In order to keep the sales charts ticking, Bajaj Auto has relaunched the 125cc Platina. As we unearth the various details, we must frankly tell you that we are a little puzzled as well as slightly skeptic about this bike doing it for Bajaj. When this bike was stopped a few days back, we thought it is over for this bike but Bajaj had different plans in mind. Nonetheless, read on as we try to find out what is it that Bajaj has tried to en cash with this latest offering.

WHAT, WHY & HOW? Talking about the engine bits, it is powered by the same 125cc single spark engine which now produces maximum power output of 8.5Ps and maximum torque of 10Nm which peak at 7k and 4k respectively. It must be noted that the earlier version produced 9.53Ps of power output (@7k) and 10.85Nm of peak torque at 5000 rpm which means both power and torque have gone down by almost 1 unit each which makes the newer model the least powered bike in its segment.

On the better half of things, this new iteration is mated with a 5 speed gearbox in contrast to the 4 speed tyranny of the earlier version. Weight has also gone down by 3 kilograms which makes this bike tip at 110 kilograms (with the Electric starter) at the weighing scale. Now how many of us actually read between the lines here..?

To demystify what ‘lines’ are we hinting at, let us tell you that everything talks only one language now, Mileage! With an extra gear to make relax the engine which goes along with a lower power band to mate the 5 speed gearbox and lower power/ torque figures make it clearly evident that Bajaj wanted to extract as much of an efficiency as possible from this puny mill. We expect this bike to be at least 5-6 kmpl more fuel efficient than its earlier predecessor which is a huge gain considering the fact that it essentially is the same engine.

VITAL STATISTICS: The front suspension of the bike is hydraulic telescopic type with a maximum travel of 125mm whereas the rear is loaded with Bajajs ‘SNS’ suspension which can travel 100mm max. Both the tires come equipped with drum brakes each 110mm in size. One good thing about Bajaj is that they never go low on tire profiles (their bikes need them the most is another story though!).

This bike comes loaded with black colored aluminum alloy die cast magwheels and fatter 3.0 *17 and 2.75 * 17 rubber for rear and front respectively. The fuel tank can hold upto 13 liters of fuel (which is full 5 liters more than Pulsar 135LS!). Bajaj has also kept the wheelbase at 1275mm (which is the best among all commuter 125ccs) to enhance the stability of this bike. Ground clearance stands at the regular 160mm with a reduced saddle height of 785mm (earlier versions was 790mm) to ensure that the rider feels at ease and foot-planted.

ELECTRICALS: Electricals are pretty basic with a 35 watt halogen headlamp upfront which is powered by a healthy 5Ah low maintenance battery (which is a welcome feature) which would also ensure that the battery can take the pressure of cranks even in cold mornings with lesser hassles. Electric start is standard on the bike and the bike also has a provision of kick start in case its one of those bad days for you. Another welcome feature is the ride control switch which informs the rider about the zone he is running in. According to Bajaj, this system is the safest way of keeping the rider informed whether he wants to economically cruise or power cruise as there are no visual or audible distractions involved.

One thing we like about these commuter bikes that they sport wider and comfortable seats in contrast to the hard butt smacking seats of premium bikes. Blinkers are also flexible which do not break away upon lightest of impacts. The bike borrows the same black theme from its predecessor. You can have the option of choosing from four different combo colors: Black with red decals (our choice), Black with blue decals, Black with green decals and finally Red with red decals. Also, Bajaj warrants this product for 2 years or 30k kms which is a decent enough period.

OUR ANALOGY: With the price tag as luring as (approx) Rs.39-40K (on road Delhi), this bike essentially targets the 100cc crowd from other manufacturers (read Hero Hondas). And with power figures more than them, ensures that they get lured! Bajaj has priced (and placed) this bike around the 100cc segment to entice the commuter crowd to move up to 125cc segment which promises more power and similar fuel efficiency figures without shelling out more from their pockets.

Essentially speaking, the entire commuter 125ccs from Bajaj have been targeting the same 100cc cadre but so far, Hero Hondas tight grip on that segment is unbroken and this attempt from Bajaj might, well, be an aggravated extension of the same. Nonetheless, in all this competition the customer stands benefited with better and technically advanced products at lower prices. Overall a sensible move from Bajaj and this bike is for those who want handsome mileage, good looks at lower prices and if power comes free who minds that!

