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I am more of a listener than a writer when it comes to BikeAdvice. But once in a while I feel like writing to you and other bikers about my thoughts related to biking. Luckily, every time I write something, it has been well received. And I hope this article will also reach well.

motorcyle safety

My article today is about safety on the road. But unlike the regular safety tips, I am not going to talk about helmets, jackets, back protectors or ABS. This “safety gear” that I am going to talk about applies from cycle riding all the way to ultimate sports biking or touring.

The best safety gear you can have is a CLEAR MIND. I have been riding two wheelers for 8-9 years now and I have ran into accidents a couple of times. Thankfully (I mean really really thankfully) I haven’t met with a major accident in my life. But every time I had a minor accident, or almost had one – I can notice one thing… My mind was not clear at that point of time.

I believe that most of the accidents happen when we are worried, angry, really late for something, in deep troublesome thought or just frustrated about something. I agree that there are cases when there is no mistake on our part and the other guy hits us, but I would say that it is only 1/20 or 5% approximately.

When we have a clear and active mind free from negative emotions, we are 95% likely (*my educated guess) not to make any idiotic mistakes on the road and rest of the 5% when we have no mistake on our part, at least we would reduce the damage done to us by the other party by being more agile at that split second.

If you think about it, the last you almost had an accident and thank God nothing happened; you would have been in a bad state of mind.

So having a good work life balance, thinking big and letting go of small grudges has an overall positive health effect including reducing the chances of automobile accidents.

But there are times when people will give us the hard time…

  • If your boss frustrates you, don’t take it to the heart and let it affect you – because it’s your life that is in danger.
  • Problem at home? Take a hike – don’t go to office. It’s alright if you get a loss of pay for 1 day. Just call in sick. You don’t want to pay it with your life.
  • Deeply thoughtful about something? Take the car, or walk up to the bus stop and experience how life is for people who don’t own a bike.
  • Just disappointed about the back-stabbing and corporate politics in your office? Ask your friend to drop you home and pick you up the next day. Let the bike stay in the parking, your life is more precious than the bike!

By the way, if you ride it without a clear mind, you are not going to enjoy the ride anyway, right?

So there you go: the best safety gear and insurance policy for your life… A CLEAR & PEACEFUL MIND. Enjoy your ride and make sure you are able to enjoy it for decades to come.

Now why wouldn’t you agree with me? 🙂

Deepak Raj

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  1. Totally agree with you, happened to me a couple of times. When you’re riding focus on the road. “Nazar hati durghatna ghati” 😀

  2. Bad roads with pot holes and unmarked speed breakers also create 2 wheeler accident for no fault of the rider.

    • You are absolutely correct when we are driving on bad roads we have to concentrate on road while other vehicles specially 4 wheelers are passing we can not concentrate on them between such a condition accidents take place

  3. Hi Deepak sir, Good Morning. so far I did not face any kind of accidents that is god grace but I agree with 99.9% accidents are happening the above mentioned your point of view. that is right sir.

  4. I agree with what you have written Deepak. I also want to add that it is important that mobile is switched off or in silent mode when one is riding, as it is a major source of distraction these days. I do this and ensure that my mind and body both are fit, especially when I go on a long ride.

  5. Deepak,great article!! you are 100% correct. One more reason when mind fails to think clearly is when we drink and drive.

  6. Deepak,

    Most of us will completly agree with this article.
    Great work. Keep posting similar articles periodically.


  7. Deepak,

    Great article, its true that we most all of them do the same.

    But 1 thing i want to share with you all. When ever while bike with musics or talking over phone really i don’t no how my mind makes it self two half and 1 half hears the music or make conversation on phone and at the same time the other half take cares the riding more than normally by looking road, passing vehicals, in the mirrors and still its plans for overtaking also.

    One last thing i request who all reads this, i know all of them are good enough to understand. But still i want to tell this “DON’T DO AS I AM DOING BECAUSE AS I KNOW THIS IS NOT CORRECT AND AS OF NOW I HAVE REDUCED THIS TO ALMOST NEARER TO ZERO, BUT NOT ZERO AND STILL TRYING”.

  8. Hi Deepak,
    Whatever you suggested here in this article is 100% true. The bikers also ride with proper speed as per the condition of the road and traffic. Along with our own life we should also care about others.

  9. I definitely think a clear mind is necessary but you over-emphasise it as the way to prevent accidents – it makes a nice story but do consider:
    mobile phone usage when driving!!
    bad attitude ie selfish to other road users esp pedestrians (on level crossings even!!)
    overtaking on bends, brows of hills etc
    speed in relation to road conditions and weather
    maintenance – are your brakes 100% and what about all the bikes you see with bald tyres??
    vehicles pulling out in front of you without looking or if seen they can’t be bothered (3 Wheelers most guilty)

  10. Ironically, taking a ride on good roads in a good environment helps clear my mind like nothing other. It’s wonderful how some little things in life can overwrite and eliminate some of the deepest worries.

  11. Learn to drive defensively….
    If you are taking a sharp curve, think that anytime there will be a vehicle coming from the other side. Don’t think that no vehicle is coming and take the curve so fast..
    Make use of the Horn properly.
    When overtaking at night, use the ‘Pass’ switch to flash the beam so that the vehicle in front should know that you are overtaking him.
    Always wear helmet ..
    Ride safe…
    Blood donation is cool.. let’s not do it in road..!!

  12. Hi Deepak! I have been following your blog for quite a few months now, and have been impressed by the content. This article too is in one of those leagues. I have been an avid bike rider for the past seven years. These days, I regularly ride to my office (which is a distance of 28 kms from my home) on bike and I thouroughly enjoy the ride despite the traffic. For me, bike riding is like practising meditation. As one progresses practising it, one experiences the joy and peace it provides.

  13. I TOTALLY AGREE ,, Thank GOD I have never met a major accident and all the 4-5 minor accidents that happened to me were due to my own faults : Over aggressive riding , Work overload , Carelessness , and once while learning how to ride bike.

  14. I have been riding bike for last 7 years ,, completed around 150000 kms on different bikes ,,

    I too have had the same experience,

  15. I agree you 100% i drive bike from 1996. And i meet accident almost 100 time but thanks god i still alive
    One thing i notice when i drive below 45 km/h i meet acdnt because that time my mind is not at bike or road i just wonder here and there
    So try to drive at the speed when you are alert and enjoy riding. Thanks realy we all miss your blog alltime deepak keep writing.

  16. another important situation where our mind becomes a cause for accident is. when there are girls around (or someone whom we wanna impress ) and we suddenly change our riding behavior (often revving hard and going faster then usual ) happened to me at least and i have acknowledged the fact that even though its a trivial fact it could ruin our life so no matter what be calm and steady all the time when you are riding.


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