This is my first review on Bike Advice. First I would like to thank BikeAdvice and its founders for their excellent pieces of advice on bikes.

I own a black Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS. It has covered 3,500 kms on odo. I would like to include the following attributes which are important for any bike


This is totally subjective. I personally like the novel design and the “extra terrestrial” looks of the bike. Honda Stunner may have better looks than Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS.

The rear split fenders look far better than the old version rear tire hugger. I just hated the old tire hugger but this new version is good. Honda Stunner offers competition in terms of looks but others like Shine, Glamour, Super Splendor, Slingshot and 150 cc’s like CBZ Xtreme, Suzuki GS, Discover 150 etc cannot claim better looks than P135.

Well let me remind you this is my personal opinion and you may feel I am wrong. The split seats and half chain cover adds to the sporty look of the bike.


I have covered 3,500 kms on my bike. Just ride the bike to believe it. It offers good performance with the best mileage. I am not kidding. I didn’t have much expectations when I bought this bike because I had a test drive on Honda Stunner and was not satisfied with its performance.

I thought Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS will also be similar to Stunner in terms of performance irrespective of the increased displacement. But, beleive me the 13.5 bhp engine supplemented by the 4 valve technology gives you a smooth and powerful ride. Very slight vibrations creep in at 55-60 km/hr but they are so nominal that we hardly ever notice them. Serious vibrations start at 70 km/hr and ends at 75km/hr. above 75 , the engine is really smooth.

I have attained a top speed of 107 km/hr and the bike offered superb control and confident ride. The bike becomes more smooth at top speeds. It has good acceleration which helps you stay ahead when the light goes green.The bike has good control in city traffic. I have also done several long trips on highways and the bike remained stable. Engine heating up is just like the 150 cc machines in the market.

Throttle response is remarkable which helps in overtaking without much efforts.I am not trying to say that P135 is much better than all 150 cc bikes, but I am sure that it can beat some of the so called powerful 150 cc machines. HH Hunk is having 14.5 bhp and Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is only 1 ponit behind with 13.5 bhp.

So it is clear that Pulsar 135 can catch up with or even beat many of the 150 cc bikes. I can clearly say that it faces no competition from the 125 cc bikes like Stunner, Shine, Slingshot, Glamour etc in terms of power and performance. Trust me this bike is for those who want performance which which equals to leading 150 cc bikes at the price of a 125 cc machine.


I don’t know whether you guys believe what I am going to say. I got 70 kmpl on highways. Believe me. After 1st service i was getting mileage around 50- 53kmpl. But now I am getting 60kmpl average in cities and 70kmpl on highways when I rode at speeds varying between 60- 65kmph. I am really amazed by these results when taking into consideration the power and performance delivered by it. Eventhough tank capacity is only 8 litres(excluding 2lt reserve), excellent fuel efficiency solves the issue. I don’t know much about 4 valve technology but its really working wonders for this machine.


The short clip ons and the slightly forward leaning sitting posture offers a comfortable drive. For long drives the slightly hard seat causes some problems to your back. A continuous one and half hour drive will force you to rest for a while. After all who doesn’t want to take a break after a one hour thirty minutes ride? Bajaj can make CBZ Xtreme a model for designing its seat cushion. The clip ons offer a superb sitting posture which offers a positive attitude and confidence in riders. The knee recess on fuel tank is good. Ladies will find it difficult to sit in the side ways posture due to the height of the rear.


The front disk brakes perform well and I have not tested it just for the sake of testing it at high speeds. The rear brakes are also good enough to perform its roles.

Price: I am from Kerala and I spent 62k for this fighter. I feel it is reasonable as the 125 cc 11 bhp Honda Stunner costs more than that.


In my opinion, Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is a value for money bike which gives you the best in class performance with superb mileage. Each and every bike is unique and no bike is a bad bike. Honda Stunner, Shine, Glamour etc may have certain qualities which outperform Pulsar 135 LS, I admit. But I am really satisfied with this fighter.

Thank you for reading my review. Have a great time guys.

