Bajaj Pulsar 200cc DTSi Ownership Review by Vikrant

Hi guys! My name is Vikrant Singh. I am crazy Lover of My Pulsar 200 DTSi. I learnt how to ride on this bike so I am deeply attached with my bike. I have named her “VIK3”. If I speak about VIK3, there is a lot to talk and I won’t stop. But I realized that this is not a place for stories, its review so let me get down to the important points that I looked when I planned to purchase a bike.

Looks: I guess looks of this bike was one good reason for the rising sales of the pulsar in high segment category. It’s not a secret that the sales for P220 were somewhere affected because of this naked street fighter looking bike.

The main attraction is the Silencer that matches with the bike perfectly. Split seats and the front small faring covering the tank just enhances the looks of this bike which makes it look meaner and sexier.

Handling, Highways: You will simply love this bike when you ride it on the highways. You may feel that it’s just made for it till you take a steep corner and you hear the middle stand screech against the ground (If you have a Pillion with you). Its lighter and faster, overtaking on the straights is the best, cornering I guess could have been better (you may feel the cornering is not so good only if you’ve been riding extremely good bikes like R15 which is the best for cornering and moving out of the corners swiftly) otherwise this will feel like the perfect bike for you.

Handling, City: City handling is good but I have felt that the front fork could have been a bit better to make handling better in city. The braking is simply good considering the drum brake for the rear. If you ride in the city a lot, keep a close check on your clutch plates for replacement on time as they wear sooner than expected.

Handling, Off Roads: Simply Awesome! I don’t know why but I feel it performs outstandingly well on off roads too. The engine doesn’t heat so quickly and that’s a very good plus point for off road riding.

Overall Performance: When you want her to be smooth and easy for cruiser feel, she will behave like a cruiser and the next moment if you become a monster she will be your shadow. Amazing pick up! Amazing mid and top Range! Excellent mileage if taken good care and Good Braking too! What else can you ask for.

Comfort: It gives you a race riding posture after you are on it, so yes I agree due to its seating arrangement it may not be the most comfortable bike and if, you are on a long riding trip then you sure gonna have a sore butt. Well for me i don’t care about that much, but if you do then you might want to test ride one of your friends bike to see how comfortable it feels for you.

Electronically Speaking: The main point to focus on this point is that the bike does not come with a Kick Start. Only electric start and yes if you maintain your battery good then you should have no problems with that. Few things are observed that the engine heat side stand, oil and air filter blockage indicators on the digital console tend to act weird after sometime. One or few of them may keep blinking or remain switched on(Side stand Indicator). Other than that if you give your bike for a wash at a washing center then please instruct him not to spray a lot near the CDI device which is under your seat that may damage it.

Service: Please do not expect a lot form the Bajaj service centers and be alert and smart while dealing with them they try to con a lot and please cross check if your work is done as mentioned in the manual.

Watch Out For:

  • Rear disc and heavy front fork can help a lot.
  • Headlights not so good on the Highway but that can be fixed.
  • Replace your Coil with an avenger 180’s coil that will give you a better power output and good beam intensity.
  • Engine noise is a bit noisier than a Honda engine.
  • Regularly servicing the bike will help with good performance for a long time.Hope This info helps you a bit if not a lot.

Final Verdict: If you are convinced that this is the bike you want then go for the better and improvised version Pulsar 220 without the faring it seriously rocks and is a great value for money!!

Ride Safe Guys!!!

– Vikrant Singh

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