Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI UG3 : Ownership Review by Vinodh

Hi all, I’m Vinodh Kumar from Bangalore, one of the proud owners of Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi UG 3 manufactured in the year 2007. I bought the bike last Dussehra, since then my biking life has taken a whole new turn. Formerly, I had been riding a Hero Honda CD100 for almost a year, which is one of the most solid entry level four stroke bike I have seen in the Indian market after the RX series from Yamaha.

Reason for Upgrade: Feeling a lack of punch in the engine power, I decided to upgrade to a 150CC bike. When I bought the bike back in October ’08, the 150 cc segment was very competitive. Newly upgraded Unicorn had come out at that time, Apache from TVS, and the CBZ Extreme from Hero Honda. I rode & compared all the bikes for almost three months; I was in total confusion.

When I rode my friend’s UG 2 version of Pulsar, I was totally impressed by it. That day I decided that I would go for the Pulsar UG III version. I am lucky that one of my friends had a Bajaj showroom near to my home, so I finally booked the bike and got it delivered on 25th Oct ‘08.

Biking experience: In the beginning, it was very annoying to ride within a speed limit because of the engine initial running-in period. After completion of 1000 kms on the odometer, my brother and I, went on a long trip to Mysore, which was almost a 350 kms round trip in a single day. It was superb experience for me, as I had never gone on long biking trips before. From then, my touring experience became never ending, as each weekend my friends and I used to go to the places around Bangalore. The best experience was the trip to Tumkur and its surrounding places for three days non-stop. On the trip we rode our bikes on all kinds of zigzag roads with hair pin bends! that too inside the forest area.

Goodies for my Steed: I have not done any modifications, like up-jetting, K&N or free flow exhausts. The bike is in stock condition except engine oil. After I had finished 5000 kms on the odo, I switched my engine oil from Veedol Super Swift to fully synthetic MOTUL 300V FL. From then, the engine is butter smooth, gear shift is just a matter of touch and pulling is awesome. Now, after one year, with 8500 kms on the odometer, it returns me 35 to 45kmpl in city conditions, and above 50 kmpl on the highway.

Exclusivity: I’m not worried about that Pulsars are everywhere! Because they are the best that one can offer. It may have some +ve or more –ve factors in them, but it depends on how you maintain them.

–  Vinodh Kumar