– Shan Sundar

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  • govindraj

    I also own a pulsar135ls. i have noticed that overheating problem occurs when i used oil which was used to fill by service station(needless to say they use car oils). They told me that we have to put their oil for all free service. once i forced them to put castrol activ extra(20w50) and overheating problem was gone. Trust me guys all bajaj service stations are told by company to buy local oil and use, so service managers look for cheapest oil and sell you at a normal price of branded oil. they also get discount since they buy lot amount ( noitice they all use oil taken from a drum)

    • Nik

      yes, u might be true..I brought this bike 1 week ago,a plastic burning smell is evident, when bike gets overheated , this thing was reported to my vendor he told after 1st service this problem will be solved, since it is due to the material used to seal the engine.. In their manual they have mentined to use bajaj 10000 dts-si oil, which needs to be replaced after 10000Km, whereas the normal oil is to be replaced at 5000Km. They are of quality, 20w40.

      • Tushal

        hey guys just a question since i have not driven the P135 yet. Does the front feel a bit smaller for the length of the bike. I mean, the front being little tidy for its overall length?

  • Amol Birje

    LS135 is the only Pulsar I like. It really has got some excellent features.
    Man, it surely can beat some 150cc bikes as well!!
    Nice review, I see that some really interesting reviews and honest opinions are being posted on this site lately. Good thing bikers are learning.

  • fas

    Some pics of your bike would have made review awesome.

  • Nfs

    Suzuki GS 150r is really better than pulsar 135ls

  • you didnt find anything wrong in this bike other than over heating and seat ? . . .

  • Tushal

    Bajaj has tie up with both Japanese and European tech giants but they are yet to leverage fully. Why not atleast a mono shock for the p220? If Unicorn can have it, P220 deserves it….. lets see what Bajaj has in store in 2011 after a year of commuterish bikes (read as high sales).

  • Jagan Mangat

    That is very true this machine is really nice on mileage and drive ability.Bajaj made a nice 135cc bike.

  • P.C.George

    I was waiting for a review of any others who own a Pulsar 135LS.eagerly. Now I am satisfied. I like the review of Shan. I bought aPulsar 135 Ls on last september.17th. By the last 2oth of November I have covered a distance of 6600KMs. The main complaint about the Pulsar135Ls is it’s seating arrangement. I have to ride some 50kms to my work place. After 28 or 30 kms my back will feel pain. So I filled the seat with 2″ foam cusion. Now it is O.K. . Steep Hills is covered witha speed of 60kms and I overtake all vehicles . Still I am getting 60kms mileage per litre. I am satisfied with the performance of my Pulsar Baby. It is better than other 150 cc pulsar bike. Shan is correct in reading Pulsar135LightSport

  • govindraj

    Tip for those who have engine oil leakage problem near cylinder head in p135.
    Just tell mechanic in your bajaj service station to remove black cylinder head cover and to tighten bolts which are inside 4 in no.(this will work only if gasket is not broken which is almost impossible in new bikes)
    Regarding bajaj10000 oil it has to be replaced after 4500-5500 km because it loses its viscosity. Oils which recommend 5000km shall be replaced at 2500-3500km approx. Even lesser interval drain is good. Currently i use castrol activ extra which is a little bit thinner as compared to normal 20w50 oils but makes engine very smooth and you can make out the difference(cannot be explained in words), if you use oil filled by service station. I have not tried motul since it is not available in my locality. One thing to note is bajaj bikes are good in company but sevice station guys are hazardous things to our lovely bike
    (THis all are my own opinions based on my experience , sorry if someones opinions are hurt)
    comments welcomed

  • govindraj

    notice in your bikes silencer there is a hole of 3mm diameter on bottom side , just between rear and freont foot rest. Wonder why it is provided…

  • masum

    good review…i liked it. all aspect covered. well done keep it up.

  • Pulsarboy

    No doubt P135LS is an excellent ride to have.. I’ve completed 8.5k kms on my P135LS.. and it’s awesome.. so far top speed was 119kmph(on speedo). Doesn’t disappoint on mileage as well.. so far i’m getting 55-60 kmpl consistently.

    • PulsarDork

      Do not Trust this guy. Watch all his comments. He is some kind associated with bajaj.

  • nice review. kudos

  • Pulsar 135 is an excellent bike. The main thing i like in this bike is its lightweight body which allows to do stunting at any condition.

