Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG-4 Ownership Review by Param

It has been a year I am riding this 17 ps or 16.7 bhp machine, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 and I have crossed 15000 km in my digital Odometer. I was planning for a new 150cc bike last year and I almost took a test ride of every available bike in the market of that segment. But when I took a test ride of this bike I was amazed with the ride feel and bought this bike. Only one thing I was confused about was the “kick less start” as the company say. Then I realized thousands of cars are running the roads with only electric start option then why not a bike. The battery needs to be maintained regularly in this case.

Overview: It is a heavy nice looking machine along with enough power to rock the city as well as the highways and have good fuel efficiency. I get 50 kmpl approx in the city. In the high ways it’s the same or a little less because my Speedo don’t like to come down below 3 digits at the highways. I have hit a top speed of 125 kmph riding single and 120 kmph with pillion rider. A good price as well compared to other brands I must say.

Style: Split seats, Clip on handle bar and the black theme are the things I like most. Clip on handle bar is very comfortable for long rides. Digital meter is more accurate than analogue but costly as well.

Engine: The engine of my Bajaj Pulsar 180 is smooth till now but requires good engine oil. I usually use full synthetic 15w50 engine oil with a drain interval of 4000 to 5000 kms. I have driven for 500 kms in a single day at a speed of 115 to 120 with a pillion rider. There was no problem and engine was smooth enough through out. I have also tried 20w50 mineral oil but it doesn’t work for me. Semi synthetic is good but full synthetic is best for this bike according to me. Trust me it makes huge difference in the performance.

Suspension: For “Indian roads” I don’t know whom to thank, but we really require good suspension. What this bike has is fair enough to me. Riding single is a bit bumpy but with pillion rider it works better.

Tyres: 120/80 rare tyres helps a lot in broken roads. It feels more confident to drive. Repairing punctures is a bit costly for tubeless tyres, but for nails which are very commonly found on the roads won’t make you drag your bike to the nearest puncture repair shop that’s a good thing.

Brakes: Brakes are good enough at high speeds like 120kmph. They work better with a pillion rider like any other bike would do I guess.

Electrical: With DC electrical system I don’t face insufficient light problem at low Rpm at night. I am so happy with that because the lights are directly connected with the battery and do not dims at low Rpm.


  • Scheduled servicing is very important.
  • Dirt decreases performance so I need to clean the bike frequently because of pollution and dusty roads.
  • Requires good engine oil to satisfy me.
  • Air filter needs to be cleaned very frequently because of pollution and dust. I do it every 500 to 600 kilometers.
  • Drive chain requires cleaning and lubrication frequently again because of dirt. I lubricate with gear oil every 200 kms. For long drives I use synthetic grease.
  • I need to lubricate clutch lever periodically to keep it soft and smooth.
  • Battery needs to be checked every 2 months.

Disadvantages of Bajaj Pulsar 180:

  • No kick start.
  • It is hard to find a service centre with a good engineer. I guess all the brands have this same problem.
  • Warranty claim is the hardest thing to achieve as I have seen with other people.
  • Ladies wearing sarees won’t be able to sit of long in the pillion seat as there is no extended foot rest for resting both feet at the left side.

– Paramanu Sarkar