Bajaj Discover DTS-Si 100cc Ownership Review by Suraj

For someone who did not harbour any thoughts of owning a bike until a year ago let alone writing a review for it , I must admit that this does seem a bit surreal. Here is how I discovered the love of my life. My history with bikes dates back to the time I was studying my tenth grade. My father who then owned a Bajaj Kawasaki taught me how to ride a bike and believe me from then on for nearly three years I had to contend driving within my apartments.

Having now reached my second year in college and an adrenaline rush that was getting hard to control I convinced my parents that I would be able to handle the city traffic and that I was in dire need of a bike as I felt depressed whenever I had to wait for the buses when my friends zoomed away in their bikes.

Finally my parents relented and agreed to buy me a bike but with a rider that it had to a 100cc bike and for someone who was as desperate as me I would have agreed for anything with two wheels and an engine.

Thus began my quest for a 100cc bike and boy did I find one. I had two main criteria Mileage and Looks (inside the 100cc bracket) and Discover looked like it was just waiting for me to buy it and now I am the proud owner of black magnepa colored bajaj discover 100 DTS-Si.

Engine and Performance

This bike is not exactly what you would like to race in the roads but it gives a good solid ride in roads that would give an ATV a tough time. It has an Exhaust-TEC system which means you can be riding at 15 Km/hr and still be in fifth gear. The engine design is indigenous DTS-Si 2.0 (Digital Twin Spark with Swirl Induction).

Engine from Bajaj R&D team. The rubber mounted engine feels smooth and keeps vibrations, knocking and any kind of malady firmly ironed out. The bike reaches 0-60kph in 10 seconds and runs out of steam once it reaches 90Kph.


When you are someone looking for a 100cc bike which looks great I am telling you Discover is the Hrithik Roshan among this segment of bikes. The LED tail light which looks good than any other 100cc bike. It has the headlight with twin pilot lamps which looks pakka. The tank which feels litter bit sporty and muscular compared to other 100cc bike. On the flipside its paint quality is substandard and has an uncanny resemblance to passion. The build quality is one thing which gives great scope for improvement. Personally I feel this bike has enough features in it for buyers to overcome small glitches in its looks.


BEST. Having the longest wheel base in this class it provides stability with easy maneuverability in all traffic conditions. Discover gives you a commuter bike ride feeling but it excels in this criterion. The seat has been padded to give comfortable ride to pillion on long journey.

Discover has an upright seating posture which is standard in 100cc class. The foot pegs are positioned rightly both for front and rear. The fatigue factor starts showing up due to vibrations at higher speed but the bike remains stable at higher speed. Overall Discover offers a near to perfect ride and handling quality as far as 100cc commuter segment concern.


This is one of the not so great features of this bike. Bajaj Discover has 130 mm drum brake at front and 110 mm drum brake at rear. Personally I would have liked this bike to have disc brakes for the front wheel. One big letdown is the brake pads which looks inadequate to take the various rigours.Overall though the braking is just about passable which you would get used as you spend time with your bike.


This is what makes discover a star. This is what makes discover a hot cake at the market. This is what people buy Discover for. In a country where fuel is getting tougher to buy than gold Discover is just the answer for the aam aadmi’s woes. It gives a mileage of 80 kmpl a number which owners of other bikes can’t even fathom in their dreams.


Bajaj Discover has Telescopic fork as a front suspension which offers travel of 130 mm the highest of its class. It has got segment first Nitrox Suspension at rear which offers travel rate of 110 mm. The nitrox suspension has really improved the suspension feel of the vehicle and it shows when we ride through bumpy and rough terrains.

Electricals and Instrument Panel

The speedometer is like any other bike in this segment though I would like to have seen a digital speedometer that could have given the whole panel a suave look. On the dashboard are a neutral indicator, Low battery indicator, side indicator and high beam indicator. Discover has maintenance free battery, a rarity in 100cc segment. The light beam is clear and covers much of the visibility area. Discover has class leading switchgear quality. Horn sound I would say is just about adequate. Overall it acts as a perfect foil to the other features of the vehicle.

Thumbs up:

  • Mileage
  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • High beam indicators
  • Handling

Thumbs down:

  • Power
  • Styling
  • Brakes
  • Pick-up


If you are looking for a bike to impress your girlfriend or to brag among your friends Discover is just not the one. On the other hand if you are looking for a frugal commutator that can bring a smile to your face now and then ,close your eyes walk into a a bajaj showroom with fifty grand in your pocket to buy yourself a small snorty bike that will make you feel Distinctly Ahead.

Please feel free to leave your comments and queries.