Bajaj Dominar 400: Pros & Cons as Listed by Our Reader

No one from the media has ridden the Dominar 400 yet and the official rides are probably scheduled for next month (we are not informed so far). Till then all the prospects who have booked one will have to live in the bits and pieces of information that is sneaking in.

In the same quest, one of our reader Saravana Kumar has shared his first impressions of Dominar 400. Let us hear what he has to say, in his own words…

Saravana: I took a test-ride of Dominar 400 in KLN Bajaj Anna Nagar, Chennai and here are my First Impressions.

Dominar 400 Pros

  • Fit and finish exudes quality, loved the pearl white colour, this paint kinda makes it feel like a bigger bike.
  • As soon as I sit on the cushy seat the weight of bike makes it slightly intimidating, telling you indirectly to handle it like a grown-up, not to release your hooliganism like the Dukes.
  • When my close to 94 kgs, 6 feet body ignites the Dominar, I am welcomed to the sweet inverse digital console and smooth idle rumble of the engine.
  • Then the advisor close to 80 kgs joins me as pillion, as I move forward easily with the low end torque giving enough pull to propel both of us.
  • As I gain speed I find the throttle crisply tuned and gears slotting seamlessly aiding linear acceleration without any spiky power delivery.
  • Downshifting quickly from 4th gear for a turn I notice the light clutch and sharp bite of the front brake.
  • It again pulls nicely from 2nd gear without any hesitation in spite of the heavy rider and pillion (combined weight of around 174 kg).

  • Now as I try to punch it, Dominar thrusts forward commandingly with that sweet, mildly bassy exhaust note treating my ears after 3000 rpm, while reaching triple digits swiftly on an empty stretch.
  • Finishing the almost 2 kilometer test ride, I never felt like I had a pillion behind owing to the smooth power delivery and relaxed character of the bike.
  • As I reach the showroom again, I am overwhelmingly impressed with the machine and wanted to go for another longer ride but I had to end it!

Dominar 400 Cons

  • Expected higher fuel tank and a gear indicator.
  • Missed out steel braided lines of RS200 for the brakes.
  • Limited Colour Options.
  • Doubtful A.S.S need some contemplation.

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Planning to buy it only in February after many other reviews and arranging funds. I think Bajaj has created a masterpiece and Dominar 400 is going to rock the Indian cities with that VFM price tag.

If you want to add something do share your views in the comments below and we can take it from thereon….

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