New Claimed ‘High Voltage’ Honda Product Launch Today: Watch it LIVE at 3

Honda has scheduled a press event in Hyderabad today and the company says they have two agendas..

  • ONE: ‘High voltage’ product launch
  • TWO: Brand Association with a ‘youth icon’

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar already endorses Honda’s motorcycles and now they are probably pitching in someone else as well to attract the younger brigade. This may hint at motorcycles which are targeted at the age groups of 18 to 25 years, today or probably in the future…

Honda says that today they will take another step in the promised 15 product launches for this year. We have no confirmed clue at this point what product(s) is Honda going to launch today. But unconfirmed bits reveal that they may be refreshed versions of their existing motorcycles/scooters. Let us hope we get something really ‘high voltage’ to cheer the market up…


The event starts at 3 pm today and you can watch it live through this direct webcast link.