Bike Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Be it your new Lord of the Streets or your cute budget bike, they are such loyal buddies taking the lazy you to office, to grocer, carrying you and your monthly grocery through the crowded streets to home, after you’ve had enough of the rest-of-the-world experience. Don’t you think we need to pay back our 4-stroke bike at least giving it a once-in-a-while cleaning at house? So said, I would like you to read through the following lines.

You got all those bike accessories as because you liked the way they changed the look of your bike; whether it is the shiny chrome, or the dual tone graphics on it, or even extra beautiful paint. These could set your bike apart in a crowd and give it a special identity like you have in your work place. While you receive all that pampering do you pay back to your bike? In fact let me tell, even a 1lakh bike will be great on road if its dirty and an decade old bike can still be shining and attracting second looks- all in the maintenance.

I am going to give you a few tips in bike cleaning and hopefully with the pampering it receives it will never let you down:

If you have had a long drive the bike needs a cool down time period before you head for a washing episode. It allows the engine to cool down. If not there could be streaking, damage to chrome and spotting and at times even crack of the engine as well. Look for leaks if any and wear of the tyres, any loose bolts and even hoses, and give a thorough look at other areas which sometimes take your attention to otherwise neglected things.

Cleaning Equipment Required: The list of soaps, waxes and cleaning agents is almost endless and if you are a little careful you can do a hell lot with a good brush, clean rags, and some water. But so said, I would suggest that you pick a cleaning solution that is tailor made for bikes. Inappropriate cleaners will get on saddle, blue the chrome and get on the paint. Thus, use products that will not cause problems as regards to spoiling the finish or discoloring it. Remember cheap cleaning products will only harm your vehicle.

Once preparing the cleaning solution as per the mixing direction start cleaning your toy. Give heavy dirt settled on fenders and bugs a presoak treatment and then rinse with jet of water to clean off the loosened dirt. Use a clean sponge or cloth so it doesn’t scratch the chrome or the paint.

Give a thorough rinse to the bike, give a little rubbing, but an extra wash and rinse is any day better than rubbing for the reason that it will dull the shine of the paint or scratch the chrome. But so said, when water is scarce give a gentle rubbing to the heavily soiled areas. Clean the hidden areas as well to ensure it’s absolutely free of dirt. Ensure that the cleaning solution is washed off the bike. Give another rinse job and if there is run off of the water with no signs of beading your bike needs a thorough polishing; however, with the manufacturer recommended polishes.

Clean the wheels with separate rag and rinse the wheels again separately. Wipe the bike off the water with dry and soft cloth. Avoid doing this under direct exposure to sun to prevent any streaking.

Never use a dryer or air compressor to dry the vehicle as it might grit the finish and cause irreparable damage. Use a cloth to dry rather than a blower or a dryer. Clean the leather saddle (if) with the manufacturers recommendations.

Once the bike is clean you can pamper the tyres if you desire. Give some oil treatment to the chain with the recommended oil. With so much bike spa treatment your bike is ready to carry your lazy body again, but now with more shine and beauty.