Axed: Bajaj Discover 150F & 150S Taken Off From Website; We Are Closer to the End of Discover Brand [Update]

Two years back Bajaj tried to play the ‘fairing’ card on smaller capacity motorcycles with their Discover 150F which was a pretty decent motorcycle for the price it commanded. It also had a naked sibling Discover 150S – both of which have been discontinued from the market now.

In a typical Bajaj way, two more Discover models have been discontinued shortly after their launch. Introduced in August 2014, both Discover 150 siblings performed decently initially in sales only to be discarded in the wake of competition as time passed. For the last four months Bajaj did not sell a single unit of Discover 150 and a lone unit in the last seven months.


From some innumerable variants, the Discover brand is currently survived only by the Discover 125 which has sold nearly 30,000 units in the last three months. We are absolutely confident that Bajaj has given up on this brand and the slightly premium ‘V’ is a replacement of the same. The first motorcycle V15 has been doing really well and has sold over 50,000 units in the last three months and they have recently introduced a smaller V12 variant in the lineup. With this, we predict that Bajaj will axe the Discover brand completely from the market in the times to come and that may not be very far away.

New-Discover-150F-Pics (14)

We also connected with a dealership in Delhi to counter-clarify before reporting, only to be confirmed that there is only the Discover 125 which is on sale at the moment and both the faired and the naked Discover 150s are no more being received by them.

Update: Bajaj has also taken both the motorcycles off from the main navigation bar of the website which only shows the Discover 125 now. (The Discover siblings were on show few days back). However, the ‘Vehicles’ section continues to list them for the moment.

Quick Summary: Discover 150F Discontinued

  • Bajaj has discontinued both the 150 cc Discover 150F and Discover 150S.
  • Both of them are not on sale for the past many months. Only a single unit has been sold in the last 7 month, none in the last four.
  • We predict that Bajaj will axe the Discover brand completely in the times to come.