Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Ownership Review by Aakash

The idea of owning a bike came into me when I was in class 8th after my seeing my cousin brother’s brand new “Hero Honda Passion”. And since then my wait for turning this idea into reality started. In this long period of wait (from class 8th to 2nd year engineering).

I had got my hands on many different machines including “Bajaj Super Scooter”; “Bajaj Kristal Scooty” and a “Maruti 800”. Its very clear from above that all the 2 wheelers I drove were of Bajaj and thus I was pretty sure that my bike too would be a Bajaj one and to be very straight forward I was sure it would be a Pulsar 220F”.


My father agreed to buy me a bike in March 2011 and thus loosing no opportunity I went straight to the showroom and enquired about the bike “The price”, “The colors available”, etc. One thing more I was pretty sure of was the color of my bike and that was any shade of “Silver”. So finally I had everything enquired about my bike and the only thing left was to get it booked.

The Booking

Finally all set, I decided to get my bike home somewhere around “holi” and thus accordingly I went to the showroom to get my darling Pulsar 220 booked. I opted for the “midnite grey” color. But to my surprise this color in jodhpur was available only at one show room and that to after a booking of around 20 days. So plans to get the bike home near about holi failed and the bike was now expected to come in the “Navratras”.

The Delivery

Finally came the delivery day “12th April 2011” when I finally got my hands on my beast. The journey of 5kms from my house to the showroom was appearing to me as the longest journey of my life. And finally we reached the showroom and finally I caught the first look of my darling beast.

Experience Starts

Day one itself, in a matter of 4 hours the bike had travelled 50kms and let me tell you the raw power you experience the 1st day is just awesome no other bike in this segment can match this raw power of P220. Days passed by and I found everything in this bike to be the best but then I happened to have a trip of 100 kms on this bike and this is when I found that this beast lacks a lot in comfort. Your hands actually start paining on longer journeys.

The 2 Month Ownership Experience

  • You can never hate this bike if you have once owned it, the shear raw power make you to fall in love with it.
  • The mileage is too good if you actually drive it whilst keeping mercy on your bike I usually travel within a speed range of 60-90 and i get a mileage of 38 in city never calculated the highway one and am quite satisfied with the mileage.
  • Comfort is what you can’t expect on this bike especially if you are up for pillion riding. It’s a tiring bike on longer stretch of journey.
  • Admiration from random people on streets is guaranteed be it a bike enthusiast, a child, or a girl admiration is guaranteed.
  • The best part about 220 is that its owners are very active over the internet you can find all possible information on this bike within a matter of seconds which is not in the case with other bikes on this segment.
  • Accidents in these 2 months I have met with 1 major accident and let me tell you If I would have met with the same accident on any zma or R15 I would have literally turned up my bike into a crap. On accident this bike shatters down in to pieces which can be literally placed back on the spot even buy a non- mechanic guy and I have experienced this.
  • After my accident I saw 4 probable that could have broken due to the accident lying on the road unbroken, which I fitted back to their position instantly, I am quoting the word of a fellow Karizma-R rider and a very good friend of me who just behind me at the time of accident “abbey badi sai gaadi hai yaar iske parts bikhar jaate hai but toot te nai”.
  • For a new owner of this bike especially if you have never driven any bike of this segment or higher everyone else on road will appear to be lacking traffic sense. The moment you accelerate you’ll find one or the other vehicle to come in your forcing you to breakdown your speed a bit.
  • You will definitely enjoy riding this bike.
  • This is for those owners who are very much into automobile or mechanical engineering field. You would love to experiment on this bike. I opened up my whole bike (carburetor, air filter, chain etc.) on the 7th day of its arrival as couldn’t resist to try some engineering on it and let me tell you doing this was not at all tedious, the whole process was cream.


I am very much satisfied with this bike. Every bike has its pros and cons and so does this bike has. But its one of the best thing you can get in this segment. Every bike is very respectable but the fact is Pulsar 220 is both respectable and lovable you actually develop an obsession for this bike. Love you Bajaj for making this bike.


Do clean your bike regularly, it will not just maintain the new look of your bike but will also strengthen your relationship with it.

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Aakash Upadhyay