Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Ownership Review by Santhosh

I’m Santhosh and I bought the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc three months ago. It had been my dream bike for quite a while. How I got this bike is a long story. I actually looked at many bikes for two months before I finally bought the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc. Getting this bike was not easy however. I ran into problems when I tried to convince my dad that this bike was the one. However, in the end I managed to do it.

One of the things that I like the most about this bike is its looks. It looks really good and it can turn many heads. The new speedometer is very stylish and it has a lot of features (the negative part about having a great looking speedometer is that it’s easily happened that you end up looking at the speedometer too much, causing you too crash. Don’t do that.)

The new clip on its handles plays a huge role in handling of the bike. On the UG version the driver’s seat is also slightly lower than it is on the previous versions which make this bike a bit more appealing if you’re of average size. You may however experience some back pain when you’re carrying a huge load or when you’re driving on the highway.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150cc UG 4.5 comes with a 29mm size carburetor which is 8mm bigger than what the older version has. This increases its power from 14.09 PS to 15.06 PS at 9000 RPM. This is not a huge difference compared to the old version however. Its Nitro X shock absorber is awesome. It makes for a smoother and less bumpy ride.
It has front telescopic shocks which are really good for handling motorbikes.

However, there is a small problem when it comes to the shifting of gears. It suffers a bit between the 1st gear and neutral. From the 2nd gear and beyond it works well. However, while you’re stopping the bike you may need to shift back to the 1st gear which can be a bit tricky so it requires some practice.

This bike also has the self-starter feature which is great compared to its older versions and the DTS engine adds a little plus point to the self-starter. The battery lasts long and it’s easy to maintain.

From my own experience, the mileage gives you around 45-50 km/litre if you ride the bike at around 55 km/h. The bike has a good throttle response but I advise you to never try and accelerate the speed of the bike too quick. With slower acceleration the engine will be given more life.

How fast does this bike go? Well, I’ve reached around 70 km/h with this bike. I recommend however that you drive this bike at a speed around 50-60 km/h which is a good speed for the 150cc engine. If you go up beyond 75 km/h the bike ride still goes smooth but when the speed slows down the engine makes a lot of noise, which can’t be a good sign.

One of the reasons why I went for the 150cc Pulsar is because 150cc works well with the road in India. What is the point in getting a 200cc or 220cc Pulsar if it doesn’t have any mileage? Also, if you go for a bike above 150cc the bike parts will also be more expensive. Another reason why the 135cc or the 150cc version is a great choice is because both these versions have the kick-starter. This will save you if your battery dies out.

Here are a few tips in handling this bike:

  • Try not to use the self-starter for starting the bike.
  • Using the kick-starter has a few benefits. It increases the life of the engine and the amount of oil flow. The pistons will also get set into their correct positions.
  • It will also increase the likelihood that the bike performs well.
  • When you start the bike in the morning, warm it up for at least 30 seconds. This can make a huge difference in the bikes performance for the rest of the day.
  • When you start the bike, switch off the lights or the bike may not start. It could also lead to problems with its lights.
  • Never accelerate the bike too abruptly, this can damage the engine and decrease the engine life.
  • Don’t travel at 70-90 km/h until you have put 2000-2500 km into the mileage.
  • Try to maintain at least a 10 feet gap between your bike and the vehicle in front of you to decrease the risk of a frontal collision.
  • That’s it. I hope that my bike review of the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc has been helpful.

– Santhosh