Bajaj XCD Review by Rohit Tamrakar

Hi, this is “Rohit Tamrakar” from Bhopal (M.P). I am 24 years old pursusing First of all I would like to thank entire team of BikeAdvice. They have guided me to take care of my bike in a proper and schedule maintained way. Apart from personal caring they also guide for your next bike.

I am very enthusiast about bikes specially custom bikes. As a mechanical engineer I would like to design my own dream bike so that it would be unique in whole world. With God`s hand above us, hope all our dreams come true.


I personally own a “Bajaj XCD-125” bike. Its 3 years 4 months old. As these type of bikes are usually made to compete the good average bikes from other companies, in case of average I am completely satisfied with this bike. I had choosen this bike seeing its average with looks.

I was knowing it cant give me that much power as compared to 150cc or 180cc bikes, but in todays economy with high rising fuel rates these type of bikes shot the best on your pocket and budget and Black suits best for bikes according to me. So in student life this bike fullfill my whole desires.


As far as styling is concerned with the cost, this bike holds good. Display in speedometer is good and can get 8.5/10. Removal of side covers is very easy. Similarly removal of seat, air filter and caburettor is also very easy. Lighting style is also good with this bike.

Comfort and Handling

This bike holds good in case of comfort for small distance. In long distances you might get a little bit back pain. Suspension holds good in todays conditions of road. I have riden this bike many a times with three people at the same time and suspension gave full support to hold my image. Foot rest are in perfect position. For handling this bike gets 8/10. Its easy to control in hidh speed also and braking is also good. Break leavers are provided in suitable position to comfort hand while braking.


Till now I amcompletely satisfied by my bike performance. As a 125cc class vehicle it gives good mileage and pick up. I have heard from many peoples that after few running time Bajaj engines start to produce unwanted noice. But till now I have not found any thing like this. Engine runs good wether with two riders or one rider on it.

Three riders are generally not recomended in any of the bike, as you know many youngsters are very mischievious and they just dont take good care of bike. Same was with me also till I was not connected with BikeAdvice. Prior also I took good care of bike but BikeAdvice helped me a lot to keep my bike in good running condition. Every bike demands servicing and maintenance. I clean my bike`s carburettor and air cleaner every mont or some time often depending on running condition.


As for student life this bike helps me with my pockets.It gives mileage of 65 to 70 kmpl and 75kmpl on long distances. I know its not what company recomends but we all know we dont get good quality and exact quantity of petrol, so considering this I would give 9/10 rating for fuel efficeincy. Regarding maintenance thanks to BikeAdvice I can do servicing of my bike by my own at home only andfor changing of parts I have to visit workshop.

Till now I have only went to garage for replacement of Oil seal of front right suspension. Apart from this I had also added some graphics to my bike (also done by me). I had installed Electroluminescent wire (EL wire) atmy head lamp. This wire is not available in India. I palced order online.


  • The only drawback I found in this bike is its not suitability for long distances travel.
  • It will give you back pain if you ride continuosly for more than 40km or 50km.

Overall I will give 8.5/10 to my bike.

This is my first ever review and I apologise for any mistakes in my english.

God Bless all

Rohit Tamrakar