BikeAdvice Partners With YamahaFreaks to Organize a Track Day; Register NOW!

What really differentiates BikeAdvice from the rest of the online electronic media is the fact that we always wanna enlighten our readers with the best of experiences ever possible on planet Earth. We’ve tried to be as innovative as possible time over time and Ownership Review contests from our end is one such classy example.


This time we decided to take a giant leap. We wanted to give the experience of using race track to our users, most of whom for which it’s gonna be the first time experience. Trust me; using a bike on a track makes you a learn a lot, in turn understanding the small nuances of being a good rider. It is in no way concerned with our regular commuting mode of riding. Everything is new here; Right from Throttle control, Gearshifts, Braking to Body posture Et All.

We had the option of training our riders either in the Chennai race track or in the Coimbatore track and we ended up choosing the latter. Yes, we would be training our riders in the Kari Speedway, Coimbatore. We are sure you would have heard a lot about this track. I’ve personally used this track many a times and trust me, it’s awesome!

We’ve partnered with ‘YamahaFreaks’, a dedicated Yamaha users forum and we’re organizing this track day just for our readers who want to learn. Block your calendar for May 17th and we’ll ensure the racer within you is unleashed.

A very nominal charge of INR 2500 bucks is all we charge for this once in a life time experience and the same would cover training fee, track rent and of course the lunch! The fee is pretty nominal for anyone to afford and a lotta effort has gone into pricing it to these levels.

ApexRacing’ will be at the venue to train you guys and for your info this event is restricted only to Yamaha users. Any bike from Yamaha’s stables is perfectly fine irrespective of the its size or model. Even if you don’t own one, you can still flick one from your friend and make it up there.

The poster along this post will explain everything and the number of entries are restricted to just 40 riders. The registrations have already kick started. So hurry up to get your entries booked.

For any further details regarding this event, feel free to trigger a mail to

Come, join us and experience the inexperienced. This is once is a lifetime opportunity  and do not miss this.