How to Reduce Your Chances of a Motorcycle Accident by 95%*

I am more of a listener than a writer when it comes to BikeAdvice. But once in a while I feel like writing to you and other bikers about my thoughts related to biking. Luckily, every time I write something, it has been well received. And I hope this article will also reach well.

motorcyle safety

My article today is about safety on the road. But unlike the regular safety tips, I am not going to talk about helmets, jackets, back protectors or ABS. This “safety gear” that I am going to talk about applies from cycle riding all the way to ultimate sports biking or touring.

The best safety gear you can have is a CLEAR MIND. I have been riding two wheelers for 8-9 years now and I have ran into accidents a couple of times. Thankfully (I mean really really thankfully) I haven’t met with a major accident in my life. But every time I had a minor accident, or almost had one – I can notice one thing… My mind was not clear at that point of time.

I believe that most of the accidents happen when we are worried, angry, really late for something, in deep troublesome thought or just frustrated about something. I agree that there are cases when there is no mistake on our part and the other guy hits us, but I would say that it is only 1/20 or 5% approximately.

When we have a clear and active mind free from negative emotions, we are 95% likely (*my educated guess) not to make any idiotic mistakes on the road and rest of the 5% when we have no mistake on our part, at least we would reduce the damage done to us by the other party by being more agile at that split second.

If you think about it, the last you almost had an accident and thank God nothing happened; you would have been in a bad state of mind.

So having a good work life balance, thinking big and letting go of small grudges has an overall positive health effect including reducing the chances of automobile accidents.

But there are times when people will give us the hard time…

  • If your boss frustrates you, don’t take it to the heart and let it affect you – because it’s your life that is in danger.
  • Problem at home? Take a hike – don’t go to office. It’s alright if you get a loss of pay for 1 day. Just call in sick. You don’t want to pay it with your life.
  • Deeply thoughtful about something? Take the car, or walk up to the bus stop and experience how life is for people who don’t own a bike.
  • Just disappointed about the back-stabbing and corporate politics in your office? Ask your friend to drop you home and pick you up the next day. Let the bike stay in the parking, your life is more precious than the bike!

By the way, if you ride it without a clear mind, you are not going to enjoy the ride anyway, right?

So there you go: the best safety gear and insurance policy for your life… A CLEAR & PEACEFUL MIND. Enjoy your ride and make sure you are able to enjoy it for decades to come.

Now why wouldn’t you agree with me? 🙂

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Deepak Raj