Here are the Consequences of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance

Consequences of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance – apart from hefty fine, you can even go to jail…

There is something special about motorcycles? The thrill that you get while riding your two-wheeler is unmatched, isn’t it? Surely all bikers would agree to this.

But, does everyone fulfil the responsibility of safe riding? As Indian roads are becoming increasingly unsafe over time, riding a motorcycle without insurance is almost unbelievable. While there can be instances where people genuinely tend to forget to renew their insurance policies, some two-wheeler owners intentionally choose not to renew their policy in order to save a few hundred rupees.

Consequences of Riding Without Motorcycle Insurance

There can be various reasons for not renewing the policy, but if you are riding your two-wheeler without insurance, you should be ready to face the following consequences:

  1. Be ready to pay heavy fine

The Motor Vehicle Act in India governs the road safety and traffic rules. Driving a motorbike without third-party insurance cover is illegal in India.

So, if you are caught without two-wheeler insurance, you can be enforced with a fine up to Rs 5000 or imprisonment up to 3 months or both as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

  1. You are liable to pay damage/losses caused to third party or property

If you meet an accident and cause unintentional harm to any person or surrounding property, you must pay the loss incurred due to the liability for third party damage or losses during an accident.

During such events, your bike insurance covers this third-party liability and frees you from paying any loss incurred. However, in the absence of motorbike insurance, you would have to bear all the losses yourself.

  1. You need to pay losses for your own damage

While you must compulsorily pay losses caused to a third party, what about the damage caused to your bike? When your bike suffers damage, a comprehensive best two-wheeler insurance policy takes care of the costs of repairs for such damage. In the absence of comprehensive insurance cover, cost associated with the repairs of your bike must be borne by you, which can lead to an inevitable financial strain.

In case your bike meets with an accident that results in the death of the third-party; two cases will be filed against you. First will be the criminal case (for negligent driving) and the second case will be to get the claim. The compensation given to the family of the deceased have to be borne by you. This event can wreck your financial state unless you have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance in place.

  1. You will face legal complications

Besides paying for the financial loss caused to the third-party or self, you would also face legal complications if your two-wheeler is found without a valid insurance cover. In such an event, you would be penalised, and might even be imprisoned.

  1. Loss of No Claim Bonus (NCB)

The best two-wheeler insurance allows a discount in subsequent year’s premiums if there is no claim in any current year. As this discount increases every year, it saves your premium outgo. If your bike insurance expires and you fail to renew it, apart from facing the consequences of penalties and fines, you also lose the No Claim Bonus, accumulated in your existing policy and end up paying a higher premium during the renewal of the policy.


While a third-party two-wheeler insurance cover is mandatory in India, and not having one can result in serious consequences (as mentioned above), a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance cover is always a better option. The third-party insurance pays only for the loss/damage caused to the third-party, but a comprehensive cover also covers damages incurred by you and your bike.

Although the premium for a comprehensive policy is slightly higher, it is worth it, considering the benefits you can avail. Since repairs after an accident are expensive, a comprehensive policy makes more sense even if the premium payable is bit high.

With a bike insurance online policy, you can rest assured of any losses incurred. So, avoid falling victim to such consequences and buy online insurance for your two-wheeler today.