New Bajaj Discover 125cc to be Launched in April

Greetings! Here is a piece of news that will certainly bring some questions on Bajaj because the company is again set to roll out Bajaj Discover 125 next month i.e. in April. According to the news, Bajaj will launch the bike in coming month. One can just say that they are coming up with nothing but variants of Discover.

Discover 125 Drum brake version – Rs.44,000
Discover 125 Disc brake version – Rs.47,000
Discover 150 – Rs.48,000!

According to the market conditions, Bajaj doesn’t want people to lose sight of their one of the best selling bikes and thus they are rolling its variants time and again. The company wants to take advantage of Discover’s popularity and one may expect lot more variants from them in future.

Bajaj Discover 125 is going to be launched in two variants i.e. a cheaper drum brake variant and another variant that sports a disk brakes. The cheaper drum brake version is expected to sell around 44,000 INR and the other with discs will be priced around 47,000 INR. Well, as you can see that there is not much of a difference between the two expect the brakes part and thus in my opinion the company might have to rework their pricing system. The pricing policy of the company needs a serious reworking because the Discover 150 sells at 48,000 INR. After these two versions come up, Bajaj will have many variants of the same bike; this will be confusing for people to come to a conclusion.

News has it that, the all new Discover 125 will have a sub brand that will be independent of Bajaj. This re-branding is Bajaj’s long time strategy to set different brand names for Pulsars and Discovers because they are so successful in the market.

Yet another interesting fact associated to the launch is that the company is looking to push Discover sales to 1.65 lakh units by mid 2011-2012. To sum up the whole scenario, Bajaj wants to double its Discover sales and set it as a separate brand and thus they are rolling out Discovers time and again.