Bajaj Pulsar 220 (The Fastest Indian) Review by Chandan Sarkar

Biking needs passion and one who has Pulsar, passion never dilapidates them. I own one, Pulsar 220 The Fastest Indian. Pulsar as all the advertisements define is not only one of the best in its kind but too affordable, trustworthy and easy to maintain. The one that I have has 220cc Engine with 12000 rpm and easily acquires 0-60 kmph with in 4.3 sec (approx), with a top speed of 145 kmph.

With its double headlights i.e., one projector and another halogen have huge power that provides greater visibility in darkness. I believe in high efficiency and my bike, do serve me well with its oil cooled engine. Before Pulsar though I never owned any motorcycle, but my interest for two wheelers always inspired me for stunting.

Biking skills are something that runs in your veins and guides you all through the road. And the moment I fashioned my 220, all those things started coming to me. I landed up into stunting. Wheelie, Stoppie, Burn-outs and Human campus are my favorite. Let me share one of my recent and most dangerous experiences with my Pulsar that left me and my bike into pieces.

Almost five months ago while returning from Rajarhat (kolkata) stunt’s ground, in a stupid attempt of showcasing my biking skills I met with a jaw dropping accident. I was among a group of boys all on their Pulsars chasing another group up and down on a main road full of traffic. And then invited by a boy, taunting and accelerating, rode past me on yet another Pulsar, got me into an unnatural speedy race.

I speed the wheels up to 125 within few seconds. Well, one really needs to have courage to act like that on a road full of huge vehicles running on it. However, mine was a mistake, indeed an adrenaline rush and of course an attempt in foolishness. On a fly over that turns a sharp right, I was pushed while dragging, to the edge of the bridge.

My bike collided with side bars, I found myself lying in sand, and my friends racing behind me tripped one by one to save my head or else they had to crush my skull and then pass. My friends saved me that evening yet by bike gave me a mini heart attack. I was bleeding but the pieces of my bike’s chassis hurt me more.

Next morning with my bandaged face and hand, I went to Wellington (another place in kolkata city) and got my bike better cured than myself. It took me Rs.5600 to rebuild it. Now I have got my bike with full body cover, K&N filter and iridium sparking plug. Even the speed improved from 145 kmph to 154 kmph. That’s all about me and my fully modified Pulsar 220, the Fastest Indian.

This is Chandan Sarkar signing off. Enjoy your bike and always wear helmet while riding.

Chandan Sarkar