Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Review by Rabindra Mandal

Hi Everyone. Greetings to all readers. So first of all something about myself. I am Sr. Software Engineer (The Word Senior gives a good impression) by profession. But truly speaking I hardly look like one. I am a fitness freak, I love music. I play guitar, I love travelling and I love biking (will share my Biking Experience From Delhi to Rishikesh later). So, lets begin.

This is first time am writing a review or blog. I am a fun loving, adventurous guy and I hardly do writing about my experiences. But, Yes, I remember my experiences and sometimes speak them out to my friends. Now let me put my experiences as review to words in the format asked by Deepak. I must say Deepak is doing a really nice job. I did send some of my problems to him on mail and he suggested me some things and my bike started giving good mileage. So I will discuss them later too. Here we Goo.


Before Inspiration I must say that what came to me was “Need”. Yes Need. In my schooling I was taught in I guess Economics about Need (Necessacity), Comfirt and Luxury. After being grown up (Sorry, wont tell my age) I realized that Defintiions of these three words may remain same but examples vary a lot. For some Bike is a comfirt but for me its a Need.

So after 1 year of my job in Delhi (M still in Delhi) and travelling daily in Bus from home to office and office to back home (It was also nice experience of listening Fms, wathching people specially gals) I started feeling Need of a Bike. Yes Bike, not a two wheeler. I must tell my readers that from very childhood of mine (when I used to love Enfield) I was crazy about Bikes, Body Building, and Guns.

Or I must say Power always attracted me. So I started feeling Need of bike coz of increasing rushes in buses. And it was Summer of 2007 not Summer of 69. Now I started looking for ads and Rates and specifications. Started going through News Papers, and started Googling. I guess every Software Engineer Uses Google. Google is our Best Friend.

So, as I needed Bike not a MotorCycle my search ended on 3 bikes Pulsar, Avenger, Karizma on the basis of looks. Then I found that I Need a bke which looks powerful. So Karizma was dropped from my list Although it was 220cc bike but what it lacked was a powerful look. The Tyres of Karizma were not that broad to give me a feel. So now left were Pulsar and Avenger (both from Bajaj).

Pulsar has a racing bike look and Avenger on the other hand as per me is a good substitute for Enfield and is good for long drives. I Should mention that I Coudnt buy Enfield coz my salary was only 18K approx. And many Bajaj dealers were offering Zero % finance. So on my analysis of my daily schedules and requirements I decided Pulsar coz Avenger is a Heavy Bike, and Long too.

So in trafics of Delhi I preferred Pulsar as at that time I never thought that I will go on long drives on my bike. Now which Pulsar? At that time only 3 variants were there : 150CC, 180 CC and few months back launched 200 CC. And all these variants where different from previous 150CC and 180CC Pulsar like tail lights where replaced with new LED tail Ligths, Some shape mods etc.

I wanted 200CC (coz of its powerfull rear wheels, Stylish Silencer and luks). But after preparing myself, collecting required documents and borrowing Some Downpayment money from my friend Lalit Pandey, we went to showroom. But my bad luck or good luck I dont know Dealer dint have 200CC Pulsar and he said “Pulsar 200CC doesnt have Kick Start.

So it may give problems later”. (I wonder why mostly dealers, shopkeepers criticize the product they dont have? Else who will buy there product?). Anyways Dealer said “180 chalaa kar dekho…ye mast hai” (“take a test drive of 180cc..its cool bike”). So I took a test ride. One assistant became my pillion and gave me the keys. I put the key in the key hole, rotated the key to about 180 degree and Oh wowww… The speedometer RPM niddle moved to the highest RPM and came down.

It always does so when U put ON ur Bike. So started the bike with Self Start (I think Bajaj was the first to introduce it to Indian Market or make it famous) and started the Ride. The place was not smooth and the road offered me was very uneven but Oh My God…Whats this? The Bike is so smooth. I fell in Love with it. I said “Final kar do”.

Went back to dealer, gave him downpayment, necessary docs, some formalties and now the Bike is mine. I drove back 8 kms to home or I must say flew. On the way I filled petrol to tank as it waxs empty, bought some sweets for friends. And now I am happy. For next few days I went trhough specifications given in mannual and recommendations like dont exceed this much speed before 3 months, do this do that etc etc.

I did follow them except for one or two times in curiosity or excitement to know how good is its pick up and at what speed I can drive well. So pick up was good and I took it speed of 80-85 kms/hour at tht time. Later I explored speed upto 110,112,115. So this was how my joruney with my bike started. And with time my love for my bike increased. I call it my girlfriend although its “Definitely Male”. Lets get to next section. I wanna ask one question to Deepak (owner of You always mention that our story or review should be of 300 or 400 words atleast. So my question is do all readers have such time to read all such big reviews?


Well I never had regrets for the person or things I loved. So dont feel regretted of being owner of my Bike coz I love it. But ya sometimes what I feel that it could have beem more better with some enhancements. Its true that no bike is hundred % prefect. Sometimes I felt that fuel efficiency could have been more or pickup could have been more.

As in general, My GF my bike never gave me any problems accept for sometime for 3-4 months when the Reserve knob of my bike used to put my bike on reserve at uncorrect levels. Let me clear it what that means. Suppose Pulsar comes to Reserve when it has around 2 litres of Petrol in tank, but my bike used to do it when I suppose hardly ½ litre is left in tank coz it hardly used to cover 12-13 kms of distance after coming to reserve.

