Bajaj Pulsar 135LS Ownership Review by Vinit

Hi BikeAdvice Readers! I recently purchased Bajaj Pulsar 135LS and want to give my review about the bike. This is just a small review but hope it helps.

1) Design: First you love the bike but later you start hating the bike. Because. Its headlamp and rear design, rear seat lifted to up that bike looks incomplete.

2) Engine : All we read about 4 valve engine, but it does not make that much difference. Engine is smoother up to 60km/hr. And later it makes lot noise and after 100km/hr bike has a lot of vibrations. My personal experience: my journey about 415km on a single day – The firing is totally changed. It was the almost scooter firing in last 100km)

3) Seating Position: Too bad. You have to bend a little while driving n rear seat. Oh my god. The seat is so hard that a stone is softer than rear seat. Person sitting behind complains after 100 km distance about his pains.

4) Mileage: Very good. It is very economical bike in term of mileage. I get almost 60.

5) Digital Speedometer: Faulty! It continuously shows low batter indicator while running. Fuel indicator is also not working properly. You cannot guess how petrol is remaining in reserve state.

Overall: If you want a good long term bike then go for Honda, Yamaha, Hero Honda. Do not buy Pulsar or Bajaj bikes as they are only scooter/auto rickshaw expert. No offence, just my personal opinion.

No Bajaj! No tension. 🙂

– Vinit Niphadkar