Bajaj Planning to Launch a New Fuel Injected Bike?

For many years the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, the only powerful fuel injected bike in India that time, enjoyed the cult status before it was abruptly stopped. In place, a new faster and more agile sibling made it to the streets, the Pulsar 220 DTSi with a carburetor and an ‘F’ type logo at the fairing. Though the ‘F’ story became clear when Bajaj launched the sports version of this same bike with a bikini fairing very recently, we remain skeptic about the possible reason of the exclusion of the fuel injector.

Though we can (and did) go gaga about the latest offering with a reduced price tag and all, but we have a different story to tell this time. One day we sat down to study the future prospects from this ripple-creator company and came out with a (possible) conclusion. According to our estimates Bajaj would/ might launch a big bike laden with fuel injection and as we say it, it would not be very far from now. Probability have it saying that it might be a 250cc engine which might be priced around (or less than) the 1.5 lakh mark so as to keep a considerable difference between this probable bike and the flagship Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

Anyhow, let us clear ourselves out, Bikeadvice does not believe in spreading rumors and this story could well be considered our brainchild (as of now)! If we get any concrete news we will keep you informed at the earliest possible.

– Saad Khan