I got my new Pulsar 150 a couple of weeks back, but the process of selection was extremely long for me as I was very particular about my criteria and comfort. I always go after my the gut-feeling. I started the selection process somewhere in May just after my CET exam. My criteria were stunning looks, good ride-feel and decent mileage. So a 150-160cc bike fitted best. I considered almost all bikes in the market including: TVS Apache RTR160, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, Bajaj Pulsar 150 and Yamaha Gladiator (although its a 125cc, it looked decent). I didn’t consider the Honda Unicorn as I had one already in my house and I did’nt like the Stunner much.

bajaj-pulsar-150cc-dtsi-blue (2)

So, Step-1: Get a test-ride (and a few inquiries) of all of them. That’s exactly what I did and this is what I realized.

TVS Apache RTR 160: Very sporty looks, superb firing, average with handling though and has a very urgent front disc brake. Gives about 45-50 kmpl mileage.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: Decent looks (especially the red and black combo is very good), rumored to give about 55kmpl mileage, handling will be a 7/10 and seat height is a bit on the higher side for a shorter guy.

Yamaha Gladiator: Looks are pretty good for a 125cc bike, about 55kmpl mileage as expected from a Yamaha bike but I it was dragging quite a bit while accelerating even at low speeds unlike Yamaha, easy to control though because of its low weight.

Bajaj Pulsar 150: Finally I reached the Planet Bajaj and I took a look at the Pulsar 150. No doubt it looks very good, moreover its handling is very good, much better than the others I tested, its acceleration is very smooth as well. If ridden properly, gives a mileage of 55 kmpl as well.

Honda Unicorn: I did’nt need a test-ride. i had been riding it for quite sometime. This bike is very good with its handling, feels very stable. The ride-feel and gear-shift is very smooth with its mono-suspension. Might feel a touch heavy and bulky for some, but you’ll be fine once you are used to it. The new zippy version looks very cool. Mileage of around 45-50 kmpl might be a con for some, if not, its very good.

After the initial round of test-rides, I short-listed the Pulsar150 and Apache RTR160.

Step 2: Taking advices from experts and people who are already using them. Guys who were using the Pulsar 150 told me that the Pulsar will give maintenance problems only if I handle it roughly. Smooth riding is what you need to maintain the Pulsar 150. The Bajaj spare parts are relatively cheaper and easy to get. The Apache is a good performer as well and the smooth riding criteria applies everywhere. However TVS parts are rather difficult to get, which can be a problem.


Step 3: Decision making time. After long thought processes and reviews from many people and discussions, I decided to be a proud owner of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 in the month of October 2009. And in my opinion blue is the best color. The black one looks awesome in the beginning, but after some time, its sheen goes for a toss, same case with the silver. The shade of red which the Bajaj gives isn’t really the best compared to the classy red of the Unicorn or the sporty ones of some others.

Review: When you start the ignition, it really makes you feel powerful, the acceleration is very smooth with a magnificent sound. This bike might however feel small for people above 5’10” (I’m 5’7″). I had heard a lot about its maintenance problems, but all you have to do is control its wrist until the first couple of services. So, if you are ready to chance a TVS, you can give it a try, otherwise just take the largest selling 150cc bike of India: The Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 150cc.

– Rahul P. Shana, Pune

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  • Karthik

    Nice Article…but what do you think about the Yamaha R15 ?How does it sum up as a choice for comfort, style, and maintenance ? and also may I know the reason why u didnt take it for a test ride ?

  • The blue colour on the Pulsar looks awesome. Sensible choice. You just followed the herd.

  • Prateek S

    Heya…grt review Rahul…but one question broda….y did u not consider the Hunk or the FZ16..????? M a proud owner of the FZ 4 d past 1 yr (purchased on 31st oct 2008….first fz of my city[….:)]….and it ROCKS…..i need not say much….bikeadvice and numerous other sources of constantly reitirated that it is THE BEST 150 IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW….!!!…and nowadays its available for around 61000…..which is grt…considering wat u get…..and m personally getting a constant average of 53kmpl….for the past 6 months continuously…as i m not much of a racer….i like 2 ride a bike smoothly….and dis is wat everyone else shud do with theirs 4 the initial 1 yr…..but the new pulsar which u have purchased also rocks…especially the new tank scoops….so congrats and enjoy ur new bike….[:)]….also wanted 2 say dat i 2 have a honda unicorn at my house…my dad is riding it frmm 2005….and i have noticed the exact observations as u have…so three cheers for dat 2…[:)]….


  • Raghav

    why you didnt liked apache rtr 160 ?
    i dnt thnk tht finding spares for it sud be a deciding factor ! i mean , yeah they may be a lil hard to find bt nt impssble ?!
    i own a apache rtr 160 (2008) n i hv no prob. in finding spares in my city delhi .

  • Raghav

    well nyway , wish you gud luk n happy riding!

  • Anand

    Congrats for your new ride…. Enjoy the bike 🙂

  • Abhi

    Decent review,but sorry to say,the choice you made was bad. Fz-16 or Apache Rtr-160 would have been a better choice coz every poor hag has a pulsar..its way too common ! No hard feelings,fact.

