Bajaj Pulsar 135LS Ownership Review by Jonard Sonza

My 135 LS from Bajaj this bike was not so difficult to find here in my homeland at first it was a little bit awkward when it landed here in Philippine soil, It was then my second choice coz I prefer Japanese motorcycles. I had a moped before it’s too small and girly look so I decided to try another bike and not from japan excluding china motorcycles.

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A step forward of stereo typing how about bajaj? I work with Indian nationals before and eat with them especially the biryani rice. Then I try searching its specs in the internet, interviews with guys who had it and it seems convincing so I decided to buy the 135 LS they say first impression is the last, so many models to choose from bajaj, the CT-100, the Discover and Pulsar 135 and 220 the 200NS still not available, I hope it will coz when it arrives it will be my second bike from Bajaj.

Comfortable in long distance trip, the fuel consumption, It surpasses the Japanese brands and check this” It runs like hell and smooth on the road and above all easy on the pocket” congrats bajaj for a wonderful bike. With a double spark plug technology it’s awesome, It had been crafted by great Indians, famous on their craftsmanship your doing it great guys just continue and soon you will conquer the motorcycle world.

Above all, the CT-100 is definitely the motorcycle for the masses. My first long distance trip was 300km without stopping, cruising at speed of 80 to 115 km/h, the bike respond impressively as I do so it handles the corner well it clings to the pavement like a lizard on the wall.


It maneuvers perfectly as the rider wishes; it is very stable when it reaches 100 km/h or more. The front and rear suspension delivers perfectly on bumps and pot holes. The overall verdict, Good but not excellent I prefer the single shock style on the rear with a rear disc brake on 135LS. The acceleration ratio is quite impressive.


In my views bajaj perfected it, the motorcycle’s center of gravity. It handles well on cornering at high speed very impressive 80-100+ km/h; even with another person riding at your back still nothing is change. That’s what I like with this bike feels good in corners and you don’t have problem with trucks or vehicles passes you at high speed.


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  • Handles well on corners
  • Comfortable seat position
  • Fuel consumption unbelievable
  • Great value on your pocket yet awesome performance
  • For 135 class the acceleration is the best
  • Smooth at 100+ km/h
  • Truly Indian craftsmanship
  • Control panels is superb


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  • Rear brake change to disc type for excellent braking system
  • From double shock to single for better looks and performance
  • Engine is too hot on long trip
  • Modify its foot rest it should look like a 200NS
  • MRF tires are not available here (Philippines)
  • Slow on climbing


Bajaj Pulsar 135LS Ownership Review by Jonard Sonza bikeadvice in (2)

The bike is awesome, it needs more upgrade on its rear brake which I prefer the disc pad and the rear suspension it should have been single shock. And can I ask bajaj to increase its engine displacement from 135 to 150 how about that Bajaj? For the next LS version and one thing the engine is too hot when you travel a long distance trip Deepak pal can you suggest how to make it cooler can you try to ask the Bajaj company so I can relate it with my friends here who exclusively used Pulsar 135LS bikes.

The Pulsar here in my country name it Rouser we had even organize a club for it we name it the Rouser Club, A rouser nor a pulsar still same blood Bajaj, tell then its jon from Lala, Mindanao, Philippines. Congratulation Bajaj Company for making a bike so affordable, economical and world class on its performance and style. Hoooray!

Jonard Sonza

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