– Saad Khan

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  1. Even though Bajaj gives more technology with agressive pricing, the products singularly and sorrowfully lack quality and that becomes the main concern in the long term. (becoz, initial mileage figures come down pretty fast when you ride the bike with practically no maintenance, as people tend to have a care-free attitude towards things that are cheap)

    As for new variants, Bajaj needs to wake up and realize that Hero Honda (or others such as Honda, TVS, Suzuki and Yamaha) can be beaten only if new products are introduced. Not exactly a great idea to just ‘tune’ older engines, repaint, redesign graphics and release the same bikes over and over.

    In fact, if Bajaj keeps doing the same thing, I’m sure their market share may very well go down since Indian consumers are becoming more and more product conscious these days.

  2. I don’t know how to react for this.

    A strategy to move customer form 100cc bikes to 125 cc bike.

    One thing Bajaj must ensure that long lasting quality for their product which basically sales in Rural Area.

    Hero Honda has very big brand name in rural area due to reliability and durability and Bajaj has to play trump card here as TVS is playing.

    Although it will cost more but if you want to break the leadership of Hero Honda that is the simplest way.




  3. the platina range has helped the common commuter in a large way. For a city like bangalore, it’s the best suited city bike with pepy 125cc and low cost, maintance vehicle. Bajaj surely refreshed its discover and pulsar range. Now, its the platina which has got the refreshment. surely unit sales can be expected to rise. This colour in particular is a bold decision because, not many bikes come in this colour. I remember only HH passion plus 2004 had this colour “Tasmanian Green” i believe and Bajaj CT100 had the same and many liked it too… Platina looks good with spokes very much than the mag alloys……

    hope this works for bajaj again…

  4. What Bajaj is doing is giving the Indian commuter something fresh and new. Its better than decades old bikes from HH with just new decals and ‘+’ and more ‘+’ added to the name.

  5. @Sameer

    Dear fellow, I agree that HH has been adding just +. But Bajaj here has done nothing “fresh and new” either. And HH has not still lost its brand reliability.

    Just varying the engine capacity with new numbers is going to be no good if you are not going to implement new technology.

  6. @Prashanth

    come on.. what new technology.. you want a parallel twin @40k?? HH is not doing anything new either.. if they were.. they would have become number one in premium segment as well (with Honda’s strong R&D). But strangely Honda itself is struggling to keep up with Pulsar range.

  7. Bajaj HAS to pull up its socks! They can’t make bikes JUST to sell them. They should make bikes for customers to keep them.

  8. Bajaj spares cost is heavy

    Went along with my friend to take back his 8 months old pulsar 150 from service
    They charged heafty amount when we check the bill showing many wear n tear parts are replaced

    He checked with one of his personally know friend working in service dept he said “replacing spare is the way dealer can earn” also advised us buy engine oil and come to service coz at service department they won’t check the grade and quality of oil.

  9. Indian people have a BIG mental block over famous brands.. like Hero Honda, Honda and Maruti.. I don’t understand some foolish people still go for Hero Honda bikes when there are lot more better bikes available in the market at much lesser prices…

    I recently met one idiot who bought a 8 yr old splendor for 20k.. Its the way many Indians are.. and hence in India its important for brands to be right at the first time.. there is no second chance..

  10. @ Ankit

    Please mind your words opinion always differs so don’t call someone as idiot where they are not here

    I am using a splendor for the past 10 years I didn’t. Spend much cost on service still my bike is in best condition
    Bajaj users aren’t intelligent s and hero honda users are all not idiots

    As you said 8 yrs old splendor worth is 20k tell me a bajaj bike which worths 20k after 8 yrs

  11. This is turning into a Bajaj vs HH fight. Both Bajaj n HH make good bikes. Bajaj have been constantly coming up with newer technologies like (DTSi, exhaustec, SnS) and many more innovations on design front as well. Lets not get into details of each of them. On the other hand, HH makes workhorses based on tried n tested Honda engines. Obviously Bajaj can’t beat Honda engines today as Honda, n not HH, has been the leader for ages. Its advantage HH now, but Bajaj is catching up fast.

  12. Well, its nice to read the Bajaj – HH tussle. As far as HH is concerned, if Honda walks out and concentrates on HMSI, will anybody buy a Hero Splendour or Passion or CBZ. Think about this – “Hero Motors Karizma ZMR” – sounds funny. Its been Honda which has been keeping HH going for the brand. But Bajaj and TVS have done something more than what Kawasaki or Suzuki did for them. I like them both compared to HH.

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