion battery and will have similar features as the Bob-e.

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Cyborg Bob-e & Yoda Specs

Spec sheet of Cyborg Yoda and Bob-e

It will be an interesting 2022 as we will get to see the first concrete steps towards the mass adoption of electric mobility in India. With manufacturers from diverse backgrounds fighting it out with smart electric scooters to high performance electric bikes, we are set to get flooded with many new products catering to different segments…