Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5 Review by Laxmikanth Venkatraman

Hi everybody, I’m laxmikanth venkatraman working for a MNC in Chennai. I love automobiles like anything and driving cars and bikes, gathering information about them is my favorite hobby and to must to mention Bajaj Pulsar is my most favorite machine among all.

I’ve had a lot of arguments with my dad so many times since 2004 to get me othe machine of my dreams but as usual like every other concerning father I was neglected for some reasons and finally got fed up asking for it. After my four years of hard earning I had bought a new Bajaj Pulsar 150 ES UG 4.5 in red and I call him “My Boy”. Here’s a small review of “My Boy”

Looks: He looks just like ready to race all the time. The Shiny red scheme is so sporty and will turn everyone’s attention towards him all the time. Not to forget that my mom was totally impressed seeing him. The fox eyed position lamp’s is really awesome to see during the dusk and adds a lot of character to it’s styling, sharp spear like rear end adds advantage to its look from side as well as from the back. New clip on handle bars on Pulsar 150 UG4.5 is excellent that adds style to functionality.

Performance: Bajaj Pulasr 150 ES UG 4.5 comes with 29mm size carburetor, 8 mm bigger than older one increasing its power from 14.09 ps to 15.06 ps @ 9000 RPM. The bike has ample pick-up and is always ready for signal Moto Gp’s. The five step adjustable Nitrox shox adds a very smooth ride and just feels like gliding, even though not as smooth as a Honda, but justifies its price point. Coming to the Gear shifts, the shifts are smoother than the old versions but one drawback is that getting him to neutral is bit difficult; either it gets into 1st gear when tapping down or to 2nd while tapping back. Takes little time to master, but once mastered no worries at all. The patented Twin spark plug gives better throttle response than the older ones. The exhaustec system that aids in proper firing adds mileage and hence no wastage of fuel.

Handling: Maneuvering the bike in the daytime traffic is very smooth and can cut through bumper traffic very easily at 40-45 kmph especially on Chennai roads.I’m a die hard fan of PULSAR and is an excellent machine which had satisfied me 100% and I wanted to share my experience with my pulsar to my Bike Advice friends. As this is my first article ever in any website or Blog kindly pardon me if any mistakes found.

–  Laxmikanth Venkatraman