    • om tanwar

      ya u are right… pulsar is too common.. though it is nice in every aspect.. we dont feel like buying just bec every second bike is pulsar.. very common.. and whats the use or riding a thing when u dont feel pride in it….!

  • Pablo

    ” The ride-feel and gear-shift is very smooth with its mono-suspension. ”

    Pulsar 150 doesn’t have a mono-suspension!

  • Abhi, yes every tom., dick and harry has a Pulsar, LOL.

  • sanket kambli

    the point u mentioned.. he was talking about unicorn in taht paragraph..plz read article again!!

    @Rahul P. Shana, Pune
    “”give maintenance problems only if I handle it roughly””

    ~~Perfectly said~~ congrats and best of luck…

    you will get more addicted to “magnificent sound.”

  • pablo is a turd

    Pablo: ” The ride-feel and gear-shift is very smooth with its mono-suspension. ”Pulsar 150 doesn’t have a mono-suspension!

    well then every retard has fz 16 and tvs ……..in fz16 once u get a big punture the tyre becomes useless and the mileage is a crap for 150 cc bike believe me i ve seen first hand fz 16 is very fragile sounds like a scooter and tvs apache that is the worst bike ive ever seen

  • Pulsarboy

    Bike looks awesome in blue. Good review, Rahul.. and congrats on your new ride.

  • cool

    hi rahul.nice review dude.thanks fr sharing.
    how much did it cost u on road dude?

  • Pushkar

    Rahul…very good review and thanks for sharing with us.

    You have selected good bike with good mileage,riding.

    My question is only about BAJAJ? Is Bajaj really worth bying?

    because I heard about poor engines of Bajaj. Also resale value for bajaj vehicle is lowest compared to all other manufacturers.

    May be spares are cheap & are they really of that quality?

  • Atul

    Nice choice … u have not done any thing new … in my opinion Pulsar is very easy choice for any one … it is one of the most successful bikes in India …and keeping technology in the mind it has all the new and patented technology and Bajaj is truly indian bike …. creating niche in the world motorbiking …. so be proud owner of Pulsar ( a truly Indian Bike)

  • Prabhu

    hey i saw the all their commends, nice but i don’t know why these people r like Pulsar… Actually am also having Pulsar 150cc, But now am feeling why i got this bike… Because many drawbacks……. the First one – Gear Box…I cant maintain properly…Actually i got my Pulsar 150cc bike on 25th NOV 2009.its giving only 35 Km per litter….. i don’t know the reason..

  • Prasad

    HI Rahul,
    Even i ws in similar situation 2 months back … I was in two minds between Unicorn & Pulsar 150 ug4… Atlast in nov 09 made a choice of Pulsar 150 dtsi ug4, as unicorn production ws in hold due to some labor problem & delivery was takin arnd 3months time, but i opted for the black pulsar… Well evn m happy with my choice. Initially was findin some problem in gear shifting as i used to ride a hero honda, which has N-1… gear shiftin while pulsar has 1-N-2… gear shiftin, but now am used to it. Can u brief up on “Handling it roughly” …as in any pt. to luk aftr ?

  • syedumar

    hi iam syed here i recently saw a news paper times of india that bajaj is going to launch a pulsar 125cc can u pls help me in this and 150cc as well rate and mileage i want the feedback on this pls give me the mileage details correctly on priority basis and rate on road of 150cc with full cash payment.

  • street rider

    Rahul..excellent review. im plannin 2 buy 180 in about 2 months…my bro has a 150 nd he’s started havin problems with the front disk brakes..it makes a creeking noise when applied… he uses the discs on a 60:40 ratio to the drum nd why do you think dat the sheen of black bikes go off after a while..?even while it is maintained properly..all in all mileage,performance,effeciency,handling are all on the positive side of the pulsar..1 last question why did bajaj stop 200’s production?? hoping 4 a reply…..peace

  • roshan

    pulsar realy very fancy & beauty.


    I like the hero honda hunk


    not good the model of baja pulser150,180,200

  • chethan

    hi Rahul, your opnion is good.
    But for me pulsar 150 is bit costly, i have pulsar 135 in mind and i wanna buy it. but many people say it vibrates at 75kmph. Is it true? Can anyone give a opinion about pulsar 135.
    Also if possible give a comparison b/n pulsar and gladiator…

  • neodemongod

    dude great review and CHETAN the 135 does not vibrate a the speed of 75 dont worry its great hope you have checked it for a test ride you will belive me
    i own a 150 ug III finding no difficulties in the gearbox but want to rev up the engine a bit more that 7000
    thats the max i can drag the bike to
    i ride the bike in the morning at about 3.30 – 5.30am at about speeds of 98 max clocked uptil now
    if somebody could let me know about the rev part would be happy

  • Deepak

    hi dude,,,,, i like hero honda cbz xtreme…… wats ur opinion according to ur search


    pulsar 150cc dtsi ug4 is sexy bike both in l& mileage >>>>
    good opinion for selection of new bike >>>>>

