Bajaj Wind 125 Review by Ashwin

Hi guys, my name is Ashwin Kadam and this is my first article for Bike Advice. I would love to introduce myself to this great biking community. I am writing to share my biking experience, which may help some of you. I am a proud owner of a Bajaj Wind 125, 2004 model. It is a bike that has never been under serious discussion or gained any importance because its manufacturing was suddenly stopped and the few owning it were totally upset. But I would love to share my experiences with you and other Wind 125 owners.

Bajaj Wind 125

Buying: I purchased this bike from my neighbor 2 years ago for Rs.18,000, as he was shifting to Dubai, to take up his new job there. Ever since he purchased this bike in 2004 I have seen him washing & servicing it weekly. I always used to read his Wind’s manual and was very attracted towards the bike. Though my attraction was so magnetic, I never thought that one day the same bike would become mine.

When I purchased it 2 years ago, I was in my first year B. Com. Now I am in my third year and am happily using the bike. I have read many reviews about the Wind 125 model and was waiting to write one of my own. At last I got the opportunity to write and publish it.

Initial Experiences: I faced a lot of problems in the beginning with the Wind as I was totally new to it. The average was only 30 km/l as I never serviced it and avoided doing so thinking that was what a second hand bike would deliver. But after using it for 4 months, I changed my views with the experience gained by reading about it on internet.
I got it serviced; carburetor cleaned, oil changed, etc., and continue to do so every six months or after 2,500 kms. after that. My mechanic had done the engine tuning such that it would deliver average power with the maximum mileage. After that moment, my Wind 125 made me change my thoughts related to it.

Performance & Mileage: Using the gears properly, it can race from 0 – 60 kmph. in just 6 seconds. The mileage is 55 – 60 kmpl. easily when driven between 40 – 50 kmph. within city limits. On highways it easily delivers 70 – 80 kmpl. when driven at speeds between 45-50 kmph. Its gears are still butter smooth like the Unicorn.

Maintenance: Till today, after almost 5 years of its manufacturing and using it daily for about 20-22 kms., my baby, the Wind 125, is giving me the same average with absolutely no maintenance other then charging the battery once every 8 months and servicing it every 6 months. My second hand Wind is still well maintained & all my friends are waiting to purchase it for any amount not less than Rs.15000/-. Every day I use my bike for about 25 kms., easily achieving an average of 55 – 60 kmpl. in the city with no other expense other than fuel. I just fuel it with 1 litre only and always measure the average on a daily basis. While fueling it, I check both the tyre pressures which help in maintaining the best mileage on our well known Indian roads.

Riding Experience: I am proud to own it, and never ever thought about moving to some another bike. The best thing is that I can easily chase 150 cc bikes, and at signals they stand beside me staring at my bike, wrongly thinking it is a Bajaj Platina model. The moment I change to the 5th gear they start feeling the difference of the Wind 125 series. I don’t know why the company has discontinued this model, but heard that its sales rate was very disappointing.

I saw many people inquiring to purchase a second hand Wind 125 and I still don’t know the reason behind it. I presume that the satisfying experiences of the people using these bikes might have created that type of attraction, at least I hope so.

I am proud of my bike and don’t have a single negative word to say about it, not because I own it, but because it owns me totally. That’s it from my side. I would like to write the second article if this one gets published soon. Bye guys! Enjoy Wind biking. 🙂