  • Pritam Dhamde

    Hey buddy u cant say p135 luks more good than gs150r.
    P135 luks like a toy wen parked or running on road.the rear plate holder so fragile dat even if sum1 punches it ,it breaks ,paint quality,build quality if far ahead in p135.sitting posture is like meter frm discover or xcd 135.n the rear hugger luks so
    So gs is far ahead n better than p135.n dont forget gs has japanese genes in it.

    • Amol Birje

      Kya Pritam bhai, the author has said it’s his own opinion, itna gussa kyun karr rahe ho???
      I also personally feel it’s design is better that GS150, GS150 looks more robotic for me.
      Suzuki is Japanese, but doesn’t mean it has to be the best just because of it being Japanese. I myself don’t like any Pulsar, but this one is the best Pulsar I feel, in fact one of the best bikes in India, both in terms of technology and looks.
      135 ki khaamiyan nikaalne se achha GS150 ki tarriff karte, toh behtar hota.

      • Pankaj

        I agree Wid U Dude !!

  • shan

    m a pulsar135 owner
    n really dis bike sucks a big time
    i was ready to sell dis bike d next week bcoz of its performance

    • Tilak

      can you please tell what is the problem with performance???….. coz every one is praising the bike for its hooligan performance…


    Pulsar 135 is good bike with great fuel efficiency and good top speed and pickup. What more anyone can expect from a 135 cc commuter? The only issue in looks department was the rear mudguard and that too now resolved with better looking hugger.


    I was a proud owner of Pulsar135 but bit disappointed now..The reason is my bike doesn’t give the expected mileage I am just getting 45Kmpl and the power is also OK OK ..and with pillion rider God its bad..My weight is 62Kgs my pillion rider is usually 52Kgs.
    Guys do you know how I maintain my vehicle,
    >Till first service I never drove above 45kmph.
    >Always fill petrol in Shell petrol bunk(You can expect the quality and Quantity).
    >For the first start of the vehicle of the day I give my vehicle a warm up start i.e. start your vehicle the accelerator raises for some time and becomes normal(The service engg says its AUTO CHOKE, where no where this is mention in Bajaj Catalog or any Bajaj websites) then don’t drive, let it be on idling for 1 min (now reduced to 10 to 15 sec,for mileage purpose) this was suggested as best practice of giving any example of “a person starts his gym with some warm up exercise”.
    >As one of the website said don’t raise you vehicle suddenly or don’t force your vehicle too much till it crosses at least 1Km for the first ride of the day.
    >Switch off my vehicle in Traffic signals.
    >I just crossed 2568kms for yesterday ,and average speed would be around 45-55Kmph.
    I dont know whether these things are right or wrong, I just follow it expecting of good results from my vehicle.
    But yesterday when I went to the service centre and told about this he just said we will change the engine oil and will Tune the mileage on Wednesday(He did not check the vehicle he said busy today we will check on Wednesday).
    To my surprise do you what there is a rust spot on vehicle chassis you can see this in the gap between the fuel tank and the ignition key cylinder (God New vehicle yar).
    Guys please comment on this……
    I will come back to you again with the results after the oil change as per the service engineer.

    Will come back to

  • prikshit

    JP whatever i say i can tell u what my bike (discover 135) gives i.e. 48-52km/l in pure city driving…
    ODO clocked 6160 kms till now..
    from reading ur comment i think u gave proper initial care to ur bike…
    hope ur problem will resolve on wednesday.

  • Aranya

    I am planning to buy bike within 65k at max.

    My choices are as follows…
    1) Honda Stunner
    2) Pulsar 135
    3) Yamaha SZ-R

    My priorities are…
    1) Good Look
    2) Good Handling and comfort
    3) Occasionally I go to long drives(Once in 3 / 4 months).So the bike should be capable of that
    4) Reliability

    I am basically confused between stunner and p135. Can you guys suggest me which one to buy?

