Biker’s Night Out at Pavna Lake in Lonavala Tomorrow

Bikers Nightout:
Date: 29th & 30th Nov, 2014
Location: Pavna Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra


What is Bikers Nightout:

Bikers Nightout is a Themed Biker’s Party designed in such a way that what ever it is that you may ride, you will enjoy & celebrate as one. The concept of Biker’s Nightout is Gaurav Prabhu’s (An independent film maker) brainchild. The idea was supported thoroughly by his partners and co-founders Shrey Sunil (An Advertising Media Professional) & Saurabh De (MBA Student).

Why is it Different?

What makes Bikers Nightout different from various other Biking Events and group rides is that, Bikers Nightout is not just an exhibition or a group ride. Its more than just ‘buy your tickets – go to the venue – wander around with your friends – and go back home’ kind of events. We as ‘Downshift Group’ have formulated this event so that Bikers of all levels and Genres come together, interact with each other, ride together, engage in activities together, have a party together.

The concept was put to test in the Pilot event which took place at ‘Big Red Tent’s’ Karnala property in May, earlier this year. A total of about 20 bikers were a part of the event. Bikers from Mumbai & Pune with bikes ranging from Pulsars to KTM’s to R15’s & the mighty Busa & Intruder were a part of the event.

The camp site too was revamped with tents arranged in such a way that the Biker’s could park their bikes just outside. The look and feel of the campsite was given a biker’s touch with vintage biking posters, lanterns covered and decorated with bike headlamps & various other stuff. Another creative input was the forks & spoons which were designed to integrate with clutch & brake levers to give a hardcore bikers feel.

Shortly after the bikers rode together in a co-ordinated manner from the meeting point to the campsite, the participants were shuffled and divided into teams for the treasure hunt. The teams were distributed in such a way that each team had people from different groups and locations that gave them a better chance to interact and work together while finding the treasure. Post this were a series of events like slow race, straw the bottle, bucket toss, ball toss etc. (For more details watch video).

After an exhaustive events session, the barbecue was set & all bikers had mixed up well by that time. Along with the barbecue was a jamming session where the Bikers themselves took to the guitar and played familiar tunes. The Bikers Nightout concept was a success.

Ever since the first event happened, we received numerous calls from the same participants as well as their friends and those who missed it for details on the next event.

Details for Bikers Nightout November

And Thus, we introduce to you Bikers Nightout again on 29th & 30th November which will take place at a more scenic location just besides Pavna lake in Lonavala, Maharashtra. This time, there is a limit of 40 bikers who can be a part of the event. The registration fee for the event is Rs 2000 which includes Tents, Dinner, Barbecue, the ‘Bikers Nightout’ events, breakfast, band performance and much more. This time Bikers Nighotu will be bigger, better and more adventurous.

Since there is a limit on registrations, the same will be done on 1st come 1st serve basis.

Contact Details

For More Details, Contact:

  • Gaurav Prabhu – 8097806108
  • Shrey Sunil – 9819245624
  • Saurabh De – 9987998686

Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with this event and are just sharing the information. For all details and responsibilities you can connect with the organizers mentioned above.