BikeAdvice Buyer’s Guide

This guide has been meticulously prepared by us in order for our readers to better understand the choices they have in the Indian bike market up to 250cc. We have divided the guide into sections based on engine capacity / segments so that it may be more convenient for a prospective buyer to easily look up the choices within a particular segment. The categories are 100 – 110 cc, 125 – 135cc, 150 – 180cc & 200 – 250cc.

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Information for the 100 – 135cc includes Price, Engine, cc, Max Power, Fuel Economy, Pros, Cons and a review link of the bike at For the 150 – 250cc segments, we have included additional information such as Max Power/Torque @ RPM, 0-60 km/h times in seconds, Actual Top speeds, and Kerb weight.

High quality pictures, wherever possible, have been used to provide you with the best possible guide to purchasing / reviewing a bike. Information such as top speeds and mileage are based on real world conditions and independent testing and may vary from manufacturer claims.

You can share this guide with your friends! Non-commercial use only! Expecting your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Deepak & Arun