    • pratap sawant

      hope you have not gone for the bajaj135

  • alex

    Hi… I’m from Srilanka. The Bajaj Pulsar 135DTSI has been introduced here lately (about 6 – 8 months now) and we have purchased 3 units of this machine about 2 months ago. The company I work for has used many different models of Bajaj Motorcycles over a period of 12 years now (from the Boxer to the 180UG4 and inbetween) so I must state here that we have had a vast experience with bajaj motorcycles.
    The problem it seems is that from the time of purchase of the 135DTSI the riders have been complaining of riding discomfort. They claim that the seats are too hard and really uncomfortable when riding long distances.
    My question from you forum members is… Is there something really wrong with the seat or is it just comparatively harder than the other bajaj models?
    Have those of u using them at present riden other models of bajaj bikes? What is your experience comparatively?
    For all u first time users, do u feel that the seat is too hard?
    I have read on this site about other possible problem area (vibrations, fuel consumption ect..) but my interest is merely the seat and comfort factor.
    Will appreciate your views on this matter.

  • ramessh

    pulsar 135 having front part gear only. I am using shoes, so it is inconvinient for me. can i change it to both side knob?

  • Hi friends, p135 is the best bike from all indian bikes. No bike cam compete with it

  • Nishit

    pulsar 135 is better then pulsar 150 i have driven both but the most i like abt 135 is the handling and the confidence and it’s average

  • flareblitz

    guys i own a bajaj pulsar 135LS. i bought it 4 days back and i have not passed the 40 kmph limit yet as i have only done 50km n my bike. but when i ride the bike i feel as the engine overheats and when i stop the bike i get a burning smell. what should i do about this??? can someone help me?????

  • Dipak

    I am also facing the same problem. My bike got registered on 10/10/10 and within a couple of month I am facing the engine overheating problem & its a serious issue. Due to the overheating engine make a typical noise.
    In related to this I have changed the CDI, Spark Plug, Engine Oil, filter & timing chain but the problem remain the same. Simply the worst…………..

    People who are thinking to go for a new 135 LS think twice….


  • jayanta das

    I have a Bajaj Pulsar 135LS 1st engine oil change 130 km how many km next engine oil change.

  • *LoneWolf*

    I am really getting sick of people who are claiming on every bike review that mine giving 70, 80, 100etc. regardless of the power. be it hero honda, honda, bajaj, TVS. Hell the new passion pro is giving only 50-60 man. Be practical. I ask people to discourage these false claims and cautious about these lies while deciding to buy a new bike.

    • Shan

      Hi Lone Wolf…I think there is no problem in telling the truth. Right? My bike gave me 70 kmpl on a long ride of about 250 kms during the running in period. Believe it or not. But don’t expect the P 135 will deliver it every time. It happened to me only once( I have mentioned it in my review also). Normally it gives me 50 kmpl on an average.

    • Dev

      Dear Lone,

      Well i would say pulsar 135 has no comparison with passion Pro which is simply ordinary outdated 97 cc bike, i have pulsar 135 n i hve compleated 5000 kms. & the mileage is betwwen 59-61 Km/Ltr in traffice like Delhi after 2nd service.

      Moreover i would say it has got very nice control & very good traction control, even if the bike is in heavy traffic one can easily manage to dive in a very little space & without giving much strain on your body.

      I would suggest all the pulsar lovers to use castrol active rather than the bull shit mobil which used by the Bajaj service station, The adviced DTSI mobil is not good for the bike which makes the bike heated up very much.

      There can be another reason, i have seen in the guys of service station, they put the mobil oil more than 1 Ltr at some times & even less than 1Ltr which is the reason the bike gets heated up too much.

      i would suggest to change the engine oil between 1800-2100 kms, so as to keep the engine healthy.

      **** As many of the bikers of Pulsar 135 complained that they are not getting a good mileage. To get optimum milage please note:
      1. Do not accelarete the bike to cath pick up, as 135 is inself having good pick up in its minimum RPM,

      2. Transmisson of gears from 1st tiil 4th gear should be between 3500 to 3800 rpm & 5th gear at 4000 rpm at max. excessive accelaration harms the machies as we are taking them to their limits.

      as regards to the rear shock absorbers they are not good as they are very bouncy reason being the shockers are very strong & very large as compared to the body weight as 135 is light weighted bike.

  • vinay

    hi all, let me share my experience
    i own pulsar-135ls
    since 1.2 years and covered 28000 kms
    I found my baby pulsar  is a very good bike, great comfort at high speeds, even i face vibrations at 60-80, i am getting millage around 50. I use bike very roughly without proper maintence. the pickup is really great, better than many 150 cc bikes. because its a 4 valve engine. many time i took it for long drive: 2 time up to 380 kms in a single day. I am happy with the byk and its a cheap& the best bike compared to many 150cc and below segment.


