After V12, Will Bajaj Discontinue V15 as Well…?

‘Bajaj V15 discontinued’: You may not want to read this headline but reports predict this could be a possibility and very soon…

It all seems déjà vu; isn’t it? Bajaj launched the ‘V’ brand with a lot of fanfare and hype. They imbibed truckloads of patriotism through the use of the metal of Vikrant warship which they had purchased (a minor part of which is said to be used on the production motorcycles). Like Bajaj’s other new brands, the start was good.

Later, they launched another variant V12, with a smaller engine. It flopped and barely within months, it was discontinued from the market (around May last year). Now, speculations about the discontinuation of the V15 have started emerging.

A report at Bikewale predicts that the V15 may not see an ABS variant which means it can not be sold after 31st March. According to SIAM sales data, Bajaj could only manage to sell about 30,000 V15’s in all in 2018. In the last two months of this year, sales are in triple digits (under 400 for each month).

Bajaj V15 discontinued
The V12 was discontinued within 15-18 months of launch

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This leads them to believe that Bajaj may discontinue the V15 from the market as well as it may not be fruitful for the brand to spend on an upgrade of an existing non-seller.

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We are unsure about it at this point of time but to us it will be too soon for Bajaj to give up on a brand that they have tried to build. Instead of culling it they can give it another shot, may be launch it in a newer avatar, add a few features and present it as a fresher motorcycle brand.

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What do you think will Bajaj do?