The Draken concept showcased at the last Auto Expo did confirm one thing that the new generation of Apaches will be fabulous lookers! While the enthusiasts were just revelling over the beauty of the recently unveiled BMW G310R, new spy shots of the Apache 200 have given us a big grin on our faces.

The latest spy pics, the clearest till date (credit: Anoop Radhakrishnan), reveal some lustrous curves of the upcoming beauty. This will indeed be a motorcycle inspired by the looks of Draken with large elongated tank extensions, muscular tank, sporty intents and streetfighter styling.

The instrumentation console of the motorcycle has also been snapped for the first time and it reads ‘Race On‘. TVS has ditched the combination of analogue-digital layout and has gone for a fully digital setup and it probably ends up as the premium-most looker in this segment!

TVS Apache 200 b

The console shows that the tachometer goes up to 12,000 rpm and let us hope there is no engine cut-off! The speedometer has been placed at the centre in bold fonts. Then there is a clock and odomoter, apart from the horizontal fuel gauge and the gear indicator. 

TVS Apache 200 c

Apache 200: Key Pointers from Spy Pics

Here is a quick round-up of what we can notice in these spyshots

  • Apache 200 will be the first TVS to get monoshock absorbers. It is expected to further enhance the sweet handling Apaches.
  • The split seats look sporty and the pillion comfort appears to have been traded off.
  • No ABS rings are visible but we expect a higher priced ABS variant option upon launch.
  • The exhaust canister gets a unique new shape with with two outlet nozzles. We are sure there will be a covering tip in the production version.
  • Petal disc upfront is visible and there will be a rear disc brake as well.

TVS Apache 200 d

  • Panels have honeycomb vents.
  • Grab rails are jolted at the tail and move forward.
  • There is an underbelly engine cover which will be more of a cosmetic accessory.
  • Asymmetric (BMW-influence?) aircraft-type fuel filler cap.

TVS Apache 200 a

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We are not sure about the engine of the new Apache but there is a possibility that it may be a re-bored version of the existing 177.4 cc motor of the Apache. We expect power figures to be between 22 and 24 PS and its launch, or at least the official unveiling is definitely expected at the Auto Expo in February 2016. And if you are wondering, this is NOT the TVS‘ version of the BMW G310R. It will be a separate new bike!

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  1. I really am surprised that everyone in motoring journalism refers to dash boards as part analogue and part digital. If I am not mistaken we should disabuse ourselves of this notion since digital need not only be numbers changing but also can be a needle calibrated to show a number for speed or the engine RPM. It makes no sense to have two types of circuits which are analogue and digital when one entire circuit and wiring can be digital. The other alternative which we find on cheaper vehicles is a speedo-odo combo which is mechanical and not electrical at all. If I remember correctly the Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 was a motorcycle that used the mechanical system to show distances and speed while the tachometer was digital electronic. To run a mechanical tacho one would have to create gears, pinions and other mechanical parts from the engine which would have been terrible to look at and also would have worn out the gears on a regular basis. I think nowadays all motorcycles that show digital odos also have digital speedos but laid out like a traditional dial. The Bajaj Avenger on the Bajaj website shows this arrangement and calls it digital meter, which is the right thing. I think we need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that the presence of a dial and needle makes the circuitry analogue while the odometer which shows digits is digital circuitry.


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