  • Shubham

    Hii everyone guesssszzz i also hve p135ls but my bike gives avg of only 43 around ..,,,i hve heard from many that it will give around 60 soo i bought it but
    very disappoint with avg but perfrmnce is best…,,,,plzz rply,,,

  • Himansh

    m facing some prblm
    the main problem is when i starts the bike
    few drops of petrol falls from a pipe ( under the bike )….
    the petrol falls when i starts the bike after 12-13 hours (i.e in the morning)

  • nivesh

    i like its design more than pulsar 150.
    it can accelerate more than all 150 cc except new pulsar 150 and rtr 160 bikes becoz 4 valves 13.5 ps and light weight.
    but it has only rival in its segment discover 135
    i personally think first model of discover 135 looks better than pulsar 135..
    performance wise
    13.1 ps at 8000 rpm
    11.9 nm torque at 6500 rpm

    13.5 ps at 9000 rpm
    11.4 nm at 6500 rpm
    performance wise both r identical and yet can challenge all 150 s and 160s
    we can call them as city racing

  • Dalpath

    friends i am going to buy pulsur 135ls in next month 04/12 does the pulsur 135 is good or honda stunner ! I have so money review that p135 is good bike with average look and performance pls sand your riews on this email
    pls….sugest right i am also your friend

  • Chetan


    I’ve ridden my 135 for last 1.5 years and 21,000 kilometers, daily commuting is around 62 kms.. From my exp, all I’ve seem it that its a excellent bike for intercity travelling. Engine is smooth till speed of 67 kmph and vibration starts to kick in from there till you hit 75 Kmph and starts again on speed in excess of 105 (though i’ve hit the speed of 117 kmph).

    After ridding 21000 km the bike is returning a mixed figure of 57 kmpl, with average driving speed of 60-65 kmph. And tyre wear isn’t that bad with my tryes been still in good shape.

    I prefer to use the oil DTSi as mentioned in the manual, but I purchase it from outside and get it change by a local mechanic (peace of mind).

    As compared to Stunner, it definately has greater pick up and handling, along with better switch quality compared to honda. Having drive both Stunner and 135, the performace of 135 is well above stunner. Though I really appreciate the smoothness of honda but for me speed and pick up matters. On a seperate note the headlight cowl of Stunner tends to vibrate on higher speed.

    – Good sporty handling (compared to other 125’s).
    – Bright headlight since they are directly connected to the battery and gives good illumination even on dead slow speed. (Important point since I drive back home when its dark)
    – Performance is better in term of some of the 150’s.
    – Overall decent average.

    – Engine vibration.
    – Paint job on the alloy wheels.
    – Seats are on the stiffer side and can be a pain on longer ride.
    – Rear tyre hugger can be a pain in the eyes.

    Thx! Chetan

  • Dr. Tapan

    Hey………..good news…!!! Bajaj has already modified two or three things in this bike 2012 model based on biker’s reviews. The half chain cover with a better chain set and a better looking split rear tire hugger are the most visible modifications. But the biggest one, which mostly goes unnoticed……..the seats are modified….!!! these are no more rock hard like the previous version. Seems much softer……..Thanks bajaj……..:))) tell me if i am wrong.

    • Tilak

      u r right…… there are many visual mods done….. but seats are still hard… but i feel this is something, which will not cause much discomfort…. I personally like a little harder seats, coz softer seats causes back pain to me.

  • Tilak

    Hello friends,

    I have bought pulsar 135 ls on 12th April 2012. Clocked only 330 km. My bike is still in the running in period. Till now i am quiet satisfied with my bike. The color is Plasma Blue. Faced a problem, minor one, the bikes choke used to get tangled and was working in an unuaual manner, which incresed the rpm while driving and sometimes the rpm would increase upto 4k while idling even when the engine has more than enough temperature. This problem was taken care by the sc people in a matter of few minutes. Now the bike is performing in a very gentle manner. Riding posture is good, handling is good too, till now have not applied brakes in a hard way, but the brake feel is good. The suspensions are hard, might be to boost handling, there is a thudding noise from rear while running through potholes, don’t exactly know the origin but have heard the simmilar noise while driving other bikes of different made. while riding i really like the way the the instrument pannels look. It simply looks savvy with the clip ons. Mileage is above 50. My friends also commented that this bike looks better than the previous models, due to the dual paint job and the newly designed rear fenders. I am just waiting to complete the running in period, and after that i will bang the throttles. Till then ride safe.