So I told it to service center guys and they corrected it with changing some valve. Apart from that I never faced any such problems. And I wont say that I have regrets for my bike coz at that time when I purchased it it was one of the bests and I feel its still one of the bests. Ya, later on when some sports bikes (Yamaha-R15, FZ16, FZR, Karizma ZMR, Pulsar-220, DUKE, etc) got launched into market I felt bad. I wished to steel some good things from them and put it to my bike.

Like I like Rear wheel of FZ16 and FZR, I liked Front look of R15. I always wish broader wheels for my bike as it shows me power. But in overall all these bikes missed something or I must say I consoled myself with looking it there drawbacks. (in hindi we say “Angoor Khatte Hai”. Means the grapes which u cant eat are always sour.) So to conclude this section I should say I never had regret of being owner of my Pulsar. It never gave me problems on long trips too. Love u my bike.

Previous Bikes

I never had been owner of any bike b4. Ya when I was persuing my my father purchased one Bajaj Boxer for my younger brother. So I used to ride it sometimes. But my Pulsar is my first Bike which I purchased on my own. So I guess this section wont get much from me. Coz Boxer and Pulsar have no comparisions. Only thing good in Boxer is its mileage as compare to Pulsar.


Well mostly specifications you can get on site of this bike. When I purchased 180CC Pulsar on 10th of Septmeber 2007 it was I remember of 63500/- and with file charges for financing I had to pay 65000/- approx. Mileage, as told by other users of 180CC was around 35-40 Kms/litre. But I always got 42-45 Kms/litre even some times 50-60 km/litre. I regularly check how much distance my bike covers in the amount of fuel I fill. I calculate my mileage in terms of Kms/100 Rs.

Like now in Delhi “speed” petrol (I generally use speed petrol in some petrol pumps its called “xtra premium”) is around Rs 68 point something. So if I fill say 100 Rs petrol then my bike goes around 75 kms approx. (sometimes 80 some times 70) that means 75 kms in 1.41 litres of petrol I guess thats a good mileage and I drive at approxe 60 km/hour speed. Mileage totally depends on the way u drive ur bike and the maintenance. I put it to servicing regularly.

Disk breaks are good. But I have a bad habbit of applying front brakes mostly and coz of that reason my bike skids sometimes. Shape and size wise its a perfect bike for me. If my post gets uploaded on site u will get to see the Cool Pics of my Rishikesh Trip which I covered alone on my bike and will discuss in “Tours” Section which is next I guess. So “Lets Get It On”( its a nice song from Album “DMX” but in Delhi mostly guys call it Dhoom-3 song).


OK this is my favourite section for now coz I love travelling and I recently had a trip to Rishikesh from Delhi on my SweetHeart Pulsar “Alone”. Oh sorry I was not alone my 2 of best friends were with me “My Bike and My DSLR camera Nikon-D3000”. And first time I enjoy a trip so much that I coudnt express. The reason am writing this review blog or story is My Recent Trip.

It was awesomen and the clicks I Got were so amazing. If My blog gets posted on site U ll get to see the F***ing Awesome trip I got. I wish my blog gets posted on site. Doesnt matter I Win or loose the contest. This trip has given me the Best pic of my life uptil now and thats coz of my bike as the pic will be incomplete if my bike is not wid me in it.

Let me tell you my trip story in short. I have 3 days holiday 18-2-2012 to 20-2-2012. And I wanted to go somewhere (Specially Rishikesh to my favourtie camp). And I wanted to go on bike this time. I have been there 2 times earlier too but on bus. I asked my friends to join me but all had there own reasons for not to go. I dint like the reasons. And they are Idiots.

And am not a kind of guy who forces others to do something. If you are interested then come with me else I can enjoy alone too. Still I wanted atleast someone to join me coz this was my first trip alone on bike and I was a little bit scared too. But when I dint find anyone I decided to go alone. So on 18-02-2012(saturday) After having some breakfast and half bottle beer I started my journey at 7:00 am.

I know its a bit late. So I drove and drove and realized on the way that I have forgotten my DL and RC at home. Cool haan? Still I went on. Dint Rush to high speeds normally 60-70 kms/hour. So it took me 7 hours in total to reach the Camp which included around 270kms of Journey , few breaks for Photography, Fagging (smoking) and navigation (by asking people about the route).

Then I had great time at camp explored some palces in Rishikesh like Neilkanth Temple, Shivpuri, Raam Jhoola, Laxman Jhoola etc. Had showers in fountains. Seen black sky at night full of stars ending into mountains, heard noise of flowing river at night(its an awesome experience for me coz m a nature lover). After enjoying 2 days in Rishikesh I started my journey back for Delhi.

Althoug I didnt want to leave but I had to as Delhi is my work place. So I started my journey back. Although I dotn drive at high speeds but this time on highway I drove at the speed of 113 km/hour at max and for 30-40 minutes my speed was above 85-90 Kms/hour. But I realized that drving at high speeds makes you feel more tired soon coz u have to stress your mind at high speeds as well as your body will be hit by speedy air strokes.

So I had to take a break at a Dhaba. Had some tea n chips. Then drove back to Delhi with some stops for taking pics. Finally reached home. And that Rishikesh Trip Fever is still on me thats why I have written this Long review or blog. I would love to go on such more trips on my bike. Thats all. I guess I should finish it up. Rest my photoes will tell how much I love my bike.

At last. Thanks To All For Reading This Blog Post. And if someone really likes me then he/she can join me on Facebook just search “” u ll find my timeline which has cover pic of me n my bike. Sayonara for now.

Rabindra Mandal