Bajaj Produces One lakh Units in a Month

Bajaj, one of the fastest growing manufacturers, has left the motorcycle industry awestruck.  It has produced a record no of  1, 00,000 units in just a month at the Pantnagar plant.  Bajaj has definitely added another feather in its cap by achieving this remarkable production level. A company official said that the production at Pantnagar plant was almost double than compared to the other plants of the company.

With this level of production, Bajaj is looking to improve the production facility at Pantnagar by investing another 75 crores.  When asked to the officials about the expansion program they said that the program is already underway and will complete as soon as January 2011.  Due to boom in the motorcycle market, Bajaj is planning to ramp up its production level from 1.2 million units p.a to 1.8 million units p.a.  As per the company reports the expansion was due to be completed in October 2010 itself but it could not be so done because of heavy rains.

Even last year Bajaj carried out similar expansion plans wherein they scaled the production from 6 to 12 lakhs p.a.  Officials also said that the possibilities of introducing new models always remain given the expansion plan works out just fine.   The company is currently producing two of its variants from the Pantnagar plant viz.  Platina and Discover.  Bajaj started the production in 2007 at Pantnagar and availed tax rebated available to the industries operating in SEZ.  The company had initially invested 230 crores at Pantnagar facility and thus they are keen to utilize the facility to 100% level.   We can only wish Bajaj all the very best.  If they go at the same pace, soon there will be no place for other competitors on Indian roads unless others come up with something unique.