Benelli Bikes May Come With Localized Brakes & Suspensions

Indian motorcycling is coming out from its dark days to reach new heights. The two-wheeler market here is so vast that every international manufacturer, be it big or small is trying to get a share of the pie. Benelli, one of the oldest motorcycle makers from Italy will soon be opening its shops in India but before that they have one very important hurdle to cross. Pricing!


While Benelli did manage to impress a lot of people when they showcased their products in October, but pricing has to be sensible to finally compel people to shed money from pockets.

And to keep prices in check the single most important thing which they need to do is channel their energy towards localisation. Major international manufacturers have already established their roots in the market.


The good news is that these bikes will be brought and assembled as CKD Units (Completely Knocked Down) instead of the more expensive CBUs. As per a report published on Shifting Gears, the company is looking for parts made by local suppliers to bring down the costs. This, though, will be limited only to a few parts to maintain the quality levels. These India made parts will not just reduce the overall cost but also make the availability of spare parts an easy job.

As per the report Benelli has already started using these localized parts which include brakes and suspension from local part suppliers on the TNT 600i.

Launch and price announcement of these Benelli motorcycles is expected very soon.