The Biker in Me has Bought a Brand New Yamaha R15

The only thing constant in this world is change. People change and everything around them changes. It all starts with a thought. There were times when I used to think that Hero Honda is the best motorcycle company, perhaps it is due to the result of selective perception. We ignore what is in front of our eyes and we see only what we want to see, not what is.

As said by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Inception, an idea is like a virus. Once planted inside your mind, spreads inside and takes hold of you. No one can escape from the idea inside their head. Especially if he believes it.

Such an idea (An Inception) about Yamaha R15 was planted inside my mind by Manish’s review of R15. At that time I just enjoyed reading it and I was not aware of the idea virus that infected me.

Then there was a poll, Karizma ZMR Vs. Yamaha R15. 70% voted in favor of the Yamaha R15. That was not an idea. It was a fuel to the idea in my mind and it grew faster and faster. Suddenly I became aware of it. It was taking control over my emotions. It was like a ghost inside my mind. Having sold my 2004 Karizma to a cousin of mine several weeks back, made things easier for that ghost.

I wake up one day (that’s a few days back) and this intense desire to buy Yamaha R15 takes over me. Strong opposition from my mother… but the ghost in my mind was stronger than that. After several hours of convincing I get the approval… not because she was convinced, but because she couldn’t stand my convincing process; “Blah blah blah… I want R15 Please…” You know what I mean!

“If you really wish for something in life, then the whole universe conspires to get it to you.” – The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho)

While most of the bikers need to wait months to get their R15 after booking, I was lucky. The showroom, 5 KMs away from my home was just inaugrated and they had to have a few R15s for display. Not many knew about the showroom because it was too new and no one booked the R15 yet.

I visited the showroom a few minutes after the “Get lost… go buy yourself an R15” from my mother. A bright Yellow R15 was on the display, boasting itself. It was mine, I could feel it. As I had guessed, the R15 wasn’t booked and it was available for immediate delivery.

It was decided that I had to pay for the bike myself from my own savings. I agreed to it. But I couldn’t ready the cash immediately. My dad helped me with the payment and also the registration process. Within two days the bike was in my home.

For one day I had the bike parked inside my living room. I couldn’t stand the thought of my newly delivered baby parked in the cold outside. But it would be the first and last day. Stong opposition from the Force ๐Ÿ™‚

I gladly paid Rs.1,10,950 for this amazing machine. Another Rs.2000 for a semi-fancy number. I thought I could wait for the CBR250R or the Yamaha R15 2011 (If it’s real) but I recently came to know that it is not me who wants or waits for a bike. It is the biker inside me who has his own desires and manipulates me at his will to do things for him!

Stay tuned, an ownership review is coming soon!ย For more photos, visit my Facebook Album.

– Deepak Raj

P.S. I may have missed buying the R15 if it wasn’t for BikeAdvice! Thank you for helping me choose my dream machine! ๐Ÿ˜›