Bajaj Discover 150 Ownership Review by Pratik Tambe

Hello fellow riders! I am Pratik from mumbai, a proud owner of Discover 150. I guess I am the first one to write an ownership review in Discover series. But never the less I have a lot to say about the bike. Read on!

Why Discover 150

Bajaj had always been on my mind when it came to bikes and I was sure I would buy a Bajaj. Basic requirement was a bike that was powerful enough and gives a decent mileage. I did a vast market research and narrowed it down to 2 bikes. Discover 150 and Pulsar 150 and since I have daily commute so mileage was an important factor to consider and hence discover 150 was my obvious choice.

The Looks

Any person who has been observing the discover series will notice the difference in looks of 150 125 and 100 more muscular body, the 150 tag at rear end and wide rear tyre are the noticeable difference in the design. I admit the looks could have been better for 150. Overall a good design that gives a slight sporty look.

Rating: 6/10

The Performance

The 150 cc DTS-i engine gives an amazing performance with top speed of 108kmph. One thing worth mentioning in performance is the torque. It has very powerful torque and hence slight increase in acceleration delivers great amount of power. So when you are driving in city or highway overtaking a huge trailer or truck becomes very easy with slight flick of acceleration.

Gearbox has short ratios of gears specially designed for city driving and it can easily pick up on 5th gear at 25kmph. So once I am in 5th gear, unless I come across heavy traffic, there is no need to keep on changing gears.

Rating: 8/10

Comfort and Safety

  • The bike is designed very well to fit a tall rider in a comfortable seating position. I myself being 5.11, find no difficulty in adjusting posture. Seat is a bit hard and definitely gives u hard time when u ride for long hours.
  • The rear nitrox suspension is very effective and makes riding a comfortable experience.
  • The 240 mm front disc brake is well calibrated and is reasonable sharp. The rear drum brake assist the front disc to give bike an early stop. 121kg being its kerb weight is an added advantage.

Comfort Rating: 7/10
Safety Rating: 8/10

The M Factor

The M factor. That is money and mileage factor. This is where the bikes takes it away from other 150 segment bikes. The bike delivered an unbeatable mileage of 61kmpl (average) and that too with a speed of 60-70 kmph (after running in period). Fuel tank being 6.5 (plus 1.5 reserve) you can drive 400 kms straight without topping up. And ofcourse priced way less than other 150 segment bikes. Got it just for Rs.56000 onroad!

Rating: 10/10

The Cons

Yes. As no machine can be perfect this too has disadvantages. But considering the plus points of the bike these can be safely overlooked.

  • The bike vibrates after 70kmph and you feel the need to have a 6th gear.
  • The auto choke that has been provided to help riders get rid of manual choke doesn’t really help and we have to manually rev it up to heat the engine.
  • The eurogrip tyres that come along with the bike do not provide essential grip as nylogrip zappers.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Completing 1500 kms with my bike,i am very satisfied with its performance. Discover 150 is the kind of bike that gives u performance at a very reasonable price. It is for riders who hunt for bikes that bridges the gap between commuter and sports bikes. I have learnt that when u treat bike with respect it gives respect in return. So do respect your bike. Wear all safety riding gears and always drive attentively.

Pratik Tambe