How proud we feel when our bike is just one week old! There is a shine in the bike and the empty number plate tells our friends that it is brand new. But most of us really start caring less about the bike’s looks as time goes on, and the bike is no longer shiny and appealing. But think again, a few minutes of extra care everyday will keep it as good as new. And do you remember?… Girls like clean and neat guys! The following tips will help your bike to look better than your neighbor’s…

Cleaning & Washing: Wash the bike yourself once a week with hand cloth and a bucket of plain clean water. Do not use any detergent or chemicals, as it would harm the paint finish of the bike. Don’t give the bike for water wash outside frequently as the water jet spray used has high pressure and will enter the electric circuit and wires, also more importantly stagnate at some unapproachable places and eventually lead to rusting. Always remember your bike must look good every time you hop on it. Just as we bathe, brush, shave and comb everyday your bike also needs some basic care and is entitled to proper maintenance. The cleaner your two-wheeler is the better your bike will perform.

Cleaning your bike yourself improves your bond between you and your two-wheeled steed and its fun as you would discover and explore your bike and learn more about your two wheeler. It also gives you a good workout as you stretch and reach for those unapproachable places. Wash your bike gently with water and hand and wipe clean with a soft clean cloth. Getting the bike water washed once a month is acceptable. Make sure you take your bike out for a spin immediately after the water wash as it would automatically dry the water at places you cant reach by hand. Make sure you cover the exhaust while cleaning your bike with polythene cover and secure a rubber band tightly across the exhaust and the plastic cover.

Protection of cycle parts: Always park your bike under a shade as this would help you conserve fuel as the shade prevents not only the loss of fuel due to evaporation but also protect your bike’s paint finish. By not exposing your biketo too much sunlight or rain or dust you can enhance the life of the cycle parts of your two-wheeler especially the rubber parts. For most manufacturers rubber parts are not easily available for sale at most dealerships and the rubber parts play a major role for your two wheeler’s performance. Always remember the rubber engine mountings, the rubber fuel lines, the electric wires insulation can take a beating due to too much exposure to the environment.

Bike Cover: Always park your two-wheeler under covered parking and buy a flexible polythene rain cover for covering your two-wheeler during the rains. Don’t buy cheap quality ones as it would get brittle with time and create scratches on your two-wheeler as put on and remove the cover. Get an imported one, which is silver in color and is flexible and soft almost like a cloth, this type of rain cover would last a long time and wont scratch the paint surface of the two-wheeler.

Bike Cover

Use rubber patches to prevent rusting: Try to stick tube rubber to the bottom surface of your two wheeler’s side stand and main stand. By doing so the metal won’t scratch against the ground thereby protecting the paint finish. This helps in preventing rusting of the under sides of both the stands especially during rains as rainwater will rust the parts wherever there is no paint. Also stick a small patch of tube rubber on the part where you use to step (as shown in the third picture, on the right) and put the bike on to the side stand or main stand.

Rust prevention spray: There is a spray called WD40 it is an anti rust spray. Use it in places where your two-wheeler develops rusting so that the spray prevents further rusting of the part.

Teflon coat: Get the bike Teflon coated once every 3 months as the environmental conditions these days wreak havoc on your bike. It would only cost you Rs.150 to 250 depending on the shop and wont take more than a couple of hours and will ensure your bike is rust free and protect the paint finish.

I am going to stick to the above tips to keep my bike always shiny and sexy… will you?

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  1. hi mithun
    teflon coating and wax coating are two different things, teflon coating prevents rusting while wax polish enhances the paint finish of your bike, both have some same properties but are different.

  2. what is the difrence between wax coatin and teflon coating, plz sugest me and what is good for my Pulsar.b coz i don’t want a single scratch on my bike. and also i want to know engine colour and other parts of same color in bike shuld be clean and b in same color for long time, plz sugest me without fail.

  3. hi
    i got new pulsar220. i want to do coating for it. which is better wax r teflon? N wats d diff pls specify. thnx in advance

  4. This is a good article.
    I own a Bullet Electra 5S and have crossed 11200 km. I wash it twice in a week. I also apply leather polish on seats. It increases the life of the seat cover. Washing keeps your bike beautiful and long lasting. Take a few minutes to take care of your bike. Respect your bike. It will also respect you in return. I am searching for a place where I can do Teflon coating. Will do it soon.
    Thanks for the info

  5. hi
    i got new pulsar 180.
    how to care my bike to colour , engine & all the bike
    pls advice me
    i got new pulsar 180.
    how to care my bike to colour , engine & all the bike
    pls advice me

  6. hi
    i got new yamaha f16
    how to care my bike to color, & unscratch pls advice me
    i regular maintain my bike very intresting
    then how to get show room finishing tel me, which one is better wax or teflon, pls which company is best
    waiting for your reply

  7. Dude that was mind blowing!!!!Really.
    Just tell me a couple of things,
    1. What are cycle parts??
    2. Should i use a chemical called waxpol,it is pretty good after wash we have to apply it leaving the bike in sun thereafter and wipe it after som time.It does lend a shine to bike.Still i am doubtless coz i’ve received mixed reactions regarding that.
    3.from where i can get teflon coating done in navi mumbai??
    Please suggest me yaar.And ya thanks in advance………….

  8. Hey, i got teflon coating done for my bike (fz 16 black). since then, the bike has lost all of its shine. it looks flat and dull no matter how much you polish it. i want to remove the teflon coating off the bike. pls suggest

  9. Rudhram, teflon coating is a dangerous thing. Initially it appears excellent but when it gets removed slowly and steadily all you get is a set of scratches and the paint loses all its shine. To remove it, use Amway car wash regularly once in a week for atleast one month. It will come out in the form of a pulp. Then use the Amway silicon glaze to maintain the glaze of the original paint.

  10. Hi,

    Any idea why my new Black Honda Dio tend to get lot of dust on its body parts? I have applied premium quality wax polish too but is of no use, dust keeps coming like white clouds on its surface.

    I want to do something for this soon? Teflon Coating?

    Pl. help.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I have seen so many questions on Teflon Coating and Wax Coating but no one cared to give a detailed view. Any one please give a detailed view and will be very thankful if one can suggest good place where I can get it done ( teflon ) in Bangalore, preferably Koramangala area.

  12. hai everyone.. today ma pulsar 180cc meet with an accident. Some scratches occured after the accident. Someone plz tell me what i should do to clear it.. What type of spray paint should i use?? The colour of ma bike is red.. Where will i get the exact colour for the paint?? Please mail me if you got any suggestion?? Am from kerala..

  13. I don’t knw how tfln cot wrks on my bike..
    I purchasd on oct 2010 but still my bike shiny
    I washed my bike mnthly twice
    Guy s. don’t. use the shampoo 4 wsh bcs it ll reduce ur bike paint

  14. Hi,

    This is a great advice . but i need a one technical question in my mind that can i modify my Bike to a self start one???????? 🙂


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