This is Jaichandran here. I’m a hardcore petrol head, and love anything with an IC engine and wheels. For a long time, an issue has always been irritating me, and I need to vent my anger. It’s about our motorcycle industry. As everyone must be knowing, India is the one of the largest 2-wheeler markets in the world, but, 90% of the sales comprises of fuel-sipping commuters.

We can’t blame the buyers, can we? For they out number us enthusiasts by a large margin. This makes manufacturers think only about those “fill it, shut it, forget it” bikes. There are only a hand full of performance bikes on sale here, and all of them aren’t so much different from the other, all sticking to the single cylinder format.

Isn’t it time we moved on? Adding salt to our wounds is the government, by putting restrictions and levying heavy duties on importing bikes from abroad. This may be easy for the really rich and moneyed people, but what about us enthusiasts who fall in between? Is there manufacturer there to listen to our lament? The ideal bike for us would be a 2-cylinder 250cc bike that is fast and fun to ride, and priced around Rs 1.75 Lacs. Any manufacturer ready for developing such a bike? It’ll be a sure shot success; just look at the the Yamaha R15 and the FZ series! They might be expensive single cylinder 150CCs, but then again people are buying them by the dozen! That clearly means that the customer base is very much there now. The reason for the RD doing badly is that motoring in India was at a nascent stage. We’re all matured now, aren’t we?

Of course, there are a few idiots on the roads who care little about their safety and the safety of the others, but barring them, I guess the Indian market is now ready to handle bikes more powerful than the 21Bhp. Come on bike makers, give us enthusiasts what we deserve, after all, we Indian are your biggest customers.

– ┬áJaichandran

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  1. Is there anybody listening ? I purchased R15 just b’coz one seller told me the price of RD-350 of ’71 at 1 lac……….! Come on bikers……..!

  2. Hi Jaichandran,

    Well said. You have came out with a good thought. I too was thinking like you. Right now we only have Kawasaki Ninja which features 250cc engine with 2 cylinder and Kinetic Hyosung(not sure we have showrooms for this). We’ll leave the Royal Enfields as they are indian cruisers and should not be compared with the High Perfromance bikes. Apart from that we have Yamaha(R1, VMax, MT01), Suzuki(Hayabusa, Intruder)and Honda(CB1000R, CB1000RR Fireblade) which are nearly or more than 1000CC and have 2 or 4 cylinder engines. They are also priced very much higher(more than 10lakh). The bike makers should hereafter concentrate on developing a bike with 2 cylinders(250cc to 600cc). Also it’ll surely increase the sales figures in that category. Lets hope atleast we’ll have such bikes in india before the thirst for such bikes in us vanishes.

  3. Yeah i agree with you jaichandran there are loads of bike enthusiasts in india every two wheeler company in india should start concentrating on upgrading engines that gives out beyond 25bhp

  4. I agree with the fact what Jai says. But one more thing I want to add to it that, Jai should utilize his mind to reduce Global Warming too. What ever Indian Govt. does whether knowingly or unknowingly, contributes a major role in controling global warming. Just for “Fun” Western Countries are evaporating fuel in air with toxin.
    Better to Ask Automobile industry to manufactore bykes which are running on renewable resources of energy.

    After all if Western Countrus are Eating “GARBAGE” we should ask them not to eat, not that we too join them.

    Every day Developed countries like US, European Countries, Australia blow off Gallens of fuel in a minute behind stupid kind of Sports and Activities.

    Riding a high speed byke of 500KMPH and burning off Litres of fuel in every minute JUST FOR FUN by an Individual dosent make any sense. That is PURELY the Identification Of a Great NONSENSE.

  5. May be my comments would brake hearts of many HARDCORE bykers. I APOLOGIES of that. But Please Think about what I said once.

  6. Mr Ram, global warming! what are you talking about? No one cares about global warming, and even if someone should care about it, its not we people. We Indians might be having the smallest CO2 emission per head of any country in the world. The Americans, they are asking our govt to use stricter emission norms even though they are the biggest producers of greenhouse gases. We should be concerned about our nature, but a bike would do nothing in a year to the atmosphere compared to what a thermal power plant does in a day.

    Whereas talking about what Mr Jaichandran said, I completely agree with you, its time for us to move on, the emission norms stole the 2stroke bike from us Indians, we cant let that happen to us again so before the hammer is used again we would really like to enjoy the freedom of riding a bike that would at least bring a smile on our faces. As far as I am concerned, a 2stroke bike is a proper bike, a 2stroke engine is perfect for a bike simply because its small, powerful, light, simple and above all great fun.

    We actually had a 250cc V-twin bike some years ago, it was called Comet by Kinetic, it was a pretty decent bike(even though quality of components was a problem) but sadly it was sold only in limited numbers and only the lucky people got it moreover it was quite cheap at around 1.7Lakh. My idea of a perfect bike will be a 500cc V-twin capable of mind boggling acceleration with a top speed near to 180KmpH, with good suspension setup like USD fork at front and fully adjustable rear monoshock, it should have a naked fairing and should have a mesmerizing exhaust note.

  7. “Hey Ram” You see things in a Broader Perspective, Thats good But not Cool, If Fuel abundance and Global Warming becomes a big problem in Future then I am sure Engine Technologies will move from Gasoline to something like Hydrogen Fuel Cell or Electric Powered Engines. (Like 2strokes moving to 4strokes). I would say Biking is the Most enjoying part in every human’s life, Off Course we cannot fly like birds, But Glide in Air in a Bike. If you be pessimistic for various reasons like accidents, Fuel wastage, Global warming Etc then You will surely regret it later, when you become too old for Bikes.

  8. Oh wait dont just blame on the govt., when it allowed foreign bike makers to import super bikes to india at the cost of heavy duties, no company brought a 250~700cc bike. Instead they brought 1000~1700cc bikes directly!!Wtf! How can an average rider shift directly to bikes of such pow in one shot!? All the companies want to do is sell as much as superbikes they can initially and make money. Ok if they think indians can buy R1’s,vmax’s,busa’s,intruders, why didn’t they come up with 250~700cc bikes?? Money!! One should be thankfull for bajaj for bringing the 250cc ninja, they understand what indians want. Now, sooner or later years foreign co.s will bring their middle size bikes.(not for the sake indians wishes,but to keep the sales figures steady!!)

  9. i think your wish of 250cc twin cylinder bike is going to be fullfilled…..sources in internet are saying that Bajaj is already in final stages in testing their 250cc twin cylinder liquid cooled bike not the ninja might be pulsar…and priced within 1.75 lakh…lets hope this is true

  10. there is a rule which prevents the sale of bike under 600cc in India because according to govt these bikes will directly compete with the Indian bikes, making them less attractive.

    what I dont understand is that how can one compare a 500cc Royal Enfield with a 600cc supersports bike!

  11. I would like to add a point here…

    Do you all know that Petrol is actually much cheaper to make in refineries? (This is the reason why it is cheaper elsewhere in world) Actually, Kerosene is very costly. Since it is used as domestic fuel in rural areas, govt gives it cheaper, and to compensate the losses for oil refineries there, the Petrol prices are increased…

    So, low Petrol prices and easier norms would make us all happier…

    (After all, mostly Kerosene is taken by corrupt people and sold in black-market and not in ration shops as it is supposed to be!!)


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