Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si Review

Bajaj Auto that drove into millions of hearts with its bikes and vroomed to the top in the sales chart is now in a shadow phase, while Yamaha and Honda are stealing all the limelight. The Yamaha seems strongly appealing to the youth who would once swear by the Bajaj Pulsar. In fact the year 2008 was quite dull for Bajaj Auto as admitted by the company and blame it on global recession taking its toll on the Indian automobile sector as well and Bajaj Auto took quite the beating for sure without an exception, but thankfully, not for long.

Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-SiThis year Bajaj Auto had all plans to bounce back putting the past behind. And, here, they had hit the headlines across all automobile sectors with their new launch, the new Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike a variant of its forerunner XCD, and the bike is dubbed as Pulsar-Junior by Bajaj fans. It will be interesting to see how automobile giant will prove its mettle this year with the new revelation, Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike.

Ask what is so unique about the new Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si? Well, the bike is an extension of XCD 125cc, but it is built bigger with additional styling elements incorporated. Sharp indicators and unique headlights are highlights of Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si that add to its new looks and they appeal every bike lover for sure. But it is the tail lamp cluster that may turn you off and the fake scoop fail to hide the fuel tank that may also disappoint you.

When compared to its forerunner the XCD 125cc version, new Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike is a little more powerful, with 10.2 PS of maximum power at 7500rpm and 11.58Nm of maximum torque at 5000rpm with a unique down type 5-speed gearbox. For a lower-end grunt the XCD has employed Bajaj’s patent ExhausTEC system.

The engine of new Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si will help you reach the 8000-rpm mark quite smoothly that could be slightly below the red line. You can cover around 23 kmph in the fifth gear and around 18 kmph in the fourth gear. The fifth gear is a little extended making it easy for you to cross 80 kmph and you can glide around 0-60 kmph in seven seconds. But it is quite a task to reach the 100 kmph feat. The DTS-Si technology adds to the power of the bike influencing a bit on the fuel efficiency as well as the mileage. And in a combined drive Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si returns safely 60 kmpl.

Again, Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si has 200mm disc and 130 mm brake at the front and the rear comprises of 100/90*17” tyres that are similar to the dimensions of its forerunner XCD 125cc. The other feature of the bike is that it comes with a telescopic Nitrox suspension.

The bike features a cool digital console similar to the Suzuki GS150R. The competing bikes in the same segment lack this feature and for people who love digital display, this could be a reason to choose this bike.

The Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike can be truly blissful to cut across traffic snarls because of its easy handling. The seats are wide and comfortable putting less pressure on your already aching back. And if you want to increase the speed level beyond 84 kmph, you are into a bumpy ride but the bike is most suitable for urbanites. But the greatest disadvantage of the ride in spite of the Nitrox suspension is the low-pressure rubber.

Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-SiThe Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike is available in five different colors. The bike also comes with auto choke, twin pilot lamps, LED tail lamp, wide rear tyre and digital speedometer. The bike is also less expensive when compared to its former model XCD 125cc. The three models of XCD 135cc include the manual start-drum, electric start-drum brake variant and the top end sports model that features disc brake and electric start options. The Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si drum brake version bike will come at Rs.51,063 on road.

One thing to keep in mind while filling air to the new Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike is that there are no different air pressure settings for the rider alone and the rider with a pillion.

Although the Bajaj XCD 135cc DTS-Si bike does not sport uber cool looks it does run on a peppy engine and it comes with an affordable price and can pull young crowd that is already familiar with Bajaj Pulsar and Discover.

And yo! There is also good news for Bajaj lovers; they are launching five new bike models this year!