Bajaj “V” is the Name of Upcoming Motorcycle Under New Unnamed Brand [Update]

Update Jan 27th: After releasing the fabulous teaser video on Youtube and television yesterday, Bajaj has shot an official press release today revealing new details about “V”. Let us list them below in quick pointers…

  1. February 1st will mark the unveiling of Bajaj’s new brand. No name has been revealed but going by the wordings the new brand name is NOT “V”.
  2. “V” is in fact the name of the motorcycle that will kickstart proceedings. It is the same motorcycle that has been teased (and spotted earlier).
  3. It appears (and is logical) that only the new motorcycle “V” will contain metal from INS Vikrant and rest of the products from the new brand which will follow will be regular offerings. This answers the question – What will happen when the purchased metal exhausts out?
  4. Bajaj has issued – “The brave legacy of INS Vikrant will now remain alive in lakhs of Indian homes, in the form of “V”” – This means they have plans to use a minor portion of INS Vikrant metal in each bike for at least a lakh+ bikes.

26th January: Original Article

The secret’s finally unfolding! In a press conference in Delhi on February 1, 2016, Bajaj is set to unveil their motorcycle ‘V’! In a spree of teasers released on YouTube bang on the Republic day, the company has provided a glimpse of their tribute to the legendary Indian Navy warship INS Vikrant. Do not get confused with the new Vikrant sailing under the tricolour.

A quick refresher – the erstwhile aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was supposed to be an asset to the British Royal Navy back in the Second great War. It however was never completed and was bought by India and turned into the country’s first aircraft carrier. It later became a war hero in the 1971 Indo-Pak war and continued to be India’s only aircraft carrier for over two decades.


Post its decommissioning the ship was scrapped in 2014. Bajaj intends to make the ‘V’ out of recycled metal from the carrier. It is not known whether V will be the name of the bike or the brand itself which may spawn new and different motorcycles in the future.

Bajaj V150 tail

Considering that it will use material from a warship, it may be a limited edition initially, giving people a chance to own a piece of history which has worked hard for years to protect our maritime borders.

Bajaj V 150 engine

The silhouette revealed in the teaser video shows the same ‘weird’ bike which has been spotted a few times earlier and it appears to have a very distinct personality. Mated to these muscular looks is expected to be the tried and tested 150 cc mill from the Discover 150. This 144.8 cc 4 valve, air cooled mill produces 14.5 PS of maximum power at 8,500 rpm and 12.75 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. The engine however sports a new crankcase cover.

Bajaj’s new V sports disc brakes upfront and gets 10-spoke alloy wheels and dual-shock absorbers apart from the chubby exhaust we have seen before. Look closely and there are subtle hints of the Pulsar CS400.

Bajaj V Video Teaser

All the details will pour in, including the name, on or before the 1st of Feb!