  • Vipul Patel

    thanx rahul. Can u help me in selecting bike. i am going to buy bike i.t. 150cc and for that i ride !1> Bajaj 150 2> CBZ extreme 3> Apache and Hunk also. wat is ur review after 6 month of using Pulsur 150. i am very much intrested in it but people talk @ quality and maintense

  • hari

    in 150CC pulsar is blue colour availablea?
    and my height is6 feet wheather it is suitable…
    waiting for reply…

    • Zechariah

      It is the right choice da machi wen we handle gently want to go with in 55km thn it vl surely give 50mileage I ajso going to buy that only how I am saying means my frnd using 150 pulsar red the best choice pulsar blue for both fair nd black colour guys

  • Deepak

    I had taken new palsar 150 in Nov 2009.
    Now I am getting Milage problem its only 35-40
    dont know why?
    Any idea about this.

    • Zechariah

      Rash driving means that only da

  • iftekhar

    had taken new palsar 150 in june 2009.
    Now I am getting Milage problem its only 35-40
    dont know why?
    Any idea about this.
    in starting i got only 45 after that milage goes down that i dont no
    can u help me out

  • subbi

    pulsar is a waste and scrap bike which I have ever seen. no worth for your money. go for unicorn,the best bike.

  • Amit Patel

    I took 150 DTSi model in Diwali 2007 and in between 2 weeks I had race with new Unicorn which crack my engine. I an now facing lot of maintenance problem. So request to guys that lease study a to z for your bike before u purchase and then ride. Average speed in city should not more 50-60 km.

  • krishna

    i was purches plusur in 2009 it was amizing bike in india plusar is very smooth brake for disc plate is tited

  • Rohit

    Between pulsar blue(150cc) and pulsar red(150cc)

    which one is better ..i have heard about colour fading in blue colour ..is it true??

  • Rohit

    Can some one give reply at the earliest possible..

  • jagdev thakur

    good slection budy i will be purchse same bike soon

  • vikram boro

    my most trusted bike Tvs moped

  • Manoj

    I ve Pulsar 150cc DTSi 2009 model, can anyone tell what is the exact fuel tank capacity as the showroom people say its 15 ltrs including 3.2 ltrs reserve but when i filled full tank it came upto 19 ltrs when the tank was complete dry. Also even though i maintain the speed between 40 to 50 with 4000 to 4500 rpms still i am not getting more than 42 mileage, can any one suggest………

  • Hey pulser is useless.
    Honda UNICORN is the best

  • Hi guys,
    if you want a bike having better milage,handling,and all…
    Then go for Honda UNICORN

  • Ram

    Pulser mania

  • pulsar150andhari

    nice review…
    i bought pulsar 150 in d last week.. How to maintain my bike..? Now i’m riding 50 to 60kmph, is it ok.? Pls giv some ideas..

    • ajay kala

      hii there,

      use ur bike for good 2 years ,and than sell it off and buy any good bike.with bajaj it doesnt really matter at wht speed u ride it,since after 2-3 yrs its gonna give u problem.so just enjoy the white elephant for a while and than buy a sensible bike.

  • ajay kala

    Hello friends,
    I am a proud owner of thunderbird and from last 8 yrs i am using it with no major issues,and undoubtedly it rocks.I dont owe any bajaj bike currently but i had xcd125 a year ng back.but something i wud definitely like to share my knowledge about bikes,especially with those who r planning to buy bajaj bikes.bajaj bikes wud do fairly well in terms of maintainence and mileage for begining 2 years,later on they are a white elephant to maintain.not at all durable…like china items.so if u r planning to use ur bike for good 5-7 years plz dont waste ur money behind this chinese doll.i knew this and thats why i used my xcd for 2.5 years and than sold off.go for suzuki gs150r amazing service and no maintainence bike.or go for apache or hero honda.
    I have heard bajaj service station ppl saying that bajaj is focusing more into sales rather than servicing and if u wud have noticed all the big service centers have shut down.

  • ajay kala

    bajaj ………………..sheer wastage of money.

    how can people buy bajaj bikes…theres nothing possitive about them apart from an unmatched performance and maintainence in the begining 2-3 yrs.yes,its good for people who have time to invest behind maintaining the bike.

    spares are expensive.
    poor quality.
    only the mileage is good.
    but wud any one want to buy a bike with one possitive point and 10 drawbacks????

    THINK !!!!!

  • pradeep

    i have purches new pulsar 150cc Dtsi black in july2011 ,but i’m faceing mileage problems.any body gives tips to improving my bike mileage.pls

  • ravi

    hi frnds i m like p-150 blue nd now i m purchasing pulsar 150 color blue

  • Tamizh

    Hi… Iam useing pulsar it is very nice

  • chirag

    hi! I got a pulsur 150, plz give me tips taken a highest avarage..

  • Yashpal

    Thanks rahul . Coming diwali I am going to buy New pulsar 150. Red/black . Pulsar is stylish bike & good looking & the mileage depending upon maintanance .