Bigger 250-300cc Gixxer Ruled Out for Now; No CKD Under 800cc Bikes Planned Till 12-18 Months – Suzuki

Have you ridden the Hayates, Access’ and Slingshots? We have and believe us they are truly competitive products in their own rights, however, barring Access, none of them has been a success. Suzuki really came into the reckoning only after their 155cc Gixxer and is more talked about for its faired version Gixxer SF, which we have tested very recently.


The Gixxer has almost been a rage in the premium 150cc segment and Atul Gupta, Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motorcycles India shares at Autocar, that in the last six plus months of Gixxer’s launch, they have sold about 45,000 motorcycles.

When Autocar asked him about Suzuki’s future plans on bigger 250-300cc Gixxer, a 155 cc cruiser based on a similar platform or a bigger under-800cc premium motorcycle, Atul said they would want to concentrate on the current Gixxer twins for the next 12 to 18 months and after Inazuma, they are NOT considering any CKD (Completely Knocked Down Units) bike in the near future.

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He said that only after 6 to 12 months, they may think about what to do next. He also says that the successor of a very good product (like Gixxer) has to be better in all respects. Apart from this, he also informed that from now Suzuki will play in the niche segments and they have learnt that mainstream commuter motorcycles is not their forte.