Bigger 200cc Yamaha M-Slaz for India at the Auto Expo? [Rumour]

Yamaha, after a rather commuter centric first half, launched the power packed R3 in August 2015. There are good chances of them bringing its naked version MT-03 very soon as well but what is more interesting is this – the M-Slaz but with a twist. M-Slaz was launched back in December last year in the Thai market and was introduced very recently in Indonesia under the brand name ‘Xabre’.

A report in TopGear suggests that the M-Slaz in India can be expected to have a bigger engine displacement, something in the range of 200 to 220 cc to fight against the likes of the Duke 200, Apache 200 and the Pulsar 200 series. Yes, the R15 is a great bike and its engine is a gem but more fire power is always welcome plus this will give Yamaha a much bigger market to play in.

Yamaha M Slaz and MT 25

The bigger 200cc M Slaz, if true, can be placed and priced between the R15 and the R3. The engine, in the process, will remain a single cylinder unit and let us hope those chunky golden upside down forks are carried over.


Later on Yamaha can also make a faired version, the R2, to appeal to an even wider audience. Top Gear expects Yamaha to showcase the 200cc M-Slaz as early as the Auto Expo.

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However, suggest you to take this as a rumour for now since we do not have any kind of concrete bit regarding such a move by Yamaha.