Bajaj Pulsar 150 Ownership Review by Bruce Norman

This is my second review on bike advice, well to be precise I would say that it’s more of an experience. I would like to start with an applaud for Deepak as he has driven a lot of inspiration into many bikers not only about how to ride, but also how to respect one’s own bike, and among all these bikers. I’m one of them!

How it all started: Seriously, it’s been a long wait for me. I dreamt about having my own bike with my own money when I was just 14, I had started toying around with my dad’s kinetic Honda. I would occasionally take the kinetic out, and drive it around in the colony, but would never go on the main roads as my dad would not allow me to do so. Then gradually in the year 2002, finally dad’s kinetic had a heart attack. My dad after a lot of negotiations went to a bajaj outlet. While my dad was looking around, my eyes fell on a bike which was just different from the rest of the bikes that were in the showroom. It really looked big!

I gathered courage and asked the sales guy “sir, what bike is this?” he smiled and answered “PULSAR”… (which then sported a round headlamp, and spoke wheels) Years and years passed by. many new models from different companies came and went, some stayed, some disappeared. All I saw was “THE PULSAR” getting better, sexier, sharper!

Getting closer to my dream: I turned 23 last year, and trust me, “the pulsar” was still stuck in my head like an anthem that I wanted to chant for the rest of my life. I had collected a good sum of money in past 5 years as I had been working.

On 5th jan 2012, I got my salary cheque, I deposited it into my account.and after that I kept waiting for the cheque to get cashed into my account.8th jan 2012 – 5.12pm I got a sms on my cell stating that my salary had come into my account.

Dream Accomplished

The day was 9TH JANUARY 2012, I got up with a smile on my face, after all I was finally going to make my dream come true. Office just didn’t seem to finish that day. Every passing second even seemed like an hour to me. Finally by 2 pm I got off… I rushed with the money, reached the showroom and almost ran in… I was damn excited..the cashier counted the money, and then came the most awaited moment of my life so far.

A black and red pulsar 150cc (dual tone) was rolled out for me. Standing right infront of me.. the bike was looking awesome. I was indeed on top of the world now.

My Opinion

The pulsar 150 is a good bike and has got all the right stuff in the right place and is loaded with goodies… digital speedometer, backlit buttons (very helpful in the dark), clip on handle bars and so on. The engine now sports silver colour which looks very neat. The shock absorbers could have been better but yes, they somehow manage to do their work.

My daily commute is about 45 kms and trust me, it’s really fun to go around on the Pulsar150. The bike’s first service has been done and now the throttle is much more responsive and even the mileage has improved a great deal. my bike gives me anything between 40-42 kmpl. the p150 feels like butter when cruising around at 50-60. The engine is vibe free unless one acts like a hooligan ,tyres are blessed with good grip (zappers after all), brakes are good enough for city riding (according to me).the bike feels steady while going through narrow gaps in traffic.

Now coming to the quality. I personally think that the bike is upto the mark for it’s price tag. The quality provided in every aspect of the bike is good.

Now a few points that I feel every biker should keep in mind:

  • Wipe your bike every morning
  • Get your bike serviced regularly. Try to get your bike serviced only at company authorized service centres.
  • Check the engine oil more often .
  • Check air in the tyres regularly, (less air ,or improper alignment of the tyres does affect the bike)
  • Keep your bike away from water as much as possible
  • Always consult a trained and well equipped company service engineer before carrying out any modifications on your bike(even in the case of aftermarket replacements)
  • Switch to the necessary gears according to the current speed.
  • Keep the race track for racing , not the city roads.
  • Always wear a “ISI” MARKED HELMET ONLY!!

Never try stunts without the supervision of a trained professional and a proper riding gear.

As I am now with my review of the Pulsar 150 (dual tone), I just want to tell all my fellow bikers, I completed my dream with my will power. I cut down my expenses, I worked hard for nearly 5 years to complete this dream of mine.the day I accomplished my dream I was in tears, not because I had finally bought my dream Pulsar but I had realized that my hard work, my will power, my determination had finally paid off. I’m proud to say that I was entitled to loans, but I never chose that option.

And last but not the least, Love ur bike!

Happy Biking!
With love