Mahindra & Classic Legends Begin BSA Brand Operations

BSA motorcycles launch can be expected sometime later this year and so is the case with Yezdi as well. We move a step closer to these icons…

Anand Mahindra says that Classic Legends is a project which has been born out purely because of their love and passion for classic motorcycles. It must be known that Classic Legends was acquired by Mahindra and it (Classic Legends) holds the right to three legendary classic brands – Jawa, Yezdi and BSA.

So far, motorcycles only under the Jawa brand have been introduced but it is now time to resurrect the other two brands. Earlier today we posted a spotting of what looks like a possible Yezdi (check spy pics here). Earlier this year, Ashish Joshi, CEO of the company has already shared that there will be action on the remaining two brands this year.

In a new update, it is now coming out that Mahindra has commenced operations for the BSA brand. It is strengthening its leadership team as well as branching out various other functions. The company has commenced hiring and intends to take Classic Legends to the next level.

bsa motorcycles launch
This team expansion may have something to do with the Yezdi brand as well.

The base for BSA has been set up in Coventry, UK and the first set of hirings are already underway. There is a whole lot of functions that are being set up like project management, testing, vehicle design, etc. It must also be noted that motorcycles under the BSA brand will be primarily targeted at international markets and they may carry bigger engines and be more powerful.

Veterans from rival makers like Yamaha and Bajaj/KTM have also been roped in for national level roles and this suggests that there may be something for India as well, or they may be for the Yezdi brand.

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With this confirmation, we come a step closer to the reincarnation of two of the most iconic brands and expect final product forms or some info leaks on them in the coming few months!

Source – The Hindu