Bajaj Unveils Pulsar 135 LS in Indonesia

Bajaj Auto which tasted immense success with the launch of the smallest Pulsar in the stables went ahead and unveiled the spirited performer Pulsar 135 Light Sports in Indonesia recently. This 4 valve 135cc bike has been doing wonderfully well in the Indian market and has helped Bajaj chart new projections for the forthcoming months. Indonesian market for bikes has been increasing prominence as purchasing power of the masses has seen an increase in interest and capabilities. First quarter of this year registered official national sales of 1.66 million units which are around 34 percent more than the corresponding period last year with the major part dominated by the Japanese brands Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. However, the official release and sales of this bike would begin from June this year. Bajaj would start with Pulsar 135LS’s production keeping 2000 units per month as the base starting this June and will keep a keen eye on the response it will garner.

All the specifications and features remain absolutely same as the Indian model. The only noticeable changes are the inclusion of a slightly modified rear fender which received mixed responses from the Indian crowd and a half chain cover. The Indian version has a rear tyre hugger as a single unit which encompasses the tyre completely, however this Indonesian version contains this hugger in two different parts which look slightly upmarket and lends better looks to this bike.

Indications are there that this newly designed rear might find its way on the Indian version as well. In order to promote this bike aggressively Bajaj is rewarding customers who come to the showrooms for test drives of this bike. A number of lucky winners will win free tickets to watch the F1 race in Singapore in September 2010.

With the launch of this bike, Bajaj expects to increase its Pulsar sales by almost double this year in Indonesia. From 11,954 units sold in 2009 Bajaj plans to improve this figure to almost 24000 Pulsars and launch of this variant of Pulsar is keeping in with the same lines. Launch of Pulsar 135LS in the Indonesian market would further strengthen Bajaj’s penetration in the market as sales has already reached 38,000 units since the company’s advent in 2006. Bajaj currently offers XCD 125 DTS-Si, Pulsar 180 DTS-I and Pulsar 200 DTS-I to the Indonesian market and Pulsar 135LS would be the fourth model in the portfolio.

Bajaj is banking more on competitive pricing of this bike and this bike would sport a price tag of Rp 14.7 million on road Jakarta which would be almost 20 percent lesser than its competition. Similar to the Indian market, Bajaj counts 150-160cc bikes as this bikes competitors and projects that at a lower price people would get equivalent performance and slightly better fuel efficiency. Notwithstanding how this bike does in the Indonesian market, it’s a proud feeling that our home grown company is carving a niche in the foreign markets and keeping the renowned Japs on their foots. Kudos to Bajaj!

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