CIMAMotor 2009 – China’s Sole National Level Motorcycle Exhibition

Seven years in a row, participation from tens of thousands of motorcycle manufacturers and components suppliers, more than 1,40,000 trade visitors, 2800 international buyers from over 40 countries, 15000 square meters from 5000 square meters and this is China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor) for the en masse.

logo_motor_enAfter a successful run for the past 7 long years, CIMAMotor is here again for the 8th consecutive year and this time it promises to be much bigger and better. CIMAMotor is China’s biggest and the only National Level Motorcycle Exhibition show since 2001 and has become the most powerful event for the motorcycle industry in China with an enormous influence on the World. Chongqing, the motorcycle capital of the country, would be the venue for the 8th CIMAMotor show which will kick off from 17th September and wind up on 20th of the same month leaving a lasting impression on the World and making a lot many increase their business and contacts manifold.

The various platforms that would form the mega motorcycle event would include Brand Display, Product Trade, Technology Transfer, Culture Diffusion and information release of International motorcycle industry. And with a visitor base expected to be as huge as 50,000 people from various different profiles and interests, it only ensures your Gateway into the ever so profitable Chinese Market. This goes along with the fact that this time the event would be held in an exhibition area twice as big as the one last time along with the promotion investment rising up to almost thrice!

The organization scheme and the implementation of plans have also been taken over by Chongqing Exhibition Center Co. Ltd. with able support from UNIDO SPX-CQ and Holland VNU. There is a huge list of 450 worlds renowned, technically sound prominent exhibitors. Broadly, the ingredient of the motor show can be categorized as…

  • Motorized vehicles, these would include full fledged motorcycles, tricycles, ATVs, snow scooters, Electric Vehicles, Gas charged vehicles
  • Motorcycle Accessories and Parts would include motor engines, vehicle chassis and frames, clutches, brakes, shock absorbers, electrical equipments, tires, wheel rims and spare parts
  • Motorcycle Related Products would include riding gear, clothing, Helmets, equipments and accessories for long touring for enthusiasts, models, ornaments and refitting accessories
  • General Fuel Motors would include General Gasoline (Diesel) Engines, Gensets, water pump units, multi functional agricultural machines etc
  • Maintenance Products would include special tools and machinery for cycle manufacturing and repairing, lubricants and related products
  • Motorcycle Technology and Services would include various publications and Research and Development activities

Summing it up, you would get any and everything which bears any resemblance to motorcycles, all under one roof and in a grand magnitude.

The organizers of CIMAMotor, Chongqing Exhibition Center Ltd. will customize the promotion on the basis of exhibitor difference by combination of six types of media: Television, Radio, Newspaper, magazine, internet as well as road promotion banners. In addition, the organizers will also promote the event on other important domestic and oversea exhibitions. Around 260 domestic media will join including CCTV while more than 10 international media would live broadcast the show.

Various International Motorcycle groups have been attracted towards this high profile exhibition including prestigious domestic motorcycle owners’ clubs. In all around 200 domestic and international motorcycle riders are expected to group in Chongqing which would be broadcasted by the media.Various companies would launch brand new motorcycles and concepts from their portfolio exuberating their brand strengths.

The seventh CIMAMotors show in 2008 saw a huge turnaround of people from all walks of life, media, and trade visitors and experts from associations. The show showcased activities like “Conference of International Motorbike Association/ Exporter and Importer Association”, “New Motorbike Testing Drive and Skill Show” were held to increase and develop good interaction and communication between exhibitors and visitors.

Why Exhibit: Along with all the mentioned features CIMAMotor serves the perfect gateway to enter the Chinese Market for huge growth in potential business, to seek new avenues and enhance contact base. Other fantastic benefits include:

  • Chongqing is one of the biggest industrial cities in China and takes 30 percent stake in the overall Chinese exports.
  • The output of China motorcycle industry accounts for 50 percent of the total of the world, hence, is an opportune place to exhibit or invest.
  • CIMAMotor this year in Chongqing will guide you into the Chinese market and will help the exhibitors to get an opportunity to communicate with prominent Chinese motorcycle enterprises in depth.
  • The extensive in depth talks would help exhibitors to find a win-win scenario for both the parties and face the ever changing global changes and challenges effectively.
  • Because of the lower price of the product and huge production scale, the overall motorcycle revolves around the Chinese motorcycle industry and hence opens up vast market opportunities

Why be a Visitor: China motorcycle industry is looking for new potential developments which include

  • Increasing overseas investment
  • Strengthening global sales networking
  • Expanding sales in China especially in the urban market
  • Upgrading technology
  • Adjusting product structure according to the market dynamics
  • Focus on brand building
  • You would get to see brand new technologies and fantastic new machines firsthand
  • You would get a sneak into the upcoming market dynamics

So be a part of this all important and fantastic opportunity. For more information please visit CIMAMotor 2009 Official Website