  • M. Osman

    I’m Oman from Bangladesh. I’m also a proud owner of this bike. I want to know about some maintainans issue of this bike. Which fuel is recommended for this bike,petrol or octane? What is the advantage and disadvantage of those two fuel? My friend recommend me, mix octane & petrol(3 litre+1 litre). Is this correct? Please. Reply me as soon as possible.

    • Chetan

      Hi Oman,

      Higher octane level of petrol wouldn’t help you much due to smaller engine size. Higher octane petrol is more useful for engine capacity exceding 1000cc as per some claim. Even if does help it same as higher octane petrol is also costlier and normal one.

      For better mileage, try not to accelarate quickly. If possibly stay beyound 5500 rpm. This would good both decent speed and overall good average.

  • Mohan

    Hello’ fans of pulsar135 it is nice bike but not good.. It is good in look bt for not much time its disc brake is nt good and bike have no longer life its only owned name of pulsar bt its similar to new xcd i ride it at 123km/h its because nt power bt by its aerodynamic shape

    • Tilak

      can you specify what is the life of pulsar 135??? is there any time bomb that will blow after certain time??? disc brake is not at all a problem… u drove which one at 123 kmph?!!because usually neither pulsar 135 or xcd 135 touch that speed (only in case of wrong speedo reading). Ok i beleive u have done it…. but how much you want from a 135 cc engine in 2012 at India???? 150+?? do you think that only aerodynamicity can propel a bike that fast?? because the speed you told is simmilar to top speed of karizma, which is one of the best in India and belong to a different league… I can understand u are a die hard fan of any other international brand but that does not make our home made p135 an inferior bike… and about it being a xcd…. i recommend you to understand the engine specifications of both xcd and p135 and then comment…. and about power, it has nearly 110 bhp/ ton do you think it is a very low figure??? fyi i also drive my fathers 2000 yr boxer AT clocking more than 170k km with engine block replaced at 110k km, and with regular servicing it is still running strong… that will shame a few royal enfields!! :)…. so please don’t comment on any bike’s life!!… because a bike’s life is as good as it’s owners attitude towards it… No hard feelings, but i sometimes can’t withstand people with very limited or sometimes with no knowledge tells me that my bike is of inferior quality.

  • Srijit

    I’m really confused whether i go for Pulsar 135 or Stunner. I like the pulsar 135. But some of my good friends are telling me that Pulsar having some problem after 2-3 yrs, at that time you need to spend lots of your salary to maintain it. That’s why bajaj don’t have good resale value. Can anyone suggest me? Is there anyone who is using P135 or P150 for at least for 3-4 yrs.

  • Srijit

    I’m really confused whether i go for Pulsar 135 or Stunner. I like the pulsar 135. But some of my good friends are telling me that Pulsar having some problem after 2-3 yrs, at that time you need to spend lots of your salary to maintain it. That’s why bajaj don’t have good resale value. Can anyone suggest me? Is there anyone who is using P135 or P150 for at least for 3-4 yrs . Need a good suggestion.

    • Naveen

      Hi frnd, if you need a machine with good performance, simply go with pulsar 135 (even costs less than stunner), or else looking for more stylish and moderate power choose stunner. But i don’t know much about the life span of both. I own a stunner since sep 2011, no issues so far (except vibs above 60+)

  • allu arya

    hi ………. guys i bought new pulsar 135ls on april 3 2012 jet black colour every thing was fine till 2nd service after the day when i brought from 2nd service its milage has been decreased to 30-35km/ltr cn any one help me????

  • MS

    HI … i bought my pulser 135ls in 18 Nov 12 .

    1)when i revolve front wheel on center stand i feel light rubbing sound of my disc brake..(its clocked 300kms). i just want to know that is this ok .. please check ur bikes and tell me is this a common sound or i need to get them repair….pls advice.

