Clearest Spy Pics of Bajaj’s First Urbanite

Bajaj Urbanite spy pics are here and this would be the first product which will hit production, sometime in the second half of this year…

So the first Urbanites are out on the roads testing! And it pretty much gets cleared that they will be scooters, and not motorcycles! If you are hearing it for the first time, then let me tell you that Urbanite is Bajaj’s new electric vehicle brand which will spawn many new products. The first among them will be these scooters.

And finally, after many years of continuous denial, Bajaj is venturing into the scooter space but not in the conventional petrol-driven format. As for these unnamed Urbanites, they look retro under all that camouflage – with a hint of Vespas in them. The roundish headlamp may be hiding LEDs with the side blinkers (also expected to be LEDs) mounted on the front apron.

As far as we can sneak, they appear to be riding on alloy wheels with disc brakes, which may or may not be optional and will depend on the target placement Bajaj decides. The front tyres appear to be 12 inchers but that front suspension does not seem to be telescopic!

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Bajaj Urbanite Spy Pics

Bajaj Urbanite spy pics
The scoot appears to have a fairly good road presence… Pics credit Powerdrift

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Not many specifics about the scoot are known but Bajaj has, time and again, hinted that Urbanite will be an aspirational brand and they have often used Tesla’s example in the same breath. This, kind of, projects that this scooter may carry premium specs and features and be priced at higher levels. Launch is expected in the second half of this year.