Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 Review by Aravind

Hello bikers, I am Aravind from Trivandrum, Kerala. I own a Pulsar 150 UG 4.5 which has done 5000 kms and counting. I would like to share my experience with my ride. I was planning for a 150cc machine for a long time and tested almost all available in the market except R15.

I like Unicorn for its smoothness but looks are not much appealing and it’s not very easy to modify a Unicorn from its aging looks. Dazzler looks pathetic. Apaches are good but small in size. FZs do look good but low mileage kept me away from the FZs. I was not interested with HH bikes, no offence pls.

Finally I got my ride a few months back and clocked 5000+kms on odo. Many of my friends asked me why I bought 150 why couldn’t you go for 180 as there was only Rs.2500 difference between these two. But the absence of kick-start and better fuel efficiency made me go for 150. Now about my ride.


It looks hot in midnight black. Again looks are personal. Starting from wolf eye headlamp to razor sharp rear it looks aerodynamic and elegant don’t want to go in deep as everyone knows about it. Clip on handle bars adds sporty looks.

My Pulsar has got split seats, split grab tails, tank pad, as it is in new Pulsar 180. I am also planning to fit a wider rear tyre as well not just for looks but for better road grip and all.


Pulsar 150 UG4.5 comes with 149.1 cc air-cooled DTSi engine pumping out 15.10 ps. This power rating will make the Pulsar 150 the most powerful 150cc motorcycle around apart from the Yamaha R15 of course. Moreover it comes loaded with big UCD 29 carburetor same as Pulsar 180 and RTR 180.

About the performance all out there know, there is nothing to explain . The patented DTSI and Exhaustec gives better throttle response and aids in proper firing adds mileage and hence no fuel wastage. I get 55-58kmpl in city and above that in highways. Try to keep idle rpm to 900-1000, that is the reason for better average. Never cross 60 kmph during run in period.


  • Periodic maintenance is required for Pulsars. Take care of your bike and the bike take care of you.
  • Good engine oil-valvoline 20w50 or motul 15w50.
  • Clean air filter at regular intervals.
  • Lubricate chain once in a month with gear oil.
  • Oil change from service centre should be done for free services only if u loves your bike.
  • Get ur bike Teflon coated once in three months.
  • Maintain the tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Good looks.
  • Good performance and average.
  • Great pick up.
  • All dc setup with self cancelling indicators.
  • Good value for money.


  • Tyres from eurogrips – skid easily on any surface, day dry or wet.
  • Gear box is good but not butter smooth like Honda.

The above review is from my point of view. Every bike has got positives and negatives. Every bike is dearer to its dear ones. I believe that every bike has a soul hidden well beneath its metal skin. We have to respect it, love it and care for it and this is what I think about Bikes.