Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Ownership Review by Ishan Dev

Hello everyone. I am Ishan, a resident of Muzaffarpur(Bihar), 22years old and I own a 2008 model Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG3. Today I will share a short story of my life and how I ended up buying my Pulsie. Actually, it all started nearly 17-18years ago when I was gaining my senses, and the first crush I ever had on something was nothing else but bikes.

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I was too determined about my goal from my childhood that I have to persue Automobile Engineering in my future and research about every component of Internal Combustion Engine (which our cars and bikes are fitted with). I wanted to explore each and every aspect of it so that I could do my part in the upliftment of the dated automobile technology used in Indian automotive industry.

Years passed by, and my endeavor increased with each passing day. I explored the internet and started learning about each specific component of Engine, its working and what can be done for its betterment. Be it the piston and cylinders, be it the valve-train and transmission, be it forced induction techniques such as Nitrous Oxide(N2O), Superchargers or Turbochargers, I read it all. How they work, what are their types, and what are their advantages and disadvantages, everything. I knew that I must attain distinction in my exams to fulfil my dream, so I was good with studies too.

Now Let’s Travel a Little Forth in Time

Nearly 4 years ago, I passed my 12th Board exams and went to Patna for 1 year for the prepration of Engineering Entrance Exams. Everything was normal till 6months but then I fell in love with a girl. We started talking and got too close to each other (we are still together). Everything was going good. I had my IIT-entrance exam after a week or so, but then I got a really bad news which brought the hell out of me.

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Her sister caught her mobile (which I had given her) and my lovely messages that she had stored in it were read by her father. She was restricted to go anywhere and my heart sank into deep sorrow. My exams went pathetic, as I was in great tension. I had to take a serious decision now. If I left Patna then he heart will break emotionally and if I stayed in here then I can’t persue Automobile Engineering as there is no such course in Bihar.

I finally decided to ditch my first love for the second one and stayed in Patna. I had to convince everyone in my family with several false reasons for my decision, but I had to do that anyway. I joined a Software Engineering college in Patna, but I promised to myself I will surely do something in automobile sector (specifically motorcycles) that everyone will praise.

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My endeavor became even more fierce as I knew that no one is going to teach me this. Then I decided to buy a motorcycle to do some research work, but as I lived alone in Patna, my mother was strictly against it. So I thought that I will collect enough money to buy a bike and then at final stage I will tell it to my father. I started taking home tuitions alongside my studies.

Soon it started fetching me Rs.3,000 a month and I started saving atleast Rs.2,000 of it. 2years passed and finally I had nearly Rs.40,000 with me. Now I told it to my father and after some arguments (from his side), he agreed. He wanted me to buy a new bike, but I wanted a used bike only, as I knew I couldn’t touch any component of a new bike for atleast 2-3years. It took me a lot of effort but finally he agreed as he knew my passion too.

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Now came the time to select a bike, for which I had waited for nearly 2.5years. I had a Pulsar180 and Karizma on my mind as they are best suited to new techs and modifications, but its very hard to find a used bike that you want in good condition. I did some research and finally found a 2008 model Bajaj Pulsar 150 ug3. When I test-drove it then everything was okay but the electronics were not working.

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The previous owner told that its wiring has some shorts into it. I agreed to buy it as I got it at a good price, Rs.31,000, but when I went to an auto-electrician to replace the wiring, he told me that the Bike Control Unit(BCU), Digital meter console and the right hand side switch-gear was defective too. It costed me Rs.5,000 for the replacements, but I consoled myself somehow that now everything was new in it, so will last longer.

This bike is with me from 9 months and till now I have ridden 3,500kms on it. The advantages and disadvantages that I have felt in it are mentioned below.


  • It looks awesome.
  • It is more powerful than most of its competitors. Till now, I have only been left behind by a Pulsar220 and a Honda CBR250R. I don’t Apache, R15 and CBR150R riders in my city who are courageous enough to ride at speeds that I use to write in the city. No personal offenses though. Ohh. I forgot to tell that I have installed an exhaust pipe in it that looks stock but don’t has baffles and catalytic converter.
  • In my town, there are many good roads but not many sharp bends, so can’t say about its cornering capabilities but it cuts through traffic very well and sometimes I have done few very sharp lane changes but it felt quite planted.
  • It’s mileage is good. Even with my style of riding when I rip the bike most of the time, it still manages to give 35kmpl.


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  • The bike reaches speeds of 103-104kmph easily but struggles to go above it. I have seen maximum 115kmph on my speedometer.
  • Meter console is prone to defects. My 9months old meter console is again showing signs of defects.
  • It’s maintenance cost is high. I have to spend atleast Rs.500-600 (sometime more) for one thing or the other in this bike, except the petrol and engine oil.
  • Whenever I try to control myself and ride between 4000-4500rpms, it starts vibrating and headlight starts making some annoying sound. So I again decide to ride at high speeds, as there is no vibration at higher rpms.

That’s all I had to tell you guys. Thankyou all for spending your precious time to read my story. I hope you liked it. Good Bye. Have a nice day.

Ishan Dev

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