Bajaj Thumps its Chest; Says “We are No. 1, By Far” in Motorcycles Over 1 Lakhs!

Till the launch of RS200, Bajaj only had a presence in the under 1 Lakh price segment which they call as ‘Sports’. Here, through its Pulsar brand, they have been ruling the roost for more than a decade. Factor in KTM bikes and Bajaj, in a chest-thumping note, has claimed that they have kicked Japanese out for the numero uno positionĀ in the over 1 Lakh price segment, which they call as ‘Super Sports’!

After the launch of Duke and RC siblings and the latest RS200, Bajaj has grown from a meager 10 percent two years back to a massive 59% at the moment. They also say that they have expanded the segment by 50 percent, which has competitors like Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R and CBR250R apart from others. The statement reads –

when it comes to performance bikes, Bajaj is number 1, by far…!


The company is confident that, with the RS200, they will further make inroads into this segment and then they have the 375 cc motorcycles that are expected in the future, apart from a 200cc Pulsar CS (Cruiser Sports). Pulsar RS200 has received 7000 bookings so far and has a waiting period of about two months and Bajaj intends to more than double its production very soon to clear the backlog and reduce its wait.

Quite frankly, we do not see many others who are here to offer such interestingly powerful products for enthusiasts at some phenomenal prices like the KTM’s 390 siblings and even the RS200. Hero and Honda are hell bent on the commuter segment, Yamaha is sleeping ever after the R15, TVS may ink in something interesting with BMW but its still sometime away…. and others are more or less niche players…