    2)it was only 200 kms on my odometer when i touched 90+km/h (just touched and slow it) generally my speed ranges from 60-75 kmph. can it harm my engine’s performance. ……..thanks


  • Tilak

    Hello Friends,

    I bought my plasma blue p135 on 12th May 2012. Its been my companion for the last 8 months, and clocked nearly 14000 km on it. It is a great bike. The acceleration is excellent, so is its mileage. My bike never gave a mileage less than 50, how hard you ride it. Faced a few problems also, like my timer chain got loose and was replaced at 2000 km. Got it replaced and never faced a problem again regarding the same. For the first 5000km I used semi synthetic valvoline premium 4T and after that switched to Motul 300v for next 5000 km, it was the best for my bike. Presently using elf nxtech 10w50 synthetic, due to temporary unavailability of Motul 300V. Elf is also a very good oil but feels same as valvoline 4T premium. Coming back to my experience, I am a tourer (sort of 🙂 ) and have made a few 300+300 km trip. Once I drove it at 90-95km/hour for constantly 200 km (fingures crossed, considering it is a 135 cc machine) but it came out with flying colors and without any trouble. Touring at 75-85 km/hr is piece of cake. The bike is very much capable of corner craving, it is very flickable at tight corners, don’t feel shy push the bike in tight 90 degree corners, it will not give up and you will find your boots and foot pegs scratching the tarmac 🙂 . The story is little different in long sweeping ones, as sometimes it wobbles. It feels uncomfortable and sometimes robs the confidence, may be due to the poor Zapper C of the rear. Will upgrade to R15 v1 tires soon :), jst waiting to extract the last remaining juices from the tires 😀 . The brakes are excellent but the rear ones gets loose earlier. I once rode my friends Pulsar 180, it felt like a boat to me, power is more but as we all know power is not the only thing to look for in a motorcycle. Also, the gearbox is silky smooth. Auto choke is excellent in winter. In winter I use the kick lever several times pressing the clutch, always a good habit and the orthodox kick lever is a boon and very practical unlike many bikes which doesn’t have one (no offense to bikes which don’t have one 🙂 ). Being a long stroke engine it has vibrations, though less, but is present.

    Summary: happy, more happy…….. n


  • Sachin P


    I have a 2010 pulsar 135 and i have rided almost 30000kms in it…
    The bike is fluent… throttle response is good ….. front brake is disc but dosent lock like other bikes. back brakes locks everytime u brake very hard…
    mileage is about 50-55…

    The thing about engine vibration…. dont go for service center given oil (valvoline or something) . It is not efficient as it will give you maximum of 3000kms run. The engine starts to heat up like anyting even if u have rided the bike in normal way…

    I use shell 20 50 oil… nowadays and i must say its the best oil u can get.. better than castrol… U will surely notice significant notice in the engine like less or negligible vibration, high throttle response… better top speed and all. also the bike never get overheated at whatever speed u go…

    I tried shell 10 40 oil also which is used for superbikes or performance bikes.. result was remarkable…

    The only thing i dont like about my bike are the seats . they are not at all comfortable…. i have to find some good leather seat makers and solve this problem… even i have to replace the rear suspension with any other good ones…

  • ronny denis

    Pulsar 135 is problem at all.

  • Tilak

    Hello friends,

    Though this post is quiet old but still I want to share a few things about my bike. This is my third post in this thread. This is to tell all the pulsar maniacs that I have completed a glorious 35k km on my bike after I purchased it on 12 th May 2012. This bike is still my faithful accompanion. The bike still performs like new and no complain regarding that. I have done extensive touring on this machine and never faced an issue. I used to drove it regularly at 90-105 kmph at the NH2 for hours and never faced an issue except once when the valve tappet clearance went for a toss and was rectified without much hassle. only issues faced is that I had to change the timer chain 2 times, chain tentioner once and autochoke sensor once. apart from that I never had to face any bigger problems. Engine still feels and sounds the same. R15 v1’s rear tyres really proved to be a worthy upgrade and improved the handling and safety aspects by a huge margin and it is very advisable. The bike is still going strong. Next post 70k km. Till then ride safe….